5 Tips for the Health Food Junkie

  1.  Start by shopping the perimeter of the store looking for the most beautiful and local produce you can find.  This will inspire you creatively and connect you back to seasonal eating, and rhythms of nature.  The more connection we have with the food we cook, the more intuitive and wise we are with our eating.  Stock up your house with some fresh exciting ingredients that you want to explore.
  2.  Check out the local farmers markets in the surrounding areas to where you live.  Talk to the farmers, try different ingredients, and trust that this connection back to nature and your farming community will heighten the vibration you bring to your table for you and your family.  Feel free to include some local wines, fresh cheeses, and of course vibrant produce.

  3. Search out the Farm to Table organic restaurants in your town.  These restaurants define themselves by bringing you the best and most fresh nutrient dense ingredients, organic meats, and local delicacies.  You will be blown away by how these top quality ingredients can cultivate a palate explosion, fit for any foodie!
  4. Download, google, and find the best recipe apps that will inspire your home cooking.  We are the generation of information, and there are so many websites, you tube videos, and sources that can hold your hand in your culinary adventures.  Pick a day each week to try something new. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Locavore

 As soon as you start this app, it finds your location and displays a list of local fruits and vegetables currently in season (and what’s coming up soon).

It also incorporates a farmer’s market finder, which quickly found several locations near home. Oh, and when you eat locally you can use Locavore to share on Facebook, and show off just how awesome (you think) you are.


  • Harvest – Select the Best Produce

 With a simple yet attractive interface, the Harvest Produce Guide shows you how to select and store your fruits and vegetables. It also indicates a typical “pesicide load,” so you can see at a glance which foods are most important to buy organic.


  • Seasons

 Seasons covers fruits, vegetables, lettuces, herbs, mushrooms, and nuts. It support the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Western and Central Europe. It lets you search by “local” and “imported” season. It also includes an international Farmers’ Market finder, which makes this app perfect for the traveling local foodie.


       5.  Finally, have a little fun.  Invite some friends over to share cooking projects, host a potluck, a recipe party, or a localicious dinner adventure and dive into the courageous adventurous part of your personality. When we step out of your comfort zone, brilliant things can happen.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it sure can spark something new in you!