Maybe you have heard this line before:  Fill up your own cup first?  I know I have, but I haven't always had a palpable reference for it.  

Most of us have had our moment(s) of feeling depleted, exhausted, drained and overwhelmed, but what did we learn from them?  

It wasn't until post-thirty, post-divorce, with two kids on my own that I truly began to get a sense of what an empty cup felt like. I had officially been ignoring my empty cup for a while, until everything (little by little) began falling a part.  Let me just say, it wasn't pretty.

Today's special guest also knows exactly what an empty cup feels like – and after a long road, she also knows what to do about it. I know many of you are advocates for your own health and happiness, so I thought you would enjoy this soulful story where Holly shares how she brought herself back into balance (AKA filled her cup back up).



Listen To Today’s Soulfood Session Podcast: 


  • Discover how our rigid rules can transform into feminine freedom.


  • Explore some effective ways on how to supercharge your self-care (even when you don't have time)


  • Learn why leaning-in to certain kinds of support can be just the right Soul Food


What’s a Soulfood Session?

The Soulfood Sessions are bite size morsels of wisdom from this year's Yoga of Eating 2018 online course and community that is currently open for registration.  These podcasts are small plate tasters from the many wise teachers we have on our special guest roster this year, some personal anecdotes from me, and some awe-inspiring success stories from our past participants. 
The Yoga Of Eating 2018  is my most complete (and passionate) body of work. A colorful tapestry of food psychology, nutritional wisdom, women’s yoga, meditation, embodiment practices, reflective ritual and resources, nourishing recipes and our incredible team of guest teachers.  
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With a warm heart and lots of love ...