Video 2

~ The 7 Nourishment Principles ~

For Body, Mind and Soul


My inbox is overflowing with New Years hoopla!  From the latest cleanses and rituals, to travel discounts and retail deals. 

Where do we even begin?

This year, as I weed through my inbox, I have made a conscious decision...

Although I love a good cleanse, a groovy girly ritual and a bargain on a cute pair of shoes, I have this decided this year, to practice contentment with what I have on the outside and amplify the ways I nourish myself on the inside.

A new year often highlights the places we feel like we are at the mercy of our lives, our circumstances and the world at large –– where life can feel like it is happening to us rather than being created by us.

Nourishing ourselves from the inside out includes tending to our bodies wisely, learning the vast landscape of our minds (and how the quality of your thoughts can either support or hinder us) and giving ourselves the spaciousness that we need to digest our lives.

While I was hesitant to add to your overcrowded your inbox, I also really want to share with you some nourishment principles to support you in deep self-care, conscious attention to the many aspects of yourself and some ways to help you process the busyness of daily life (which will likely be returning in these coming days, if it hasn't already).

In celebration of a brand-new year before us and the debut of my new program coming soon, I created a FREE video series for you called NOURISH.

In Episode 2, we will explore the 7 nourishment principles for your body, mind and soul:

  • Learn what YOU need to fill up your cup for optimal nourishment customized just for you!

  • Create a daily rhythm and structure that supports all you want for yourself.

  • Discover the most important aspect of your eating (hint: it's not what you think)

  • Most of all, learn how to start exactly where you are with your wisdom, sovereignty, and empowerment lighting your path.

These nourishment principles are some of the foundational elements from my new program DIGEST. If you are ready to make a tangible change in your health and your life, take note that registration is opening in just a few days!.

Did you miss episode 1? No worries, you can watch it here.

I hope you enjoy today's episode, and I look forward to sharing DIGEST with you soon.

Be Well!!