I hope your New Year is off to a brilliant start. 

While a huge part of me loves new beginnings, I noticed I awoke on New Year's Day with a little flutter in my stomach. There is a lot of pressure at this time of year. 

A short while later, I ran into a close friend of mine somewhere between yoga class (hers) and spin class (mine) and wehad a moment in the hallway:  We were both feeling a little anxious about making this year everything we are hoping for.

The more folks I have talked to this week, the more I have heard this.

For many of us, 2017 was a doozy.  While we all have our own personal 2017 story, collectively, a lot of $hit has also gone down.  

With the wild ride of 2017 (barely) behind us, how do we move forward into 2018 embodied and empowered in our lives (with whatever the year may bring)?

Maybe you can relate to these common obstacles:

I don't know how to make myself a priority...

I feel like these old patterns and behaviors are impossible to break... 

I feel like I need to prove myself to the world in a big way to be loved and accepted...

There are simply just too many things I cannot control in my life...

If your New Year's intentions feel a little daunting or you are still feeling the intensity of 2017 coming to an end (phew), today's Soulfood Session podcast might help.

This heart-to-heart conversation with today's special guest gets right down to the nitty gritty of some internal obstacles that hold many of us back and what to do about it...

I am so thrilled to have Nancy Levin as a guest teacher in this year's Yoga of Eating Course and Community, sharing with us her wisdom and insights while guiding us through some of her wise practices to increase our self-worth, to become a more authentic version or ourselves and to help us overcome some of the fears and obstacles in doing so.

Nancy Levin is a bestselling author and her works include Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net WorthJump … And Your Life Will Appear, and The New Relationship Blueprint (forthcoming from Hay House, August 2018.) to name a few. She’s a Master Integrative Coach working with clients – privately and in groups – to live in alignment with their own truth and desires. Nancy was the Event Director at Hay House for 12 years, and now hosts her own weekly radio show Jump Start Your Life on Hay House Radio. 

This podcast was a great honor for me to host and I hope you will come over and listen to these exceptional insights.

Listen To Today’s Soulfood Session Podcast: 


  • Learn about the benefits of seeing the truth and living authentically from there. 


  • Listen to Nancy share her insights around how to become the governor of our own worthiness


  • Practice working through the fears and obstacles that keep us from prioritizing ourselves.


What’s a Soulfood Session?

The Soulfood Sessions are bite size morsels of wisdom from this year's Yoga of Eating 2018 online course and community .  Registration is open. These podcasts are small plate tasters from the many wise teachers we have on our special guest roster this year, some personal anecdotes from me and some awe-inspiring success stories from our past participants. 
I am so thrilled to be opening the registration for The Yoga Of Eating 2018 today.  It is is my most complete (and passionate) body of work. A colorful tapestry of food psychology, nutritional wisdom, women’s yoga, meditation, embodiment practices, reflective ritual and resources, nourishing recipes and our incredible team of guest teachers.  
When you join our 2018 circle of women before January 6th, you will get even more special goodies from me:

  • Instant access to Module 1 the moment you register
  • A lush and luminous online workshop:  The Art and Science of Setting Intention, to help you with your new year's visioning process
  • A FREE 30 minute strategy session with me (live or remote)
  • A FREE copy of my newest e-book B L E N D – Balance Your Body, Elevate your Energy, One Simple Green Smoothie at a Time

I want your new year to reflect all you want for yourself in your unique inner ecology – more harmony, health, happiness and purpose than ever before.