What is it for you that gives you inner fire, passion, and connects you to your inherent purpose.  How do we infuse every area of our lives with this?  When the light feels dim, what brings the fire back?  These questions are all important keys to overall health and happiness.  Each of us may have our different passion and purpose, but what is the common thread we all share in connecting to this place within? I have been observing, witnessing and studying this phenomenon in hopes that making sense of these common threads will not only unite us more as individuals sharing connection, commonality, and human-ness, but also when we find some of these keys to overall health and happiness it is like making a collective jump in the joy in the world.

Some of the theories that seem to hold true for me are:

1.  Self care:  If we learn and listen to what our bodies need to be nourished as far as food, sleep, quiet time, creativity, we feel more energized, vital, and free to live in our purpose completly.

2.  Movement:  When we find the kind of movement that works for our individual bodies, the energy is moving, and we are strong, revitalized and awakened.

3.  Service:  If our purpose is infused with a sense of service outside of ourselves and is difused to every role we play in our lives, the power and momentum is increased.  Our vision becomes one that can move mountains!  How do you serve in your life?

There may be some magic that I am missing, or maybe, just maybe the magic is found in the simplicity that is so often over looked.  Something to ponder, explore and find out for ourselves .....

much love

Sue Van Raes

Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach


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