The start of a new year is here!  Many people begin the new year hoping and prodding this year to be their best year ever, but they aren't quite sure how to make this new year their best yet. I find the month of January to be the perfect time to set an intention for myself in the new year.  I enjoy reflecting on the past year, looking at what worked, and what didn't work so well in order to see how I could change or improve what I am doing or creating.  These simple reflections can lead us down a road to really evaluating what we want, and how to take the visioning process from dreaming to living!

In yoga class today, my teacher said to us, "Oftentimes we forget that we are free, and we search for freedom from all that we are bound to.  But it is important to remember that we are born free and are continuously searching for something to bind to."  That something can be positive or negative.  It can be our life purpose, a friend, a job, a house, a town,  a pet, or a  food...  Sometimes we find ourselves bound to things that don't support our hearts truth, even our very own thoughts can be a source of either positive action, or negative action.  As women, this is common in abusive thoughts about food, movement, or how we relate to our bodies.

When searching for an intention or a positive something to bind to for the new year, it is important to find an intention that is true to ourselves.  I find the questions, "What is life calling me to do?" and "What is the year feeling like to me?", "What have my greatest challenges taught me this past year?" are all great questions to ask in order to find an intention that will be supportive and bring one closer to a higher vision, and deeper self connection.

An intention is something to be lived through each day.  It should be something that resonates with your heart and makes you feel joyful, inspired, and true each time you come back to it.  Setting a realistic, nourishing and self loving intention that ultimately brings you closer to your truth is a powerful way to set the new year off as your best year yet. How can this year be the best year of your life?  What does it take for you to find joy, contentment, and passion right here and right now?