It’s 6 am, and suddenly, the alarm clock pulls her out of an epic dream.  After hitting the snooze button several times, she decides to motivate, attack the grogginess and get ready for the day.  Staggering our of bed, the first thought that comes to mind is making a warm cup of brew before running out the door. snooze button

Breakfast, which may or may not happen, is something quick and easy, like a bowl of cereal, toast, or a self-proclaimed energy bar.

In less than a few hours, she feels tired and hungry again.  The cookie in the break room, or the scone at the coffee shop down the street, sounds appealing.  Before she can really think this through, she caves in and indulges in a sweet mid-morning snack.

By the time lunch rolls around, she's so hungry that she could eat a big Chipotle burrito.  She happily obliges this thought.  As mid-afternoon creeps by, she feels so run down and cranky that she can hardly stand it.  The second cup of joe isn’t an option, it’s a must - just to get her through the day.

Does this sound familiar ?  Many of us have been here, riding the blood sugar roller coaster day in and day out.  It all begins with the first meal of the day, also known as BREAKFAST.

The way we begin our day creates a foundation for how the rest of it unfolds.  If our first meal mainly consists of carbohydrates, without adequate protein and fat, then we’re bound to experience symptoms of high and low blood sugar thoughout the day.  Fortunately, we can direct our daily experiences in a healthy and mindful way by consuming a balanced breakfast.

The good news is that you can do this without much time or effort by simply making a LIQUID LOVE breakfast shake.

green smoothie

Why liquid love you ask?  Because you will LOVE your life oodles more when you see how good you feel!!!

Goodbye Mr. Coffee and toast, hello liquid green goddess of love!

You may think to yourself...why a shake instead of something more complete and whole like your favorite poached eggs, turkey bacon and sauted kale?  Well, if you can pull off a home cooked delightful breakfast on a week day, by all means GO FOR IT!  The problem is many of us are too rushed, feeding children, packing lunches, and sleeping until the last possible minute.

LIQUID LOVE may be the quickest and most complete option with the most super food and nutrient density ratios.

Studies show that if you start of your day on the RIGHT foot (ie low glycemic, high protein breakfast), you will eat 80% less sugar/carbohydrates throughout the day, and have a personal victory over your cravings in the late afternoon.

How does this sound to you??

Below we may have just the info you need.  Here is what LIQUID LOVE is are NOT:

They are NOT all fruit.

  • They do NOT have a bunch of juice as the base.
  • They do NOT taste chalky, grainy or horrible.
  • They do NOT leave you feeling like you are still hungry, unsatiated or bored with breakfast.

Check out our easy to use GUIDE TO LIQUID LOVE SMOOTHIES for all the details you need to make a breakfast to change your life!