What makes you feel beautiful? Is it putting on your favorite little black dress and going out for a night on the town? Is it taking a walk on a soft sandy beach, feeling the salty breeze run it's fingers through your tangled hair? Is it when you are flowing through a peaceful yoga class, feeling your body through the rhythm of the asana? Beauty is so important to have in our lives.  Without recognizing beauty in the world and within ourselves, life can seem dull, and lacking passion and inspiration. Without beauty, both inner and outer, life quickly loses its glow and sparkle and we are left with a deep feeling of emptiness.

Part of recognizing beauty is accepting all in life as it is.  Accepting all the imperfections, uncertainty, surprises,  and possibilities.  Interesting how we are so quick to accept the beauty of nature and all it's imperfections.  When taking a walk through the woods, I would never look to judge trees as being too skinny, or too tall, or to skimpy.  I don't pick apart each divet or bump in the muddy path, wondering why nature couldn't have made it look more groomed.   With nature we tend to accept all of its imperfections.  As humans, even though we are part of nature, why is it that we can not accept our flaws and see our imperfections as a part of nature's beauty as well?

One reason I believe we make it so difficult to appreciate, see and respect our own beauty and the beauty of others is, because many times, we are in a state of judgement, a mental state rather than a feeling state.  When we are in constant judgement, it is impossible to see and feel the magic of our own inherent perfection.  Until we can let go  and respect the beauty of imperfection, the uniqueness of asymetry, and the beauty of our inner world, we will never be able to love the beauty within us.

When you embrace beauty in your life, you will attract beautiful people and experiences into your every day. When we are hoping, wishing and wanting to feel beautiful and inside we are hating ourselves, and talking negative self talk, punishment and disgust, it will be impossible to reach true self love, beauty and acceptance.  It can feel like taking the wrong road to get to your own house.  To begin embracing the beauty of imperfection, and naturalness in your life begin to explore what truly makes you feel beautiful.

Beauty is fun, exciting, pleasurable and expressive.  It is so important to carry it within us and to spread our beauty into the world.  When I feel beautiful, my life seems to sparkle, glow and shine! The sun shines brighter, the sky appears bluer and every person I meet glistens. So, what is it that makes you feel beautiful?  Nurture, love, take care...