The drum beat, steady and sound.

A raging Native American pow wow, moccasins and feathers pounding into the frozen earth, to the rhythm of their sacred past.  Creative yet contained.

A young drum circle, beating, thumping, tapping to the rhythm pulsing through each young soul.

The techno beat that drives the energy of rhythm, pressing my body into a relaxed dance,  following not only the rhythm of the thrusting beat but the rhythm of my body, and her's.

The flowing creek.  Steady, calm, cold and collected... rushed, excited and loud.

The stream of energetic rhythm.

Flowing through me and flowing through you.

Some days I feel the need to sway.  To move my body in a way that dances with the day's natural rhythm. To get down on the floor and roll around.  To feel my body's organic rhythm, is one way I feel a deeper connection to the collective.

Whether you have recognized it or not, the world has it's own pulsation.  The rhythm is constantly changing, slowing down, speeding up, throwing you a sexy salsa spin on some days, an electronic thrust on some, or edgy, sharp and masculine on others.  When we are in tune with organic pulsation, we can feel a deeper connection to ourselves, to everyone and to everything around us.  Energy begins to move freely, releasing emotion, stagnation, and creating more space, more bliss.

Life seems to flow in an indescribable way, within us and around us.  The rhythm may be sharp or smooth, but when you are aligned with it, it doesn't matter whether life is throwing you for a spin on the dance floor or taking you for a gentle walk in the sand.  Quite honestly, what a blessing it is to have this rhythm pulsing through each one of us, guiding us, offering us teachings about our selves.

What connects you to your own organic rhythm?  Is it taking a few minutes to lie on the floor and move your body slow and sensual, is it finding a place of stillness to listen to your own inner voice of truth, or is it nourishing your self deeply while moving in sync with another?  There is always another opportunity to deepen your connection with your own inner bliss and freedom,  dancing with the divine....