Last week, I was so excited to join one of my closest friends in celebrating the first day of summer with a full day climb up Mount Elbert, the highest peek in Colorado.

With an early 4 am start to the day and the most brilliant solstice sunrise as we drove into the mountains, we were off to a great beginning to our adventure. 

As we set foot on one of the most beautiful trails I have ever been on, my friend gently reminded me: "SLOW AND STEADY".  


While I was super excited and eagerly bursting out of the gates, her words anchored me into a pace that would eventually help us to ascend this gorgeous peek.


Life is full of metaphors


For me, something about the different ways we learn experientially is so poinient in the many opportunities where we can apply these same metaphors to multiple aspects of our lives.

All day long, "SLOW AND STEADY" became my mantra.  As we drove home after a glorious and exhausting day, with views to die for, deep conversation, and the most magical ascent through snow fields and blustery winds, I felt this mantra so deeply in all the work I do each day around our health and our healing.  

So, I wanted to share with you today, session 2 of the new summer series I created to reframe some of the ways we look at our health and our healing.  



For the next few weeks, join me in a little immersion into some of the ways we can reframe our health and reclaim our power. Together, we will take a deeper look at some of our personal beliefs and some automatic ways we tend to orient around our health.  Truth talks are little nuggets of truth for you tochew on. We will debunk some common health myths, reframe our health and healing and find our way back home to ourselves.
(and your suggestions and requests are welcome)





1.  YOUR DIAGNOSIS IS NOT YOUR PROGNOSIS:  Our health and our healing is the most intimate and integral part of ourselves.  While I find that knowing all the information, all of the science, and what western medicine would refer to as our diagnosis is imperative, there is what I find to be a potential problem. Often, once we know all of these facts, we are given a prognosis (sometimes by a doctor, a practioner, or yes, even Web MD).  A prognosis is an expected likely course of our condition, similar to a weather forecast or a financial projection.  

...Last week in Colorado we were told that it would get very hot on Friday.  I was preparing myself for a sweltering day.  What actually happened was that a lot of clouds rolled in, and cooled off the air, then it rained with no rain in the forecast! Are you catching my drift??

TRUTH:  Our bodies know how to heal, when given the right nutrients, environment, attitude, and rest.  Our bodies are designed to heal themselves.  When we run amuck with our designated prognosis, we tend to both create more stress and anxiety in our bodies, as well as feel limited in our healing potential.  Your healing path will be your own unique process, that often has very little in common with your designated prognosis.  Stay open to possibility, deep healing, and the radical ways your body knows how to heal.

2.  YOU ARE NOT YOUR GENETICS:   While we may come into this life with a genetic palate that may seem unfavorable, how our genetic expression shows up may be very different.  When we spend time on our self care, nourishing our bodies well, managing our stress, and taking charge of our health, we may never see our family genetics or hereditary conditions show up.

TRUTH:  Don't let your genetics take you down.  Take good care of yourself. Prioritize your health. Listen to your body. Stay out of the negative spiral of expecting things to go awry.  Genetic expressiontrumps genetic coding any day.

3.  MIND OVER MATTER:  In my nutrition practice, I work with many, many folks who are struggling with a variety of health issues.  From digestive distress to hypothyroidism to autoimmune disease to anorexia to endometriosis – I see it all.  I have learned through my own health and healing, and watching the healing process happen with my clients, that our healing journeys are dynamic, multi-faceted, and complex.  Like most things we do, our attitude has a bigger influence than we often realize.  The process of truly healing ourselves must involve all parts – body, mind, and soul.

TRUTH:  The most important quality of healing is our commitment to it.  We may be required to learn elaborate levels of patience.  We may be asked to listen to our bodies like never before.  We may be called to try a variety of modalities simultaneously to support our health.  We may need to be stronger, more diligent, and more committed than ever before.  When we put everything we have into the process, we move mountains!


Just like I learned on the mountain top of Colorado's highest peek.. SLOW AND STEADY is the best approach to reaching our health and healing goals.



With love and peace...


Have some thoughts or insights about these truths?  Have some requests for next week? Just hit reply and send them over.  I love hearing from you!!