EPY-brainstormFor me, everything starts with a vision.  That moment when my thoughts create an inspiring idea and I feel the ZAZAZOO (yes, I just used a Carrie Bradshaw word) that lights me up. I know you know what I mean.  It could be planning for a trip, buying a house, designing a new piece of art, or uplifting your business.

The picture above is the very first day when Eat.Pray.Yoga made it onto paper over 1 1/2 years ago now.  I remember the day so well...

I cleared my schedule, went and bought that big blank pad of paper + those colorful sharpies, made a big pot of tea, and put on some great music.

It was the most delicious afternoon of creating, mapping out, and pouring my heart and soul into this exciting vision.

I am sharing this with you today, because you to can turn your visions into reality also.  Even if you feel uninspired, stuck, or a bit hopeless I know you have some kind of little spark in there.  Something that lights you up.

We all get stuck, delayed, or sometimes life happens and puts a big obstacle in our progress - that absolutely happened to me in writing Eat.Pray.Yoga - but if we keep moving towards our vision, one day at a time,  sometime soon it manifests.

Today I am going to share with you my top 3 creation/ manifestation/ make your vision a reality TIPS, so that we can all move towards a fulfilling life that is steeped in heart, creativity, and success in whatever it is we are seeking.  You can find the top 3 turn your vision into reality TIPS below.

Also, the fully manifested EAT.PRAY.YOGA 40 DAY on line program for women begins MONDAY January 19th!

If you are planning to register, let me know.

Join me in this exciting quest into a deeper relationship with self, nourishment and self love that both transform your relationship with food and body + last a lifetime.   I promise to get your ZAZAZOO going.

3 TIPS to make your VISION into a REALTY:

 1.  What LIGHTS you up?  

Once you feel into your vision it is helpful to connect with the spark that is desire, that is your passion, that is YOU.  Every vision becomes more potent with more potential energy that is behind it.  When your idea/vision/dream becomes clear, stoke it up with some serious inner fire, some strong empowered thoughts or affirmations, and some SHAKTI.  Soon it will have a life of it's own.

2.  Stay TRUE to the VISION.  

What was the original vision?  Sometimes life guides us on a pathway to enhance our vision and other times the obstacles and self doubt can detour us in unnecessary ways.  Clear your old inhibiting and limiting beliefs about you achieving what you want as best you can - alert yourself to these self-sabotaging thought patterns and negative internal dialogue trajectories.

Your TRUE self is guided, wise, and intuitive.  Come back to your pure vision, and remember WHY you created it to begin with.  Don't let the monkey-mind water it down, procrastinate or avoid your true potential.

3.  Think it, feel it, trust it.

You are ENOUGH.  The UNIVERSE has your back.  Once you align your thoughts, your feelings and your inner faith into being guided on the perfect wanderlust, you can just simply surrender to what is and embrace all that you are in your strong, powerful self.    You are a deliberate, soulful being with plenty of high vibration and love to go around.

When you trust that you can vibrate as high as your vision - you will see it manifest along with everything you need to make your vision a realty.

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With love, Sue