"It is impossible to live pleasurably without living wisely, well, and, justly, and it is impossible to live wisely, well, and justly without living pleasurably."  Epicurus

February strikes me as the perfect month to put my focus on personal pleasure for my mind, body and soul.  Since our culture is expressing its love of pleasure in the way of celebrating Valentine's Day, why not use this loving and celebrational energy to put towards pleasuring ourselves and our greater health ? It is so easy to get wrapped up in our day to day life and completely push pleasure to the side.  This may be because we feel guilty for spending time and energy focused on ourselves, because we are too busy caring for friends and family, because of certain "rules" or beliefs we have decided upon for ourselves, or simply because we don't make time to bring pleasure into our lives.

Pleasure can be listening to your favorite song, soaking in a steaming bubble bath, fully enjoying a piece of dark chocolate or setting an hour aside to focus inwards at your favorite yoga class.  Let it be fun to explore the different pleasures that you enjoy. Recognize the reasons why you deny yourself pleasure and for this month, let those reasons go, and allow yourself to focus on giving your body exactly what it desires in the form of pleasure.

We don't need to search outside of ourselves to find what is pleasurable for us, because our bodies are born wired to desire pleasure and avoid pain.  We simply need to listen in to our bodies inherent wisdom.  A great place to begin adding more pleasure is to practice with food and the sensations your body experiences with mindful eating.  Each time your feel your body hungering, really take the time to listen to what it is your body desires to eat.  Try to set old food patterns and habits aside, let go of your food rules and regulations, and fulfill your bodies desire for pleasure tuning to each physical sensation in each moment. Choose to experience the joy of eating more and more often.  Thoroughly savor the food you put into your body, recognizing the nourishment, health and pleasure your body is receiving.

Lets not pass up anymore opportunites for pleasure.  Trust your body to tell you what it truly desires and you will find yourself becoming an expert on pleasuring your body, mind and soul. Your health will improve, your radiance will shine, and you will be an example for others to follow. Simply by bringing more pleasure into your life, you are likely to find yourself feeling more connected and trusting or your own body's wisdom and desire.  Not only will you feel more joy and bliss in each day, but you will also deepen your relationship with the most important person... you!

"No other nutrient can restore the radiance to body, heart and soul as pleasure does. It is time to welcome pleasure back to the table."  Marc David

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