The frozen winter season has officially opened up to the warm breezes of spring and sweet morning bird calls outside my sunny window.  I've unusually found myself waking up with the sun, weeding through old clothes in my closet, removing the old and dead foliage from my yard, and deep cleaning my kitchen.  As I make new space in my closets, garden and home, not only has my space begun to feel roomier and alive, but I feel lighter, more expressive and expansive.  When I conclude projects and tasks in my life, I free up energy to put towards the renewal that spring naturally brings. What can you bring to a completion into your life in order to make space for new expression and expansion.  Do you have a pile of papers sitting in the corner of your desk waiting to be hung up or phone calls that need to be made? Or maybe you've been meaning to try out that yoga class on monday night or dust off your bike that's been hibernating in the garage all winter. I find it helpful to write down a few top things in my life that are nagging for attention.

While you find things in your life that need to be finalized, look at how you are feeling towards  these things. Do you have any resistance to sorting through that pile of paperwork or reaching out to the old friends? It's interesting to notice what you may have resistance to starting or finishing.  Once you notice and observe what you are resisting  without judgement but with curiosity, there is opportunity for exploration and growth!

I started writing this blog about two weeks ago.  It's been fascinating and ironic to see myself resisting finishing up this post.  Each day I thought about writing a little more or finishing it completely, but I seemed to find any excuse not to. Now that this blog is almost done, I'm already feeling relief and spaciousness in my mind. When your mind is clear of things that need to be accomplished, being in the present moment comes effortlessly.  In the present moment, you will find yourself with a curious mind to explore new growth and in the opportune place to accept a refreshing spring start.

Spring is a time for renewal, new beginnings.  A time we connect with the early morning sun, and the green sprouting life all around us.  The sight of the spring greens nourishes our soul deeply as we feel the fresh beginnings and opportunity for something new.  This is a chance to see things from a fresh perspective.

"Take care of all the maintenance requirements and attend to any last details. Your totality of commitment is what will determine the depth and breadth of your success."