Video 1

~ The Transformation Tenets ~

I am so excited that you are here…

The current state of the world leaves most of us feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and in a chronic state of stress that wreaks havoc on our health.

I don’t want this for you.

In this first video, learn the transformation tenets that address these rampant health challenges and that will help you to create long-term sustainable change in your health and in your life.

With these tenets in place you will learn how to implement the changes YOU need NOURISH yourself deeply in all aspects of your life.

I hope you enjoy video 1. Be sure to leave a comment below and download your copy of the transformation tenets and the reflection sheet below.

This video series includes some of the very foundational aspects found in my new program DIGEST.

Our health requires us to tend to many the layers of ourselves: Feeding our bodies the foods that fuel our energy and vitality, the quiet space for our minds to digest our days, deep rest for restoration and repair, mind-body attunement to become the witness in our lives and the faith that our bodies can heal. 

I hope you enjoy today's episode…

See you in video 2 in just a couple of days…

~ Sue