This month we have been focusing on Nutrition for a Greater Good in our Women’s group the Sassy Salon.  I find this perspective is helpful in bringing momentum and inspiration to our relationship to food, our bodies and our purpose in our lives. So often we  focus onhealth and the perfect diet, or strive for the ideal yoga body, or fixate on the scale and the weight we loose on the latest fad diet, but honestly I am not sure that this is really what is going to get people going in a positive direction towards true health.  A little vanity is of course natural, human, and even healthy, but I am not sure it being the sole reason for a change is really going to cut it.

Some of us use food as a way to control our world, and some of us feel absolutely out of control in the relationship we have to food.  What if we were to take food, and how we nourish these amazing body temples as another way to allow us to live our purpose in the world, to give back, and to serve as more energetic, balanced, and enlivened individuals.  What if we truly believed that we could be better parents, writers, business owners, therapists, entrepreneurs, teachers, lovers, and artists if we took better care of ourselves in the way we fuel our instruments of service, our bodies.

Now I know we all do believe this on some level and some of us may even live this in many ways, but I am sure we can all turn up the volume and really bring it into our daily practices, intentions, and commitments.

Nutrition for a Greater Good is self care for ourselves so that we are able to give back more, and continue to uplift and serve those in our daily world, and beyond!  We bring consciousness to our food choices and that in turn affects the planet, the economy, and even the collective consciousness!

Something about this perspective gets me out of my small “I” and into the greater “I”.  I hope we can all learn to tap in and find inspiration with this idea.  This is the source of our power, passion, and the magic we find together in collective transformation...

We welcome your comments and sharing below...

Sue Van Raes is a dynamic and passionate Nutritional Therapist in Boulder, CO. She is committed to educating her clients on whole body health, balanced and intentional living. Her private practice focuses on education, along with life coaching through diet, nutrition, and holistic health counseling, yoga, cleansing and much more. Sue has been studying dance and yoga for the last 15 years.  She completed her Teacher Training with Richard Freeman, and incorporates the principles of yoga into her private practice, as well as customizing yoga programs for her clients.  Sue strives to bring gentle flow, precise internal alignment, and core strengthening to her work. "As we bring alignment, awarness, and balance to our lives, we are able to manifest our dreams and live a life of passion, joy, and optimal health. "