“Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: – you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”- EE Cummings When a blue moon happens - 2 full moons in one month - it is said to be a rare and auspicious time. Many believe it is a good time to open to infinite possibility, to take ourselves into new adventures, and to step out of our comfort zones.  

Astrologically, this specific moon will guide us to shed our old outdated habits that no longer serve us. This blue moon is said to call out that which we are able to give up personally so that we can bring more peace to ourselves and others.

In the yogic texts, the moon is associated with the feminine, and the sun with the masculine.

As we look back through the ages, we see how the feminine was revered, worshipped, and looked to for intuition, guidance, and wisdom.

Moon ritual, moon practices and moon cycles were seen as powerful times to look inward for deeper intuition and insight.


She was the goddess to whom many prayed  for abundance, prosperity, and fertility. 

She was a safe place where one could find nurturing, listening, and understanding.  

The qualities of the feminine are known to be fluid, inward, introspective, wise and warm.  She is said to be tender, compassionate, sensual and embody pure unconditional love.

As women, we can fully command the feminine in all her forms. We are being called to trust that our beauty rests in the re-creation of the divine feminine for the modern, empowered woman.

After I returned from the land of the feminine and goddess this spring, the island of Bali, I wrote to you about the imbalance of masculine and feminine in my life and business.  You can read about that HERE.

As I promised myself then, things had to change for me to come back into alignment with my feminine.  I have made many big transformations in my life since then, maybe more than I ever have before.  I have been practicing celebrating my feminine with all her majesty and opulence.

I know that a woman who feels at home in her feminine beauty, alive in her motherhood (with or without children), and tuned into her moon cycles can live with more passion and purpose in a world that is in dire need of healing for the feminine, for it's divine equanimity and cosmic peace.

This week check out some of my favorite moon practices + a bonus free download moon cycle yoga practice to accentuate your blue moon magic.

Moon, Magic and Ritual tips

  1. Brew up some Moon Water:

Making moon water is one of my favorite full moon practices.  It can be used for blessings or to enhance our rituals. Moon water can be added to our bath for relaxation, or one of my personal favorites – to remind us to bring back the feminine qualities into your life by drinking it when we feel out of balance.

Moon water will be largely dependent on our personal intentions and personal touches to simply guide you back to your natural rhythms and back into the arms of the divine feminine.

How to make: Simply gather a jar, some purified water, and some crystals (moonstone is best, but any crystals are optional). Place the full jar of water with crystals outside under the full moon once it is dark. Call forth your intentions and desires. Leave the water to brew under the full moon. Bring the water inside before the sun rises the next morning. Place on your alter, or somewhere sacred, and use as you like.


  1. Basque in a little Moon Bathing:

Being it the height of summer and the warmest nights of the year, it is a perfect time for moon bathing. Spend sometime laying outside under the blue moon this week, meditating, resting, or simply just soaking up the blue moon energy. Moon bathing is a practice that has been used for centuries. Women have incorporated time under the light of the moon as a way to replenish and reconnect inward to inner feminine and sacred intuition.


  1. Do some Moon Cleansing:

As with most full moons, there is an opportunity for a new beginning, the emerging of something transformational, and freeing. Moon rituals have incorporated fire ceremonies, water purifications and bathing for the purpose of cleansing body, mind and spirit.


FIRE: Gather some sage, sweet grass or palo santo (holy wood) to purify yourself from head to toe in honor of the moon and the feminine.


Write a list of all you wish to clear and cleanse out of your life, those habits that hold you back from your truest potential. Let your paper burn in the fire.

WATER: Take a ritual bath that symbolizes all you wish to shed. Allow yourself to feel the water wash away the old, purify the body, mind and spirit as to create room for the new qualities and intentions to come in.  Add some flower essence or some aromatherapy bath salts to accentuate the experience.


Spend some time near a body of water such as a river, an ocean, or a lake. Infuse some stones with that which you are cleansing and toss into the water as a symbol of letting go to the guidance of the diving feminine.


  1. Make a commitment to your inner self, your divine feminine sisterhood, and the goddess.

Now is the time to commit to your highest self, your truth and your divinity. As we mentioned, this moon is here to help us to burn those old patterns that no longer serve us. Once you are clear as to what those are, write down your commitment to yourself and place them on your alter, on in a sacred place where you can visit and reflect upon them later.


BONUS : Practice Moon Yoga

The moon represents the feminine in the yogic texts, so this yoga series is to honor the feminine rhythms and cycles attuning us back to nature and our goddess selves.

Moon Cycle Yoga Practice

 Want more?  Join us this August for a women's weekend wanderlust immersed in the Colorado Rockies.  We are going to dive into the feminine in relationship to food, body, rhythm and ritual.  I can hardly wait.