Get in the spring spirit with this deliciously creamy and healthy soup! 



Asparagus, native to springtime, is the perfect vegetable to add to any springtime recipe! A good source of Vitamin K, fiber, and a natural diuretic, asparagus bring a delicious nutrient-dense flavor. 

Fun Fact: After eating asparagus, you may have noticed an informally dubbed "asparagus pee" smell in your urine. This is due to asparagusic acid from the stalks that digests to create a unique odor.

Asparagus emits a sulfurous odor similar to cooked cabbage. If you have never noticed this, don't be worried, you probably lack the gene to smell such odors, which is common in many humans (over 50%)!

Don't let this fun fact deter you from enjoying this delicious Spring veggie for all its flavor and health benefits! 

No matter your asparagus odor smelling abilities, this delicious and flavorful soup is sure to fill you up, and bring you right into the brightness Spring!