Do you have a weekly to-do list?

I have a gargantuan appreciation for mine: it forges my path for the week; it keeps me focussed; it holds me accountable.

So when something on my to-do list isn't getting done, I have a few questions I like to ask myself:

Am I procrastinating?

Am I resistant to something?

Am I uninspired?

Is the timing not right?

So, when I told my mastermind group that I wanted to create a new program during our final meeting of 2017, I was expecting things move along as they usually would.  

With the new year ahead, I felt inspired. 

However, for a reason unbeknownst to me, the months kept passing and this program was not getting it's weekly check off my to-do list and I could not figure out what was holding me back.

A couple months later, my business coach and I sat at my kitchen table over a cup of yerba mate and some spring tulips. She had come over to interview me for her podcast on women entrepreneurs and motherhood.

During the recording she asked: "Aren't you about to launch a new program?".  Although I still felt somewhat wobbly on when, I quickly responded with a definitive "YES! Yes I am." 

This was my faith it till you make it moment.

Finally, this summer I hunkered down for a 15 hour plane ride home from Bali. Somewhere between Guam and Hawaii, whilst the plane was dark and sleepy, it came to me––a new (and improved) version of this program.

Sometimes, we have to trust the process. 

Last week I wrote to you about an epidemic I call "Self Sufficiency Syndrome" (Read part 1 here: Are You Part Of The Epedemic?), and today I am thrilled to be fulfilling this personal and professional mission in announcing The Antidote To YOUR Self Sufficiency Syndrome:





I created my business, Boulder Nutrition, over 15 years ago from the ground up. Since then I have grown a successful and sustainable business and I have lead over 20 local and international retreats. I am excited to share what I have learned in holistic business and leadership with you!

Lotus Leadership is a soulful, empowered, nourishing and supportive approach to business, leadership, aligned action and self-care.

Through our private coaching and masterminding Lotus Leadershipwill offer you a road map that guides you to rise in your leadership and create a sustainable business and life you are passionate about. Through this program you will learn to:

  • Develop and focus your attention and energy on the mission of your business and leadership.


  • Create a healthy rhythm, map your goals and navigate your time and energy sustainably.


  • Align your core values with your business and leadership.  


  • Elevate yourself and others to rise in full potential.


...and so much more!


{BONUS: The first 10 women to join will also receive access to The Yoga Of Eating Online Program f ($597 value) and a discount to one of my international retreats ($200 value).}



You don't have to do this alone. I am thrilled to share this journey with you.

With love...


Photo :: Om Light Photography