Each year, between the winter solstice and my birthday (January 12th) I spend some time sitting, visioning and designing the brand New Year.


This involves a completion process around my successes and my lessons learned from the previous year, a personal + professional evaluation of where I am going with this year's new beginning, and some delightful ritual, oracle inquiry, and journalling to get clear on how to put things into action..


I believe in new beginnings.


I also believe each day can be a new beginning.  The New Year is just another opportunity for us to get clear, prepare and align ourselves with our desires.


So in honor of this year's darkest nights coming to an end (the days already feel a smidge longer), a brand new year (yay 2016) and my birthday coming up this Tuesday (I love birthdays)...I am offering 2 FREE online workshops for you to check out for this week's Dark Night Delicacy.


This year, let's together, let go of the old habits that no longer serve us, release the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck, AND craft the most radiant and joyful year to date!


Free Workshop #1: Design Your Dreams ~ Hone your Habits


Inquire with your deepest self into your BURNING DESIRES, PASSIONS and your TRUEST NATURE.

Learn how to craft a SOULFUL, INSPIRING AND EXQUISITE year that keeps you fired up each day.

HONE your habits to align specifically with your dreams and desires.

Join me on my birthday eve to co-create our best years yet!






Free Workshop #2: Make Peace with Your Plate


RESET your relationship to food through self care practices that nourish you from the inside out.

IMPROVE emotional eating habits by developing an intimate partnership with your MIND AND BODY.

LEARN ways to create PUPOSE, PASSION AND PLEASURE in your health and your life.





The Dark Night Delicacies are my holiday treat for you this year.  A candlelit path into the darkest nights of the year, a taste of the Eat.Pray.Yoga Online Course and Community that begins this January, and a wintery-wise wanderlust that will keep you connecting inward to your winter warrioress.


If you missed any of the previous Dark Night Delicacies, you can check them out HERE.




Sign Up for the Eat.Pray.Yoga 2016 online Course and Community Right HERE



Our group of goddesses is coming together.  This 40 day personal pilgrimage into food and body will change everything for you this year.