Juicing is a great way to cleanse your body and your mind so don't let buying a juicer stress you out or slow you down.  I don't think there is a "best" juicer on the market but I can give you a few tips so you can decide which fits your needs.  I prefer and use almost all the Breville products.

  • Best Overall- Breville Juice Fountain multi-speed: Select from five speeds to handle everything from delicate fruits to crispy vegetables.  This high powered juicer is easy and clean up and produces juice very quickly not to mention it's good looking stainless steel body.  SShhh...It's on sale now at William & Sonoma 




  • Best Budget- L'Equip mini pulp ejector: This is a wide mouth juicer that gives you delicious juices quickly.  It is convenient and easy to use.  L'equip mini pulp ejector is available at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.

  • Best Versatile- Omega: Although this juicer looks scary it is very versatile and great for juicing vegetables.  It's low speed retains the highest nutritional value of the vegetables and can be used to make nut butters and other fun snacks.
  • The Ultimate Guru - Vitamix: This is a high-end commercial blender that can be used to make fantastic juices, smoothies and soups very quickly and well the truth is this is the easiest to clean up.  Sometimes I will use the vitamix then run it through the juicer for a cleaner, smoother, taste.  You can save 20% off by using the Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon. Visit https://secure.vitamix.com/ for purchase details.


If this is your first go with a home juicer, I recommend starting with a centrifugal juicer such as the Breville.  It can handle a majority of fruits and vegetables in a quick amount of time and easy to clean up.  Have fun juicing, and finding your health and vitality right in your own kitchen.

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Happy Spring!