To supplement or not to supplement?  This is the question.  I hear it each day.  It is controversial, confusing and overwhelming.  This information will help!
  • Some of you tell me "I don't like taking anything."
  • Some of you bring me your big huge bags of supplements and say "HELP.  What should I be taking?" (you know who you are!)
  • ...and some of you are the most organized folks I have ever seen with our vitamin boxes, your scheduled doses of everything I recommend each day to STAY blow me away!
Today, I am going to share with you my love of supplements and what I do to stay balanced.  First some science, and then you get to peak inside my personal supplement QUEENDOM for just a minute.Supplements are defined here as any nutritional, herbal, or homeopathic support taken by the individual.

vitaminsThe PROS

  • Our food today is surely lacking in vital nutrients. Methods of storing, processing and preserving food often severely strip the food of its nutritional value. Supplements can fill the GAP so to speak.
  • Many of the modern techniques used to grow food faster, larger and on nutritionally depleted soils has destroyed the original, natural quality of our food supply.  Supplements can enhance your quality of life.
  •  Supplements supply a therapeutic dose of nutrients which can easily compensate for the lacks in our food supply.  Like little nuggets of health, supplements may also provide many additional advantages supporting specific deficiencies, imbalances and health issues.
  • Quality Control:  Supplements vary in quality.  Most supplements are food grade, meaning they are regulated the same way food is.  Enough said?  They could be as high quality as an organic apple or as low as the historic Twinkie.  What to do?  Do your research, or have me do it for you.  You can read the Comparative Guide to Supplements or you can take only pharmaceutical grade supplements.  This will guarantee you the best purity, potency and absorbability possible.
  • Welcome to the Jungle - It is a jungle in the world of wall to wall supplements, sports drinks, shakes and metabolic enhancers.  OVERWHELMED may be the most common feeling consumers have in the supplement aisle.  Ask for help!  That is what WE, your health care practitioners are here for.  We get trained in this stuff.  We can guide you through the jungle.
  • Supplements CANNOT take the place of a well balanced diet.  Eat your greens!   You cannot replace one with the other.  They work like a charm together so eat your whole foods, and take your high quality supplements EVERY DAY.
  • Daily - My supplements come in a handy little health pack.  They are customized so they do change based on what I am going through etc.  You can always bet that there will be a pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin and mineral, a potent and purified omega 3 (2-3/day) and some hefty antioxidants.  I get them from USANA health sciences.  (of course it is rated #1, that is why I get them).
  • Seasonally - In the spring I take extra quercitin, proflavanol (grape seed extract + vitamin C), I add in more ionic minerals to gently cleanse my body and some Product B (from Isagenix) to slow the aging process naturally by lengthening this telomeres. Special tricks: Sometimes I add extra calcium, and some calming formulas such as passion flower, GABA, and L-Theanine. (to help with my busy mind)
  • Quercitin - Quercitin is a natural anti-histamine and is fantastic for any spring allergies.  It does not inhibit the allergies, but while you are adjusting your diet and cleansing for the spring, quercitin will calm down those symptoms.
  • Nettles - One of my favorite herbs for almost EVERYTHING.  Nettles is delicious made into some tea and used to help with hay fever, boosting immunity, supporting the adrenals, and helping to alleviate allergy induced asthma.  


  • Spring Cleanse Program - Get your Spring Fever ON!  Cleansin in the Spring is the best thing you can do to clear up any stagnant energy in your body, shed excess body weight and get energized for the spring.  Come join our SPRING FEVER CLEANSE PROGRAM.