Sometimes in our lives we meet very significant and special people that strongly influence how things unfold for us. We may not know it as it is happening, but as time shows us it's magic, there is a certain serendipity that becomes obvious.

This is particularly relevant with today's very special guest {Soulfood Session #5}:  I met Dr. Charley Cropley when my son Elijah was just an infant (he turned 21 last week).  I had yet to complete my masters degree in nutrition, and surely had no idea of how the ecology and life of Boulder Nutrition would unfold.

In 1996, when I signed up for Charley's class here in Boulder (because a friend invited me), the level of inspiration and passion Charley had for his work sparked something big in me that has continued to fuel my business, my love for spreading health and vitality, and what has clearly become a soulful purpose in my world.

Since those early days, Charley and I grew a beautiful (family like) friendship, have collaborated together on numerous projects, shared an office, cross-referred and supported each other in boundless ways. I am happy to say, Charley is a wonderful addition to The Yoga of Eating 2018 guest teacher roster this year.

With all of that in our dynamic of knowing each other, I am sure you can imagine how much fun we had doing this podcast for you.  

I hope you come over to listen and enjoy this next (very raw and real) Soulfood Session as Charley is one inspiring person, speaker, teacher and human being who I am so happy to introduce to you.

Listen To Today’s Soulfood Session Podcast: 


  • Learn some important qualities in the relationship between eating and personal satisfaction.


  • Listen to Charley share why his self-reflection practice has become the core of his daily life.


  • Practice eating to LOVE your body

What’s a Soulfood Session?

The Soulfood Sessions are bite size morsels of wisdom from this year's Yoga of Eating 2018 online course and community .  Registration is open. These podcasts are small plate tasters from the many wise teachers we have on our special guest roster this year, some personal anecdotes from me and some awe-inspiring success stories from our past participants. 
I am so thrilled to be opening the registration for The Yoga Of Eating 2018 .  It is is my most complete (and passionate) body of work. A colorful tapestry of food psychology, nutritional wisdom, women’s yoga, meditation, embodiment practices, reflective ritual and resources, nourishing recipes and our incredible team of guest teachers.  
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