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I wanted to touch back in with you after last weeks article (Love Your LIver ~ Part I) to remind you that detoxifying your body (specifically your liver) doesn't have to be daunting (or a horrible experience).

In fact, I am a firm believer that all of the goodness found in natural, pure and seasonal foods can be turned into delicious spring alchemy with just a little bit of practice. 

I put together a few of my favorites for you today, but I also really want you to know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Yes, adjusting your palate to natural food (instead of processed foods, if that’s what you are used to) can take a small bit of time, but once you do, you will begin to recognize and enjoy the full flavors of whole foods, natural sweeteners, and pure ingredients –– all the building blocks your body needs for health and radiance.

If you know me, you know I live the pleasure principle every day. I make a point of it because I both want to enjoy all the nuances of daily life and I also want to feel my best.

Guilt-free comfort food is my answer.  🙋‍♀️

Here’s to letting your kitchen creativity soar this spring.

Eat Well!









P.S. Need a little help? I've got you covered. Click here to get customized support through my spring CLEANSE-OLOGY Program.

P.P.S. Stay tune for part III coming to you soon.






The beautiful color of this elixir comes from turmeric, the potent Indian spice that reduces inflammation, enhances vitality and cognition and supplies your body with potent antioxidants. 

Spritzer it up with some sparkling water and a few other fun ingredients and voila, you have the perfect spring mocktail.


Have fun with this one. Enjoy as is (mocktail style) or use as a mixer for your spring festivities…







Imagine with me for a moment:  

  • What if your habit of rolling over and hitting snooze every morning was replaced with a bright eyed and bushy tailed start to the day?


  • What if instead, the sluggish feeling that follows you around all day was replaced wtihinspiration and fervor?


  • What if your oh-so-common brain fog could shift into mental clarity and a laser beam focus?


  • What if your achy joints and inflammation could subside, so you could fully embrace the beauty of spring all around you with more outdoor time, exercise, and freedom to persue your dreams?

What I am going to share with you today comes from what I have personally learned about my energy and vitality through my own experimentation and deep inquiry.  I will also share what has impacted my daily rhythm, my food choices, my sleep patterns, my libido, my cravings and even my internal dialog and self-talk.

I have learned what works for me.  I have learned what is sustainable for me in the world today.  I have learned about health, combined with a deep priority for pleasure, that doesn't feel restrictive or depriving. I have learned to be fluid, feminine and intuitive as things are always changing and I have learned that we each have our own unique recipe for feeling our best.

I have put the past 15+ years of my work into discovering this for myself and today I want to share a couple of these specific nuggets with you – my favorite ones for spring. 

The truths toxicity are real, important and impactful, while also being be daunting, fearful, and overwhelming. Don't worry, I have some answers for you....

These truths have supported me greatly in my own journey with health and high energy living and I want the same to be available for you.  

1.  Toxicity is one of the primary blocks to your metabolism working at it's best. A high toxic load will literally slow down your cellular metabolism of energy. You will feel more sluggish, lethargic, tired, and depleted.

2.  Toxicity can literally impede, inhibit or block the efficient functioning of our cells, tissues, organs, systems and biochemical processes. This could lead to the slow onset of degenerative disease that gets harder and harder to reverse over time. Toxicity makes the body's natural ability to heal and find equilibrium more and more compromised.

3.  Toxicity creates and/or exacerbates inflammation in our bodies.  Many of us in the world today are struggling with inflammation in relationship to various health issues. Inflammation is a big problem, and the root of most health issues. Inflammation is only made worse with some of our daily exposures to toxicity.

4.  When our toxic load is high, accumulated or frequent, it prevents us from burning and releasing fat.  All those attempts you may have made were not futile on your part, you were not at a plateau, or doing things 'wrong'. Your body just cannot lose weight effectively with toxicity in the way.

We all are exposed to high amounts of toxicity in the world today – its unavoidable. Toxicity is prevalent in our food, our water and our air. While we can surely minimize our exposure with clean, healthy living, the reality is toxicity needs a bit more assertion than that for us to feel our best.

I've been busily working on some solutions for you and I have put together some very useful, practical and work-able practices for you to explore .



What do you seek to shed this spring to “lighten” up and access your inner freedom, energy and brilliance?





The TRUTH about Transitions

Some transitions are tough,  

I collected all the ingredients for a warming broth, chopped up a yellow onion, grated the aromatic ginger and lemongrass, and turned on the pan to melt the coconut oil.


The early morning chill was obvious, and the forecasted rain was daunting and reminding me to get cozy with a warm pot of soup on the stove.


(You can find the yummy soup recipe on my Facebook page HERE)


Honestly, I wasn't sure if I had yet another pot of soup in me as we are approaching May this week, and warm pots of soup and stew are very much associated with winter for me.

I am the type who likes to put my crock pot away for the summer, not to be seen until the first leaves begin to turn on the trees each fall.


Here in Colorado, spring comes in waves. Waves of warm spring - sit on your deck - sunshine, interspersed with yet another winter storm, usually all the way to Mother's day.


While I personally may be ready to retire this year's snowy winter and celebrate the warmer days and nights of spring, the transition into spring is a little bit less predictable here in Colorado.


I have realized I am not a huge fan of transition 


Whether it be saying goodbye to a loved one, moving houses, transitioning home from a big trip, or the change of seasons, transitions can be a bit daunting for many of us.


My awareness around my struggle with transitions is nothing new. When the transitions get tough, I have learned to take extra special care of myself, use my daily practices and self reflection, and simply bring the transition into my attention while being extra gentle with myself.


If you are craving a strong, healthy and vital spring, let me help you with the transition...


This year's Spring Fever Cleanse programs are designed to do just this. Align yourself with the season with food, exercise, daily practices and self care energetics and see how your spring transition can be extra smooth this year.


You can read ALL about the Spring Fever programs HERE.


Yup, that warm pot of soup last night was just what I needed to curl up with and get cozy as the chilly rain came down.



Coming Home to SPRING


As the plane touched down in LA after almost 14 hours in on my flight home Friday evening, we began stretching our legs and breathing a sigh of relief as we were preparing to disembark our plane after a long sleepy flight.

As soon as we turned our phones back on, it didn’t take more than a moment to receive notification that all flights to Denver were cancelled due to the pending snow storms looming intensity.

After leading this year's Bali Women’s retreat, and touring around Bali’s green lush rice fields for over a week afterwards, I was looking forward to a gentle reintegration and coming home to a green and warm spring.

Thankfully, Colorado’s typical spring snow storms are a sign that a lush and green spring is right around the corner.



Spring is known to bring us an inner itching for something new to emerge, for our creative energy to be attuned, and for the majesty of new beginnings and possibilities to come alive.

Spring is a time to expand, renew, and bloom into all that we want to manifest in our lives, in our health and especially in our experience of joy.

Spring is a time of cleansing, lightening up, purifying, cleaning, and shedding the old.

What do you seek to shed this spring to lighten up and access the inner freedom you deserve?


The LIVER is the most dominant organ of the spring. The liver's role is to oversee purifying, cleansing, and preparing the body and mind for clarity and lightness from the inside out.

When we tend to strengthen, and "feed" our livers wisely in the springtime, we awaken an inner life force inside that syncs us brilliantly with the season.

EXPLORE the upcoming Spring Fever Programs HERE


4 ways to BLOOM into BRILLIANCE this spring 

  1. Body Bliss

Can you access the bliss your physical body is designed to feel? When you wake up each day are you ready to conquer your life with energy and vitality? If you feel like many people do these days, a little tired, a little sluggish try these health secrets to enhance your energy this spring.

  • Eat with the season – As the leafy greens spring up, and the dandelions fill your yard, try finding some ways to cleanse your diet with some of natures spring gifts.

In the spring we are designed to eat lighter, darker and leafier greens, and oh those dandelions do wonders for cleansing the liver. (Be sure they are pesticide free before you eat, or buy at your local health food store.)


  • Juice – Juicing blesses the body with a potent amount of nutrients that are easily absorbed. As you pulverize and strain those veggies in the juicer, you do a huge favor to your digestion. You pour liquid nutrients into your system for a fountain of amazing energy and purification. Don’t have a juicer?... don’t worry. Almost every town has a local health food store, juice bar or healthy restaurant. Make sure your juice is not full of too many sweet fruits, but instead, heavy on the veggies.


  • Reset your energy with a Whole Food lifestyle – This spring try to eat only WHOLE FOODS for one whole week. Whole food eating means eating food found in its whole form. Avoid processed foods, refined carbohydrates and foods that have an elaborate mysterious ingredient list.  Check out the SPRING FEVER Whole food cleanse program HERE


  1. Unconditional Self-Love


If you are someone who hears your own self-critic loud and clear all day long, full of shame, blame and self sabotage…it is time to “clean” up your self-talk.

Try flipping your script or practicing an internal dialogue overhaul.

What are the most common thoughts that bring you down?

Are they about your body, your past decisions, your bad habits?

What can you do to LOVE yourself a little more despite your imperfections?

Self-love does not need to diminish because we indulge here and there. Our brilliance is based in unconditional self-love.

Self-love becomes a practice even amongst our imperfections. In fact, self-love is directly proportional to the amount of personal transformation possible.

Noting that our imperfections MAY even be our greatest strengths, teachers, life lessons and compassion lending qualities.


“The wound is the place the light enters you” RUMI


Self-love has NO conditions. Can you love yourself no matter what?

Whenever you hear the negative thoughts try to take note, then flip them around in to a positive affirmation as often as you can to practice unconditional happiness and self-love.



  1. Self Care

One of most effective ways to your energize your life is through daily self care practices aligned with the season. How is your MOJO this spring?

Practices such as YOGA, BODY CARE, HERBAL SUPPORT and time in NATURE can move energy in big ways. Get yourself out of inertia this spring and up your self care every day. Enliven your spirit and up your MOJO with some juicy sef love of your own.

If you can specifically wake up your hips, your pelvis, and your second chakra (located in the pelvic area) you will notice your mojo begin to soar.

Take walk in the beautiful spring air, inspire yourself with your favorite yoga teacher or make yourself a new playlist to inspire your meditation. Listen to an inspiring teacher or dharma talk online. Learn to feel good in your body through movement you love.

Loving and enjoying your body is one of the most important ways to show gratitude for your brilliance and vitality. Self care, and body care are the perfect medicine for a strong and healthy spring.


  1. Clear out your Space

Spring-cleaning is not a made up phenomenon. We naturally cleanse during the spring season because it feels so therapeutic to climb out of the winter hibernation into a fresh, light and clear environment.

Getting rid of the old and making room for the new is an important energizer for your space and your experience this spring.

But in addition to aesthetics, there are proven health reasons for steam-cleaning carpets, airing out curtains and the like noting that the benefits include preventing the spread of germs and keeping allergy symptoms at bay.

Cleansing your space also helps make your environment a happier as well as a healthier place. Try rearranging or reorganize your sacred space.  Elizebeth Gilbert (author of BIG MAGIC) recommends purifying your space to stimulate your creativity.

You are off to a great start for some revitalization and renewal this year. Spring is always an exciting time to start anew, plant our seeds of intention and watch, tend, and nurture them as the season unfolds.







3 Spring Detox Recipes For Body, Mind and Spirit

  Creeping out of winter’s slumber, I personally love this time to re-awaken my mojo for a high energy spring.


Herbal tea in glass cup

Majestic wonder. Expansion. Fervor. Inner freedom. Delight. Sunshine.

A time of renewal.

The season of purification. 

The rising sun.

A tenacious energy pushing up through the earth after the long winter’s rest.

The bright green beauty of life blooming before us.


As our bodies naturally cleanse and re-balance themselves during spring, life can be seen more clearly, including new ways of thinking and experiencing.

When it comes to fueling your beautiful self this spring, see what it feels like to detox and cleanse just as nature is beckoning us to do.

Follow her lead.  She is wise, energetic, and potent.

With you, spring, cleansing and renewal in mind, I put together a few special spring DETOX recipes for the body, mind, and spirit this week.  They are yummy, gentle, and full of what you need to kick-start your high energy spring VIBE.


3 DETOX Spring Recipes to Spring Clean your Body, Mind, and Spirit


  1. Dandelion Pesto with Wild Salmon

Dandelion is one of the most potent cleansing greens during the spring, and how convenient that they are popping up all over the place. Be sure that you know the source and you don’t ingest any pesticides along with your greens. You can also find organic dandelion at the local health food store.



Dandelion Pesto


3 cups washed and cleaned dandelion leaves

¾ cup olive oil

3 cloves garlic, peeled

½ cup walnuts, lightly toasted

1 tsp sea salt

cup raw Parmesan cheese

zest of a lemon

juice of half a lemon



Combine all ingredients in a food processor or Vitamix and blend until smooth and creamy.


Dandelion Pesto Salmon


6 salmon steaks

1 cup dandelion pesto

3 cloves garlic, minced

2 TBS olive oil

2 TBS white wine vinegar

½ cup shredded Parmesan cheese

salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste




Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with foil.


In a small bowl, whisk together dandelion pesto, garlic, olive oil, white wine vinegar, and salt and pepper to taste.


Place salmon onto prepared baking sheet and fold up all 4 sides of the foil.


Spoon the Dandelion Pesto mixture over the salmon.


Next, sprinkle the Parmesan cheese on each one.


Fold the sides of the foil over the salmon, covering completely and sealing the packet closed.


Place into oven and bake until cooked through, about 5-20 minutes.*


Serve immediately.


*Note: Baking time may need to be adjusted depending on the thickness of the salmon.





  1. Spring FEVER Green breakfast smoothie




2 large leaves of organic kale and/or dandelion greens

1 tsp coconut oil

½ cup fleshy fruit of choice – fresh or frozen ( ie mango, berries, peaches, apple)

cup chia seeds

Coconut water

optional: Protein powder, raw egg, raw yogurt

Blend until smooth




  1. Spring Detox Ritual Bath




There are many benefits to baths at this time of year. I call them ritual baths because it is not only about washing and relaxing, but about what we are putting in the bath and what that brings forth for ourselves.

Aside from the warming and relaxing qualities, there are also deeper support from certain types of baths. You can always resort to the simple Epson salts bath if you like, but here I am going to provide you with some specific and unique baths to use to synch up with SPRING – mind, body and spirit.

Bath for Immunity and Allergy Relief:

Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful way to keep those seasonal transitional colds from messing with you. With just a slight shift in the PH, this warming and cleansing bath also helps with inflammation that can be caused by injury, trauma or allergies.

Add 1 quart of natural organic apple cider vinegar to your warm bath. Soak in the tub for approximately 30 minutes for best results.



Last call  for a little Bali MAGIC?

It's TIME.  Come join us and give yourself a break to reset, rejuvenate, and relax while experiencing the MAGIC of BALI.

EatPrayYoga Bali






Successful Seasonal Immunity

The other night, I was walking down Pearl street here in downtown Boulder after a yummy birthday dinner  for my son (Happy Birthday Ari!!), and I found myself shivery cold as we walked back to our car. This week the weather really shifted here in Colorado.  There has been gusting wind, snow, and some super chilly nights.

I have heard of many lingering coughs, flus, and cold season symptoms sneaking up as we make the transition to colder days, and darker nights.


The seasonal transition towards winter is surely before us (if you are in the northern hemisphere that is) and with that comes a big shift for the body and our delicate (yet resilient) immune systems.


Synching up with the season is a safe status to secure.


With the holidays right around the corner AND the weather changing, a little extra self care could be just what you need to stay strong, vital and in good shape for the weeks to come.


We have the remarkable capability to heal ourselves. The winter dry climate presents us many challenges in keeping our immune system strong, therefore is important to make choices in the way of health to give ourselves the chance to thrive through every season especially winter.


The body is a wise immunity warrior.


Building our immunity or Protective Qi, wards off either diseases from viruses and weather influences. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine teachings, protective qi is derived from essential substances in food and inhaled air quality.


Here are a few tips for a successful immune system as the seasons change.


  1. Synch UP: Take the time to prepare whole foods seasonal foods, rich in all the essential nutrients to give yourself a strong foundation that will benefit you for every season.


Highly refined foods lack most minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and much of the protein required for proper immune function. Avoid refined carbohydrates, hydrogenated oils, pasteurized dairy products, white sugar, and meats containing nitrates and replace with seasonal whole foods high in protein, natural fat, that are perfectly matched for the season’s health challenges.  


Stick to a diet high in whole foods such as organic veggies and fruits, natural meats and fish, whole grains, and nuts and seeds. Eating in tune with the seasons will naturally tune your body to the seasonal challenges and strengthen accordingly.


  1. Oil Up: Omega-3 oils are a family of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Omega three oils in the form of either DHA/EPA, which are available in cold- water fish such as salmon, mackerel, and sardine; or alpha-linoliec acid, which is the fatty acid found in certain plants, such as flax seed, pumpkin seed, soy bean products and walnuts. They are some of the “good” fat that is necessary for healthy development and immunity. For many, a nutritional supplement may be the best option. Not only do we need omega-3 three oils, but also the essential vitamins and mineral for their absorption. Fresh vegetables, seafood, eggs, nuts and seeds come rich in these vitamins B6, A, E as well as minerals magnesium, zinc, copper, and selenium.


A Study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AUG 2002) recommends the use of Omega-3 oils therapeutically for activating immune response. . EFA’s also give the added insulation that keeps the tissues moist, the nervous system strong and the body full of energy and insulation.


  1. Herb UP: Another study published spring of 2004 in the Journal of Internal Medical Research indicating black Elderberry extract (sambucus nigra L.) reduces flu symptoms and shortens the duration by more than 50%. Due to the challenge of the increasing flu risk in that we have experienced nation wide, this may be one of the keys to staying healthy through the winter.


  1. Tune UP: The benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese herbs are priceless when it comes to building immunity. They have the incredible ability to be adaptogenic, which will either tonify or strengthen the system. They treat the individual not just the symptom and have a very efficacious quality that works quickly and effectively.


This is similar with other ancient medicines such as homeopathic medicine and ayurvedic medicine. Find out who your local practitioners are and lean on them during these times when our immune systems are challenged.



  1. Warm UP: Lastly, remember the harsh weather conditions are a challenge to the system. The Chinese believe that all the major pathogens enter the body born on wind. The line of points across the back of the neck is the weak spot known as the wind gate. Covering this area in times of harsh weather, such as wind and cold will help to prevent illness. Wearing turtlenecks, scarves and many warm layers made of natural fibers is not just and old wives tale. “Dress for the season not the day” is a well-known approach to keeping your body warm, and strong.


We have at our fingertips so many of nature’s gifts that work well in our bodies to protect, and strengthen.

Nature’s pharmacy and menu is endless.

Connecting back to the basics, the simplicity, and the wisdom that our own planet has to offer is truly a beautiful path to overall health, vitality, and immunity.

Keep cozy and stay healthy.









Nobody Loves me, I hate my body...


If you are like most women, you have heard a similar voice in your head before.  The one that looks in the mirror and cringes, or the voice who tells you you are UNLOVABLE because of your many imperfections.




This type of internal dialogue might drag you down.  Some days it’s likely louder than others, some days it runs the show, and some days it may even have you in tears on the phone talking to your best friend, your sister or your mother saying “What is wrong with me???”


MOST women struggle with this voice at least some of the time.  Feeling less than, not pretty enough, not fit enough, not good enough, and ... unlovable.  This is an epidemic of our time, our culture, and women everywhere.


I have been there plenty.  An off day, a rough night of sleep, PMS, or one of the many triggers that can pop up in my day-to-day.

What has changed for me is not making the voice go away entirely, but rather my relationship to my self sabotaging voice.


Do I give it POWER?




Do I spend the day LISTENING to it?


Can I TURN IT AROUND, change my reaction to it, or even love it as part of being a woman?


I have a few favorite FEMALE FRIENDLY ways to fine tune - from the inside out - that have been working for me.  I find these important to share, perhaps they can help you too.


It is never totally EASY, but with consistency and practice it is surly EFFECTIVE and ENGAGING.


YES, this CAN mean your  voice QUIETS.


Don’t miss this.


These simple yet profound tools may be just your ticket to more inner freedom and self LOVE.






One of most effective ways to connect with your beautiful body is through energizing movement. How is your MOJO? Practices such as YOGA, BRISK WALKING/HIKING and DANCE can move energy in big ways. Get yourself out of inertia and MOVE IT, SHAKE IT, GROOVE IT. Enliven your spirit and up your MOJO with some juicy movement of your own.


“Daily practice becomes more and more relevant for the modern woman as she sits at a tiny desk, eating food on the run, all the while performing the dance of mother, sister, lover, wife, and many more roles. Now we reclaim the feminine by running in nature, nourishing by a satiating meal, sitting on our meditation cushions and dancing our bodies to our hearts content. ”

Angela Grace

~Eat Pray Yoga Guest Teacher


Have your own private dance party, take a walk in the beautiful fall leaves, or inspire yourself with your favorite yoga teacher. Learn to FEEL good in your body to then LOVE your body.






Feeling empowered around food is almost every woman’s dream. We are so often known to take everything out on our relationship to food: the good, the bad and the ugly.


Empowered eating means we clean up our relationship with food and who we are as the EATER using mindful practices such as making your eating an awareness art of it’s own. We STOP abusing our bodies with food, and START loving ourselves with every bite.


Food is a faithful resource for love, but things become problematic when we expect food to compensate for a lack of love.”

Marc David

~ Psychology of Eating

and Eat.Pray.Yoga Guest Teacher





How do you feel when you take a little time to adorn your goddess self? What is it like to tend to yourself in attentive beauty and reverence? The practice of adorning yourself daily can dramatically change how you feel in your body and about your body.


“Where we're at with who we are, is how we dress. How we dress is a direct reflection of our multi-faceted inner landscape . . . This beauty has the power to heal, balance and renew.  Cultivate the qualities of beauty in your thoughts and actions. “      

Colleen Vistara ~

Vistara Designer

Whether this means putting on a special necklace as a meaningful ritual, buying a sexy new pair of panties or rubbing some of your favorite lotion or essential oil all over your skin – attentive adornment brings you closer to the beautiful body that is yours. Sacred ritual and loving touch for your body is breakthrough material.






Do you have a supportive group of women in your life? Are you able to find connection, like mind, and the art of the feminine healing in your circle?


When we are able to connect outside of our marriage, relationship and family to women of like mind we begin notice our needs being met in a whole new deep and fulfilling way.


“As women begin to find our way back home to each other ­– to the divine feminine, and to our sisters ­– things begin to align all around us. Energy shifts in large waves, and we find ourselves with more courage, more trust, and more support to do what it is we are called to do here on the planet.”                                                      

Sue Van Raes~

Quote from Health WIse


No other support can replace the way that women tend to each other. You don’t have to do this alone. You can give, you can receive and you can bask in the beauty of women coming together in support of each other in pure radiant living. Check out our upcoming online program:

Eat.Pray.Yoga HERE.






Did you know there is no faster way to restore vitality to the body then some healthy sustainable pleasure. You can call this joy, laughter, GUSTO, or inspiration.   Many women do not know how to find enough pleasure in their lives. Is that you?? If you are stuck, restrictive, blah, or feeling uninspired, this may be the perfect remedy for you.


Pleasure is the way we thank the universe for what we are grateful for. Pleasure is the expression of self-love.



Sex, chocolate, shoes, laughter, tea dates, time in nature, and meditation are just of few of the infinite ways we can find pleasure. RECEIVE, ENJOY, and REVEL in your own personal pleasures.



“I want you to know that it is pleasure, not pain, that is your birthright.” 


Dr. Christiane Northrup

~ Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom; Goddesses Never Age ; The Wisdom of Menopause 




Sync up with the SEASON

I sat in bed Sunday morning drinking tea, reading, and savoring the coziness of my down comforter.  

I made soup.


I took a long walk in the woods to see the brilliant trees changing to vibrant oranges and reds.




I adore AUTUMN.


You may feel the desire to pull inwards and reflect, rest, and restore a bit more as well.


You may have noticed that urge for more warming fall foods to nourish your body as well.


Now that another fall season is upon us, you may feel ready to let go, forgive, and heal as you watch the leaves fall to the ground yet again.


All of these intuitive knowings are exactly why SYNCHING up with the SEASON is a brilliant practice.  When we SYNC up with nature we also maximize our MOJO.


Our life force lights up.


Each season in Traditional Chinese Medicine is linked to a specific energy, organ, color, sense and element.


Fall is the season of downward and inward energy, lungs and large intestine, letting go of sadness and grief, the metal element, our sense of smell, and the color white.


As we descend this fall, we have the opportunity to both let go and purify physically and energetically for the rest of the season to bring us more vibrant health and radiance.


The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.


Here are my favorite 5 HEALTH HABITS to SYNC up with the SEASON to make a magnificent impact on your health, harmony and happiness.



Keep you lungs and chest warm (and the rest of your body). You can try:


Warming foods: Foods that are slow cooked, root veggies that carry the downward and inward energy such as ginger, onion, leak, garlic and beats.

Herbal Teas: Many herbal teas are good for their lung support, immunity and warming qualities. (ginger, nettles, cinnamon spice, chai, osha root, spiced mate, or mullein)

Essential oils:  Oils are great to use during the fall season. You can difuse the oils, use topically, or even in your cooking: Frankinsence, vitiver, cedarwood, sage, fennel, or oregano oil

Wear Warm clothing: To insulate and nourish the lungs we must be warm. Even if the weather is warmer than an average fall day, stay attentive to the season, the cooler nights, and the need to take deep care with warming up the core.  Your immune system will thank you.





As I mentioned, fall is known as the season associated with the lungs in Chinese medicine. It is often a time when children come home from school with upper respiratory coughs and weakness as the weather changes. It is important to strengthen the lungs in the fall. This can be done in a variety of ways but here are a few of my favorites:

Make sure you and your family exercise regularly. Pump the lungs often so they are strong and cleansed with rigorous life-giving breath.


Many foods in the fall are known to support the lungs. Root vegetables such as onions, leeks, and ginger are supportive to the lungs. Fruits such as apples and pears care for the lung tissue as well. Eating with the season is the perfect way to maintain healthy lungs.





The season of fall is the perfect time to gently detoxify and cleanse our bodies, our homes and our minds.

We all come across toxicity each day in our foods, in our environment, and with our daily stresses.

When we cleanse our body, you strengthen your immune system for a healthier fall and winter season.  (Check out the Fall seasonal SYNC up here)


When we cleanse our homes and our environment by cleaning with natural cleaners, letting go of old clutter and creating a sacred space in our home, we have the perfect place to rest and restore as the season often pulls us to spending more time at home resting and restoring.


When we cleanse our minds through meditation and mindfulness practices, we create a healthier and more calm relationship to daily stressors that can throw us off balance. We deepen our connection to ourselves, and we stay more centered in our lives.





As you watch the leaves falling from the trees and becoming the earth‘s nutrients for next year’s planting, it becomes obvious that fall has an energy that flows downward and inward (as opposed the upward and outward energetics in the spring). What are the aspects of your life that ground you? Make a list and practice these grounding activities regularly in the fall.


It is a nice time to take long walks in the colorful forest and feel the leaves crunching under your feet. Consider collecting nuts, pinecones and fall treasures for an altar or a fairy garden with your children. These small autumn rituals and habits help us harmonize ourselves with autumn. It is natural to sleep more, rest more and begin to turn inward towards introspection and healing.





Lush sunflowers, tucked in with the plump orange pumpkins, are an abundance to celebrate. The colors, foods and celebrations of fall are profuse. Feel gratitude for the beauty of the harvest. Set a seasonal outdoor table rich with a cornucopia of color and nature’s gifts to warm the heart for any celebration. Share a gratitude blessing before your meals, as it promotes health and happiness.

Light a bonfire to take away the chill of the evening and join in a circle of friends celebrating fall in its glory.

Take it in! The abundance is around you and within you. Your only job is to notice and appreciate its radiance.  Remember all you need exists within. You are the strength, you are the love.

Want to take your FALL practices a little deeper?

 Check out the FALL COZY Seasonal Sync up (Local or Remote)

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FALL COZY Breakfast Breakthroughs


Good Morning Sunshine.


If you have been a Boulder Nutrition reader for a while, you probably already know how I feel about breakfast.


This summer I published a summertime breakfast blog called Breakfast Bliss and Blood Sugar that became the most read blog in the history of Boulder Nutrition. I am so glad you all liked it!


What I am really interested in is WHY? 


I have a good hypothesis as to WHY for you today, and an even more exciting breakfast menu for you to explore this fall.


Listen, I would be surprised if your mornings are totally serene, peaceful, and quiet.


I know some of you are the exception and have your morning routine down, but if you are like most of us, mornings can be hectic, scattered, and rushed .I have focused my attention on my morning routine for years.


As I have shared before, the mornings when I am on my game I am good at giving myself at least 30 minutes to rise and shine before my kids, to have some time to meditate, practice, and nourish myself well.

I have found mindful mornings tend to make ALL the difference.


The truth is, sometimes it just doesn't go that way.  Did you forget you were out of milk?  Push the alarm one extra time? Have a teenager whose hair just wasn't working out? Or forget about that extra stop  you have to make for gas on the way to work or school?  All it takes is something small to throw our mornings into a tail spin.


Can you relate?


These reasons (plus many more) might be why breakfast is the most challenging, rushed and stressful meal of the day.


So with the idea of giving you more of what you seem to really like reading, here are my 5 favorite FALL COZY breakfasts to settle into this fall.


Each of these breakfasts have a little flavor of the weather changing, fall seasonal energetics, and of course you can trust me to keep the glycemic index LOW and your blood sugar BALANCE and BLISS in mind.



Quinoa Apple Pie Bowl

Health Nugget:  What I love most about quinoa (pronounced KEEN WOA) is that it is a complete protein and the highest protein content of any grain.  It is also known to dry up dampness in the body according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  What does that mean?  Well, dampness is like a code word for inflammation or phlegm.  The less we have of this during the fall season - the season with the most coughs and colds - the better.

1 Cup Cooked Quinoa (easiest if cooked ahead of time for morning efficiency)

1 Steamed apple warmed with cinnamon

1 Tsp butter or coconut oil

1/4 cup pecans

Pinch of sea salt

1 tsp maple syrup or raw honey (optional)

Toss all ingredients in a bowl and enjoy.




Chai Chia smoothie

Health Nugget: Smoothies are one of my favorite ways to pack your breakfast of all the food groups and super foods you want to add to your breakfast.  Smoothies are also easy to transport to your office.  My favorite feature in this smoothie is that it is not frozen but rather warming as the weather changes those brisker fall mornings.  The warm chai tea and warming spices are perfect to synch up with the fall season.

2-3 leaves of romaine lettuce

1 TBSP Chia seeds

1 fleshy fruit of choice (i.e. 1/2 banana)

6-8 cups Herbal Spice Chai tea (warm)

Vanilla protein powder or raw egg

1 T chopped ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom (optional)

1 T fresh grated ginger

Place ingredients in the blender and mix well.



Paleo Zucchini Muffins

Health Nugget:  These high protein muffins, disguised as a carb, are a quick and easy breakfast for on the go mornings.  Spread with some organic butter or almond butter for another boost in good protein and fat and you will notice that your energy is even keeled all day.  Pack all of that nutrient dense zucchini in there and get an extra couple servings of veggies.  Prepare them ahead of time, freeze if you like, and enjoy.

1 cup of garden fresh zucchini

3 organic eggs

1 1/2 cups almond flower

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1 Tbsp ground cinnamon

1/2 organic chocolate chips (optional)

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/3 cup raw honey or coconut sugar

Mix ingredients and bake at 375 for about 45 min or until golden brown.




Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

Health Nugget: These pancakes are a great way to get a sweet breakfast without sacrificing your blood sugar in the process.  Adding in the scoop of protein powder is a trick I have been using with my kids for years to ensure pancake breakfasts still include a healthy dose of protein.  Along with the yummy seasonal pumpkin, a great source of vitamin A and beta carotene, full of fiber, and potent antioxidants, these make for a great fall breakfast.

2 cups gluten free pancake mix

2 scoops vanilla protein powder

2 organic eggs

1 cup pumpkin puree

2 Tbsp coconut oil

1 1/2 cups liquid (milk, almond milk, coconut milk or water)

pinch of salt

1 TBSP maple syrup (for top)

Mix together ingredients and fry up in your ideal pancake size in a cast iron pan until golden brown.  Top with organic butter and maple syrup.



Caprese Scramble

Health Nugget:  Organic eggs are chock full of the amino acid, tryptophan, which is a key player in a good mood and inner calm.  The protein in eggs is one that will not only satiate your blood sugar due to its delicate balance of protein and fat, but will also keep you feeling brighter and cheerier all day long.


1 small organic tomato

1 3-5 basil leaves chopped fine

3-4 slices of raw mozzarella cheese

2-3 organic eggs

Pinch of salt

Saute the tomato and basil in a pan in butter or olive oil.  Stir in the eggs to scramble.  Toss in raw mozzarella at the end until it begins to melt slightly.  Serve up.



Want to take your FALL practices a little deeper?

Check out the FALL COZY Cleanse Program (Local or Remote)

If you want to join our group, we start October 12th (introduction October 11th). If you are ready to begin, you can start anytime you are ready.

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Crazy for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has become all the rage.  I am sure you have seen, read, or even dove into your own jar of coconut oil by now.There is a lot of press promising you elaborate healing with this divine substance, so I am going to name just a few that I find to be TRUE.

My jars of coconut oil have multiple locations around my house - in the kitchen, in the bathroom and beside my bed (ooh la la)


While the dry weather of fall (in Colorado for sure) comes with the need for a little beauty and skin attention, there are many brilliant and simple uses for this super food that I want to share with you that you can use all year long. 

First, before we get to the miracle makings of my favorite of natures remedies, I want to be sure we clarify just a bit on the confuse about coconut oil:

  • YES, coconut oil is a saturated fat.  Studies now have shown that our bodies need saturated fat to burn fat, to keep our metabolism strong, and to keep our blood sugar balanced.


  • Although coconut oil is all the rage, coconut oil is nothing new.  Coconut oil has been used for centuries in tropical climates in a variety of health remedies, foods, and skin care. This age old super food has a health history far and beyond most trendy health foods.


  •  There are plenty of studies on coconut oil in native populations showing that this saturated fat has never been proven to cause heart disease. Sadly, the heart disease myth that has been around a long time and still persists today, even though it is scientifically proven to be untrue! You can trust coconut oil for your health.
Let's get onto the captivating coconut concoctions next and explore how you can enhance your health, and a few other goodies that you don't want to miss.
7 Crazy Cool Uses for Coconut Oil (I like number 5 the best)
  1. Cooking

Cooking with coconut oil is safe, nutrient rich and tasty. Coconut oil is a saturated fat, making it very stable to light and heat. Use coconut oil in your sauté, stir fry or baking.

Additionally, coconut oil consists almost entirely of medium chain fatty acids.  These fatty acids go straight from the digestive tract to the liver, where they are likely to be turned into ketone bodies and provide a quick source of energy.

  1. Skin Care

Coconut oil has many health benefits when used on the outside of the body as well. Known for it skin repair qualities, as well as its perfectly balanced PH naturally, coconut oil is a wonderful addition to your skin care regiment.

High in both vitamin E and medium chain fatty acids, your skin will thank you for the moisture, softenss and long term wrinkle control. I use coconut oil regularly on my skin especially during the warmer and dryer months of the year.

  1. Smoothies

Put a dollup of coconut oil right into your morning smoothie, and you will notice your blood sugar remain stable for longer, a boost in your energy, and a nice smooth texture and flavor. If you have a blood sugar related health issue such as hypoglyciema, diabetes, PCOS, or acid reflux, coconut oil might be just the right addition to your morning smoothie.

Coconut oil in your breakfast is a great way to increase brain function, minimize sugar cravings, and keep your digestion healthy and strong.

  1. Oil Pulling

 Oil pulling is an age-old remedy that uses natural substances to clean and detoxify teeth and gums. It has the added effect of whitening teeth naturally and evidence even shows that it is beneficial in improving gums and removing harmful bacteria!

For now take about 1-2 tsp on a spoon and place into mouth. Swish for about 20 min. You will want to find something to occupy you like a meditation, folding some laundry or getting dressed. After about 20 min, spit oil into the sink ridding your mouth of toxins and bacteria. ** DO NOT SWALLOW.

  1. Sensual Massage and lubrication

YES! Coconut oil is great for your YONI ...and beyond. Coconut oil is by far the most natural, the most effective, and the most safe for lubrication and we know how good it is for your skin.

Keep a jar on your night stand for sensual massage, lubrication, tasty fun and delights to the senses. Bonus: because coconut oil is also an antibacterial remedy, you will find it helps with candida, yeast infections and other bothersome imbalances in the body.

  1. Coffee it up!

I was never much of a coffee drinker, because coffee would  mess up my blood sugar and leave me feeling wired, hyper and slightly ADD. The recent trend of bullet proof coffee (adding butter and coconut oil to your coffee + a few other goodies) has made my weekend coffee ritual very exciting.

Adding coconut oil to your coffee (or tea) will sustain your blood sugar and your energy much more effectively, while also boosting up the nutrient density of your favorite morning beverage.

  1. Wound Healing

Coconut oil is known to effectively support wound healing due to its medicinal antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and healing properties. Coconut oil can also keep infections at bay and prevent scarring with its perfectly balanced and moisturizing qualities.

Be sure to clean the would thoroughly first.

  • Apply coconut oil on the wounded area.
  • Place a eco friendly bandage over it to seal in the moisture.
  • Reapply coconut oil 2-3 times per day.
  • Follow this regiment for several days to prevent scarring and encourage healing.


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Calling Aphrodite

5 Springtime Aphrodisiacs to Master your MOJO

Aphrodite, known as the Greek Goddess of love, pleasure, sensuality and beauty, is one of my favorite of the Goddesses to invoke. Can you see why?

In the stories of Aphrodite, she has the magical ability to compel anyone to desire her.




Aphrodite is said to be born from the foam of the sea. She is revered, cherished, and known for her sensual allure, her delicate beauty and her ability to activate the sensuality of her lovers. This spring you too can invoke her into your pleasure practices, and into the art of sensual eating so that you can explore a more mystical in your body and your bliss.

The sensual art of eating is a journey deep into your relationship with your own sensuality, pleasure stimuli through the senses, and a celebration of food and sensuality that has been present in cultures far and wide throughout history. Sensuality happens with cooking, preparing, presenting and opening are hearts through our meals, just as it does when we prepare, adorn ourselves and wake up our senses to make love to our beloved. This art is as delicate, smooth, succulent and artistic as a love poem or as crazy and free as an artist’s eccentric expression.

The sensual art of eating combines our love for ourselves and those we cook for along with our inseparable senses, especially smell and taste.

Let’s start with the olfactory orgasm…

It is said the olfactory sense, our sense of smell is our oldest sense from the viewpoint of evolution. Our sense of smell creates strong memories with its powerful, swift and precise presence. The sense of smell is more developed in a woman than it is in a man. Our sense of smell is deeply connected to our sensual relationship to food, to a woman's eroticism, and to our intuition. Just as we can be enticed by the smell of our lover, we can be excited by the lure of fresh prepared foods, conscious cooking and the throb of desire and erotism that food can evoke in us as woman and as Goddess. It is not unusual for a mouth watering dish to evoke nostalgia and pleasure waking up our emotions and creating a spiritual + sensual experience with our food.


On to our TANTALIZING taste buds…

It is said in the world of senses, taste is the QUEEN. It is a pleasure, but also a protection that can tell the difference between what's good to eat and what could be harmful. The taste buds activate relating to 5 different flavors, according to Chinese Medicine: Sweet, Salty, Bitter, Sour and Pungent. Each flavor represents a different quality of emotion and energy that we can use to balance ourselves out and heighten our experience around taste. UMAMI is the ultimate taste sensation that brings us the most tantalizing taste experience in just one bite. It is most like a food orgasm that activates all 5 tastes and increases pleasure exponentially. APHRODISIACS

An aphrodisiac is a substance known to increase sexual desire and sexual pleasure. The word APHRODISIAC throughout history has pertained to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, passion and pleasure. There have been many foods considered aphrodisiacs throughout time, and the thing that they all have in common is that they ALL fully engage the senses. Aphrodisiacs are sensual foods create a heightened pleasure experience related both to eating and to our own sensuality. We can make love to ourselves through our food, and we can use food as foreplay for ourselves or with our beloved, a practice written about for centuries in almost every culture known to humankind. 5 SPRINGTIME Aphrodisiacs For you to EXPLORE


This lily plant derivative is known to stir up lust for both woman and man. They are known to boost histamine production known to boost orgasm in both male and female.





Known as natures VIAGRA due to 2 compounds. First watermelon has high levels of citrulline (found in highest concentration in the white of the melon rind) has the power to dilate blood vessels and support erection in a man. Second, the high amounts of lycopene are known to balance and support a healthy prostate. This may be the perfect sensual fruit to entice your lover




This peruvian wonder has proven to have a number of health benefits. Some of these include increasing energy and stamina, balancing hormones for both PMS and menopause, repairing adrenal function and enhancing sexual function and libido. Ooh la la! Maca is available in a powdered form and can be added to smoothies or yogurt, or you can buy maca in a capsule to take a more concentrated dosage.




The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that artichokes had such a strong aphrodisiac effect that women were prohibited from eating them as they were said to make women more desirable.




The aphrodisiac quality of chocolate is nothing new…but rather something that is embedded in history of the western civilization. The great Aztec ruler Montezuma, one of the first red hot lovers to tap into chocolate’s strengths, was said to have consumed as much as fifty cups of chocolate elixir before heading off to his harem. In the late 20th century it was proven that the phenylethylamine (PEA) in chocolate releases the same hormone as does sexual intercourse. The compounds in chocolate are also known to raise dopamine and seratonin levels offering energy, mood enhancement and pleasure to the body.



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Get Your Spring Fever ON

As we emerge from the winter months, we wake up to the early morning sunlight returning and the smell of blooming flowers poking their heads through to warming earth.

Given the energetics of spring we often feel the urge to cleanse our lives, our bodies, and our beings for a clearer and energized new season of living life to the fullest.

As you read through the following tips, take a moment to ponder what needs cleansing in your life.  What do you seek to shed this spring to “lighten” up and access the inner freedom we all yearn for?

So often when we think of cleansing, we see visions of ancient yogi’s fasting, or modern health food junkies checking out the newest cleansing trends.

Don't fret, this year let's clean out and cleanse what is not serving us in our lives.  Let us use the energy of the season of spring to enhance the journey to more radiance and vitality from the inside out.

Your Spring Sparkle comes from a combination of so many components, some of which include of your inner health, your thoughts, how you move your body each day, and your sacred space or home.

1.  Body Bliss

Can you access the bliss your physical body is designed to feel?  When you wake up each day are you ready to conquer your life with energy and vitality?  If you feel like many people do these days, a little tired, a little sluggish try these health secrets to enhance your energy.

Eat with the season – As the leafy greens spring up, and the dandelions fill your yard, try finding some ways to cleanse your diet with some of natures spring gifts.

In the spring we are designed to eat lighter, darker and leafier greens, and oh those dandelions do wonders for cleansing the liver. (be sure they are pesticide free before you eat, or buy at your local health food store)

Juice – Juicing daily blesses the body with a huge amount of extra nutrients that are easily absorbed.  As you pulverize and strain those veggies in the juicer, you do a huge favor to your digestion. You pour liquid nutrients into your system for a fountain of amazing energy and purification.

Reset your energy with a Whole Food lifestyle – This spring try to eat only WHOLE FOODS for one whole week.  Whole food eating means eating food found in its whole form.  Avoid processed foods, refined carbohydrates and foods that have an ingredient list.

2.  Flip your Script

If you are someone who hears your own self-critic loud and clear all day long, full of shame, blame and self sabotage…it is time to “clean” up your self-talk.  Flipping your script means giving your that common mental script an overhaul.  What are the most common thoughts that bring you down?  Are they about your body, your past decisions, your bad habits?

Whenever you hear the negative thoughts try to take note, then flip them around in to a positive affirmation as often as you can to practice unconditional happiness and self-love.

3.  Move it and Shake it

One of most effective ways to your energize your life is through daily movement.  How is your MOJO?  Practices such as YOGA, BRISK WALKING/HIKING and DANCE can move energy in big ways.  Get yourself out of inertia this spring and MOVE IT SHAKE IT GROOVE IT.  Enliven your spirit and up your MOJO with some juicy movement of your own.

Take walk in the beautiful spring air,  inspire yourself with your favorite yoga teacher or make yourself a new playlist to inspire your daily run. Learn to feel good in your body through movement you love.

4.  Clear out your Space

Spring-cleaning is not a made up phenomenon.  We naturally cleanse during the spring season because it feels so therapeutic to climb out of the winter hibernation into a fresh and clear environment.

Getting rid of the old and making room for the new is an important energizer for your space and your experience this spring.

But in addition to aesthetics, there are proven health reasons for steam-cleaning carpets, airing out curtains and the like noting that the benefits include preventing the spread of germs and keeping allergy symptoms at bay.

Clearing out clutter also helps make your environment a happier as well as a healthier place.  For a little spring cleaning joy, add some essential oils to your eco-friendly cleaning supplies.  Try rearranging and reorganize your sacred space.

You are off to a great start for some revitalization and renewal this year.  Spring is always an exciting time to start anew, plant our seeds of intention and watch, tend, and nurture them as the season unfolds.  Let’s make it a beauty!  Happy Spring.

It is the time for revitalization and renewal.  Spring is always an exciting time to start anew, plant our seeds of intention and watch, tend, and nurture them as the season unfolds.  Let’s make it a beauty.

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The Benefits of Broccoli

Who knew?? This super powered vegetable family (AKA - Brassica) is power packed with so many vital nutrients that specifically address so many health issues of our time.A few years ago (well, maybe more than a few) I went to an inspiring seminar with Dr. Robert Roundtree, author of "Conscious Health for Every Child", one of my parenting bibles. He is a health guru, MD, and holistic health expert.  He spoke about this very topic.  It was so informative and wise.  Once again, I was reminded how much food can truly be our medicine!

Brassica is not just any vegetable, it is a super powered veggie family that strikes up a health potency like no other.  Brassica is made up of veggies like kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, watercress, radish, and even maca (a cousin of the well known radish).

They all have something in common.  That special Brassica ingredient, is a specialized molecule known in the supplement world as DIM (di-indol-3-carbinol) that is one of the best estrogen metabolizers out there.

DIM regulates hormones, balances out menopausal symptoms, PMS, and is a huge contributor to breast cancer prevention.

Dr. Robert Roundtree told us that day in the seminar that a recent study came out in the Journal for Americian Medicine.  This study stated that eating just 5 servings of the brassica family per week decreased the chances of breast cancer by 50%.  That is HUGE!!!

That means if you try to eat just something every day from the brassica family you are doing GREAT.  You are using food to contribute directly to your health and vitality.

You can throw a leaf or two into you smoothie as we mentioned in our last post - LIQUID LOVE.  You can steam up some broccoli for dinner, throw some radish into your salad, or get ready for some yummy brussel sprouts just in time for Thanksgiving.

We are going to HOOK YOU UP!!  Click the link below for the perfect fall brassica recipes.  Let me know if you need a little more brassica, and I can set you up with your very own DIM supplement.  Easy BREEZY.

Have fun in the kitchen, and remember...
“The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway.”   Michael Pollan



Good Morning Sunshine

It’s 6 am, and suddenly, the alarm clock pulls her out of an epic dream.  After hitting the snooze button several times, she decides to motivate, attack the grogginess and get ready for the day.  Staggering our of bed, the first thought that comes to mind is making a warm cup of brew before running out the door. snooze button

Breakfast, which may or may not happen, is something quick and easy, like a bowl of cereal, toast, or a self-proclaimed energy bar.

In less than a few hours, she feels tired and hungry again.  The cookie in the break room, or the scone at the coffee shop down the street, sounds appealing.  Before she can really think this through, she caves in and indulges in a sweet mid-morning snack.

By the time lunch rolls around, she's so hungry that she could eat a big Chipotle burrito.  She happily obliges this thought.  As mid-afternoon creeps by, she feels so run down and cranky that she can hardly stand it.  The second cup of joe isn’t an option, it’s a must - just to get her through the day.

Does this sound familiar ?  Many of us have been here, riding the blood sugar roller coaster day in and day out.  It all begins with the first meal of the day, also known as BREAKFAST.

The way we begin our day creates a foundation for how the rest of it unfolds.  If our first meal mainly consists of carbohydrates, without adequate protein and fat, then we’re bound to experience symptoms of high and low blood sugar thoughout the day.  Fortunately, we can direct our daily experiences in a healthy and mindful way by consuming a balanced breakfast.

The good news is that you can do this without much time or effort by simply making a LIQUID LOVE breakfast shake.

green smoothie

Why liquid love you ask?  Because you will LOVE your life oodles more when you see how good you feel!!!

Goodbye Mr. Coffee and toast, hello liquid green goddess of love!

You may think to yourself...why a shake instead of something more complete and whole like your favorite poached eggs, turkey bacon and sauted kale?  Well, if you can pull off a home cooked delightful breakfast on a week day, by all means GO FOR IT!  The problem is many of us are too rushed, feeding children, packing lunches, and sleeping until the last possible minute.

LIQUID LOVE may be the quickest and most complete option with the most super food and nutrient density ratios.

Studies show that if you start of your day on the RIGHT foot (ie low glycemic, high protein breakfast), you will eat 80% less sugar/carbohydrates throughout the day, and have a personal victory over your cravings in the late afternoon.

How does this sound to you??

Below we may have just the info you need.  Here is what LIQUID LOVE is are NOT:

They are NOT all fruit.

  • They do NOT have a bunch of juice as the base.
  • They do NOT taste chalky, grainy or horrible.
  • They do NOT leave you feeling like you are still hungry, unsatiated or bored with breakfast.

Check out our easy to use GUIDE TO LIQUID LOVE SMOOTHIES for all the details you need to make a breakfast to change your life!



Bring Home the Juicer- Expert tips about Juicers

Juicing is a great way to cleanse your body and your mind so don't let buying a juicer stress you out or slow you down.  I don't think there is a "best" juicer on the market but I can give you a few tips so you can decide which fits your needs.  I prefer and use almost all the Breville products.

  • Best Overall- Breville Juice Fountain multi-speed: Select from five speeds to handle everything from delicate fruits to crispy vegetables.  This high powered juicer is easy and clean up and produces juice very quickly not to mention it's good looking stainless steel body.  SShhh...It's on sale now at William & Sonoma 




  • Best Budget- L'Equip mini pulp ejector: This is a wide mouth juicer that gives you delicious juices quickly.  It is convenient and easy to use.  L'equip mini pulp ejector is available at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.

  • Best Versatile- Omega: Although this juicer looks scary it is very versatile and great for juicing vegetables.  It's low speed retains the highest nutritional value of the vegetables and can be used to make nut butters and other fun snacks.
  • The Ultimate Guru - Vitamix: This is a high-end commercial blender that can be used to make fantastic juices, smoothies and soups very quickly and well the truth is this is the easiest to clean up.  Sometimes I will use the vitamix then run it through the juicer for a cleaner, smoother, taste.  You can save 20% off by using the Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon. Visit for purchase details.


If this is your first go with a home juicer, I recommend starting with a centrifugal juicer such as the Breville.  It can handle a majority of fruits and vegetables in a quick amount of time and easy to clean up.  Have fun juicing, and finding your health and vitality right in your own kitchen.

Special Gift ~ Juicing Recipes to try ~  Get Juicy with Boulder Nutrition


Happy Spring!


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Harvest Time

I love this time of year!  As we notice the hot days cool off, the winds change and the leaves beginning to rustle beneath our feet we begin to root down and pull inward.  This inward and downward movement comes with more cozy nights, more time to reflect and more time to notice the warm aromas coming from everyones crock pots, as we fully endulge in the abundance of natures harvest time.   This year we are blessed with an incredible harvest.

As we enter the fall season, we encounter many changes in the weather, in our bodies, and in our lives.  Fall is a time for letting go, and for shedding unwanted layers that do not serve our greater purpose.  Cleansing is an incredibly beneficial way to release layers, both physically and emotionally, by detoxifying harmful toxins, resetting the digestive tract, increasing energy and vitality and connecting to natures organic rythms of the harvest.

Fall is the time to purify the lungs in the traditional Chinese medicine system.  This years Fall Harvest Cleanse is designed to work with the season, as we dive deep into tonifying the lung chi and increasing immunity for the winter.  The lungs are a vital elimination organ, as they facilitate the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood, which is then carried through the cells to be used as fuel.

With fall being the time of the harvest, we incorporate warming seasonal foods, recipes, menu plans, lung tonics, and yogic lung strengthening breathing into our program.  Some of the most extraordinary benefits of fall lung cleansing include increased lung chi and strength, deeper sleep, increased immunity, increased energy, radiant skin, a grounded mind and heart, and overall holistic fortitude for the whole being.  For more information and registration, visit please contact

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