I love this time of year!  As we notice the hot days cool off, the winds change and the leaves beginning to rustle beneath our feet we begin to root down and pull inward.  This inward and downward movement comes with more cozy nights, more time to reflect and more time to notice the warm aromas coming from everyones crock pots, as we fully endulge in the abundance of natures harvest time.   This year we are blessed with an incredible harvest.

As we enter the fall season, we encounter many changes in the weather, in our bodies, and in our lives.  Fall is a time for letting go, and for shedding unwanted layers that do not serve our greater purpose.  Cleansing is an incredibly beneficial way to release layers, both physically and emotionally, by detoxifying harmful toxins, resetting the digestive tract, increasing energy and vitality and connecting to natures organic rythms of the harvest.

Fall is the time to purify the lungs in the traditional Chinese medicine system.  This years Fall Harvest Cleanse is designed to work with the season, as we dive deep into tonifying the lung chi and increasing immunity for the winter.  The lungs are a vital elimination organ, as they facilitate the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood, which is then carried through the cells to be used as fuel.

With fall being the time of the harvest, we incorporate warming seasonal foods, recipes, menu plans, lung tonics, and yogic lung strengthening breathing into our program.  Some of the most extraordinary benefits of fall lung cleansing include increased lung chi and strength, deeper sleep, increased immunity, increased energy, radiant skin, a grounded mind and heart, and overall holistic fortitude for the whole being.  For more information and registration, visit please contact sue@bouldernutrition.com.

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