The practices here are designed to give you a road map inward to a place where the reflection you receive from yourself, from life itself, and from your relationships can act as an opportunity for each of us to gather our own information, learn more about ourselves, how we live when we onto our edge in any and any area.  If life becomes an opportunity for Svadhaya, self-study, in every moment, then we are able to bring mindfulness always to our day-to-day.  See how it goes and enjoy…. The Practice Begins:

  1. Mantra: In many of the traditional yogic texts, svadhaya, is cultivated by using mantra.  Working with a mantra (or affirmation) is a powerful tool to create a positive thought pattern or habit.  In what area do you need support, break though, or even a plain out miracle?  I suggest starting with a mantra.  If you have one word, go with that, or if you prefer a potent inspirational sentence, go with that!! Your mantra is for you, should be inspiring to you, and create a positive feeling for you.          Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
  2. Ritual:  Ritual is an opportunity to begin a new, cleanse out what is not working and start fresh.  Cultures far and wide have various forms of ritual all throughout history.  Our souls crave this type of symbolic moment to begin or complete.  Create a mini ritual for yourself asking for guidance and support in your journey into inner knowing and Svadhaya.  Light a candle, say a prayer, call in the archetypes that speak to you, and tap into your power.  Begin a new.  Every breath, every morning sunrise, and every opportunity you have, reset, renew, rebirth this spring along with nature in all her glory.
  3. Journal:  As you begin to mindfully implement the practiced of self study into your life, you may have a lot of observations that are relevant to your practice.  Some of these will be obvious, but some may be complex or multi-faceted!  If that is the case, put pen to paper to sort out your thoughts.  This really helps the practice become accessible and clear to the mind, easier to wrap your head around.  Spend 15-20 minutes per day free form in your journal, no rules, no punctuation, no judgment.  Just write, and cleanse your mind, just like to cleanse your body…

 We love to hear from you. Please send your comments below and let us know how your Svadhaya practices are going!!


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