"To find balance, plant deep roots and soar your head into heaven."

At a dance class this week, my teacher reminded us that we as humans are the perfect connection between heaven and earth.  How blessed are we, that can have the best of both worlds? With our feet firmly rooted on the ground, we are free to reach the tops of our heads into the sky above.  And without one or the other, we would not live or exist as we do. We are the perfect balance between ground and sky. We connect heaven and earth, simply by being living each moment.

The spring equinox is nature's reminder of balance.  Translated literally, equinox means "equal night."  On the day of the equinox, there are twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness everywhere in the world.  It's pretty amazing to find such a simple and profound expression of nature balancing itself.  The spring equinox is the only day of the year, along with the fall equinox, that this unifying phenomenon occurs.  Equal light and equal dark.

We all have found certain things in our lives that help to bring us back into balance with ourselves and with nature. What kind of anchors do you use in your life to bring yourself back into balance? It is so easy for us to get wrapped up in all the business of doing and be tipped off balance. After a long day of running on little sleep, eating on the run, squeezing in errands, and working your heart out, what do you do to ground yourself, to bring yourself back into balance?

What I do to balance myself could differ depending on the day, my mood and my surroundings.  Some days I might soak in a warm bath or take a calm walk in the woods, or practice meditation.  Other days I might snuggle up with an inspiring book, journal, or talk to a sweet friend.  I find that doing something  daily that takes my mind inward to the place of peace inside of me helps me return to balance.  The important thing is not what you do, but rather that you know how to find a way to anchor your energy, and come back to center.

Feeling balanced for me, is feeling inline with my true self. Feeling connected to the needs of my body, mind and soul, connected to my beliefs and connected to nature and the spinning world around me.  Feeling balanced is also feeling a sense of inner peace. When my thoughts and feelings can "simply rise and fall like the waves of the ocean without disturbing the deeper waters of peacefulness within," I am balanced.  When the even more challenging moments arise in life, and I can work with them rationally, and effectively, I am balanced.

With the balancing energy of the spring equinox upon us, take a few moments each day to notice if you feel naturally balanced, and make it an adventure to discover what brings you back to that peaceful, balanced place inside yourself.  Remember, that with your head sprouting up to the sky and your feet planting into the ground, you are a brilliant, natural continuum of balance between heaven and earth.

"The storms of life throw us out of balance again and again.  The constant change between being centered and un-centered is the process which teaches us to be more conscious from moment to moment in order to retain that inner peace and clarity when we find it..."  Crowly Tarot