Happy New Year 💛🎉🌟🙏🙌

Our souls crave ritual, marks in the sand and new beginnings.  While I believe new beginnings are readily available with every rising sun, with every Monday morning, with every new season and with every birthday, there is surely something magical about a brand new year. 

Last night, after reflecting with Jason about our year coming to completion and the new beginning of 2018, he reminded me that amidst our hopes and dreams, life will always throw us curve balls and challenges that are simply out of our control. What's left (and somewhat in our control) is how we respond – how we stand strong in the face of life's obstacles and hardships.  

With that, each new year brings an opportunity to re-evaluate where I put my energy and my resources - a chance to really check in with myself as I craft some new intentions and contemplate what I want to add in to feel more aligned with my love affair with life.

There are some tangible benefits I notice when I live this way :

CLARITY:  I effectively know what I want. Intentional living clears away the background noise and opens up more space in my mind.  Honestly, it feels like cleaning out and color coding my entire closet. (on my to-do list for this week)

FOCUS:  When I know my intentions, I am able to show up in my life with a laser focus.  I say "NO" more easily to things that do not match up with my intentions. I decide how to sculpt my time more effectively. I spend my money more wisely. I choose who I share my time with more consciously. 

PRIORITIES:  A few years ago, when I started working with my business coach (Cheri Ruskus), she had us go through a really elaborate first of the year process. One of the beautiful gifts that came out of this exercise for me was a clear list of my priorities. They haven't changed much since and honestly they continue to act as a compass for me in everything I do.  

So today, in the next Soulfood Session {podcast}, I wanted to share with you my three favorite New Year's Day rituals along with a sprinkle of the ancient wisdom and guidance that has been a a supportive touchstone in my life.


Listen To Today’s Soulfood Session Podcast: 


  • Learn the 3 things I do every New Year's day (or soon after)


  • Listen to some age-old wisdom to help you align your inner desires with your outer actions


  • Practice turning your obstacles into your allies


  • Download a reflection sheet if you want to try it out for yourself

What’s a Soulfood Session?

The Soulfood Sessions are bite size morsels of wisdom from this year's Yoga of Eating 2018 online course and community that opens for registration TODAY.  These podcasts are small plate tasters from the many wise teachers we have on our special guest roster this year, some personal anecdotes from me and some awe-inspiring success stories from our past participants. 
I am so thrilled to be opening the registration for The Yoga Of Eating 2018 today.  It is is my most complete (and passionate) body of work. A colorful tapestry of food psychology, nutritional wisdom, women’s yoga, meditation, embodiment practices, reflective ritual and resources, nourishing recipes and our incredible team of guest teachers.  
When you join our 2018 circle of women before January 6th, you will get even more special goodies from me:

  • Instant access to Module 1 the moment you register
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I want your new year to reflect all you want for yourself in your unique inner ecology – more harmony, health, happiness and purpose than ever before.