"Become more and more innocent, less knowledgeable and more childlike. Take life as fun - because that's precisely what it is!"   Osho. This new year is truly feeling like the year to lighten up, let go of the seriousness and bring more fun into our lives!  More than ever, I have been hearing the "need to have more fun" as an important and common intention being set by my friends and family this year, and I'm all for it!

Lets have more fun! Lets celebrate more often, lets dance, skip and sing! Lets be true expressions of ourselves in every way!  It is extremely important to incorporate in our lives the things, actions and people who make us feel happy and give us fun, and to find ways to make our day to day tasks more fun and pleasurable.  It is so easy to slip into a daily pattern and routine that can soon become robotic, lifeless and empty of joy and fun.  Life then becomes serious and we forget how to  have fun.

We also forget what is fun for us. The things that were fun a day, week or year ago may not be fun for us now. Maybe it's time to try an anusara yoga class instead of going to your flow class every week, or it's time to eat a blissful bowl of steaming oatmeal with grated apple, walnuts, brown agave syrup and almond milk instead of toast or cereal for breakfast.  By exploring the new you and the feel of the new year, you can find what truly is fun for you.  Is it time to plan a trip to a foreign country, or learn a new language? What is fun for your best friend may not be what is fun for you. Would it be fun for you to go out salsa dancing on a Friday night, or groove to your favorite cd while passionately cooking a candle lit dinner at home?  Re-ignite your passion for life by exploring all the possible ways to incorporate and intrigue fun in your life.

This is your year to glow, sparkle and shine from the depths of your  yearning soul outward into each dark corner in your life. So let loose! Explore, inspire and re-create fun in your life.  Get to know the authentic you, and express your beautiful being in every way that is fun for you.

If you are interested in joining a group of women supporting each other in creating more joy and passion in your life please visit the link below!

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