There is nothing quite like a warm bowl of soup during these wintery days and nights.  The bone broth base provides a hearty dose of protein, tons of collagen and amino acids to support digestive repair and deep nourishment.  The zoodles (spiralized zucchini noodles) are a wonderful substitute for the more common noodles. 

While you may have heard a lot about bone broth, tasted it at a local health food store, or from your grandmother's soup pot, you may not realize that not only is it super simple to make, but it is also a medicinal nourishing tonic that can make a really big impact on your health.

Bone broth is becoming so popular amidst recent health and wellness trends for a few very important reasons.

The most effective and healing ingredients in bone broth are the amino acids – glutamine and proline. If you suffer from food allergies, leaky gut syndrome, autoimmune symptoms, or IBS, bone broth is for you. Glutamine is one of my favorite supplements for healing digestion (more in module 3), inflammation while rebuilding and strengthening the digestive wall (which gets thinned and often permeable during digestive illness). A regular dose of bone broth will do wonders for your digestion.

Sip and savor!

Recipe Credit :: Boulder Nutrition Team Member Ani Okun
Photo Credit :: Boulder Team Member Kristine Mahan