I am celebrating,

When I woke up the other night with the inspiration to write to all of you on my birthday, my body started to tingle. (eeeekkkk)

Excitement. Fear. Vulnerability. I knew something important was coming for me to share...

While many of you are new to the Boulder Nutrition readership, many of you know I have been writing to you for more than 15 years. (yes, it all started on bright pink paper that I would deliver around town.)  

A lot has evolved in my business over the years to bring us here today.

As many of you know, I love to take three whole weeks to vision for my new year. From the darkest night of the year (Winter Solstice) until today (my birthday) is exactly 3 weeks. This has grown into such a lovely ritual for me on these wintery days and nights, one I look forward to all year. I like to consciously look back over my year and see what has come about, to then begin to vision and look ahead. (You can listen to more about how i do this HERE)

This year something different is happening... 

Where I usually feel so inspired by this process, instead I became disillusioned by some of my old ways: Setting intentions, making lists of goals, forecasting numbers, and looking at how I want things to unfold – to then feeling the pressure to make (or force) all of these to happen. 

Who I am today is not the same. Something in my soul is untangling me from my past and sculpting a new way that I am just now beginning to see and cherish.

After a lot of time to reflect, write, meditate, bask in the quietude of winter and vision for this coming  year, I wanted to share with all of you what is emerging in me...

I don't want to force anything anymore. 

Sometimes the very things that have served us, become big boulders in the river of our flow.

What I want for myself this year is to allow.  What I want this year is to follow my creative flow, my inspiration, my authenticity and my heart – more. This feeling in me is new and I am still curious as to how this will unfold. I don't know how it will shift my life or business just yet. The only thing I do know is that it feels like a sweet natural alchemy of power and grace commingling in my heart..

Boulder Nutrition and I are such intimate reflections of each other, and Boulder Nutrition (and all of you) has also solely supported my family for over 15 years!  

From my writing, to my private sessions, to my online programs, to my retreats and to my daily commitment to all of you... I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to live my passion every day, to be with each of you in such unique ways, and to continue to grow and evolve in the artistries that are emerging.  

My heart is full today...

I hope to continue to share with you, all that is true for me as we walk this path to health and happiness together.

Thank you so much for being a part of this growing community.

With a warm heart and lots of love ...