The truth is, we are all living these variations of daily life, some more exciting than others of course, but most infused with all the chores, errands, and regular old house hold tasks.  Our weeks get busy, we get tired, and often loose steam.  Finding a way to make the ordinary extraordinary is a trick that can make your life go from just okay to incredible or fantastic.  How you ask?  Simple but not easy...Try these 5 beautiful steps to enhance your life, polish your experience, and find opportunity to discover life with passion every day in your own personal way...

  1. Elicit your senses fully.  Do you ever wonder what happened to the heavenly feeling of eating a piece of your favorite chocolate? Too busy to remember? Enjoying your piece of bliss should elicit all senses; the smell of the cacao as it wafts through the air, the sound of the bite as you sink your teeth in, the feel of the warmth as it spreads to your core, the smooth, rich taste of the chocolate tempting your mouth, and the sight of a new you as it all comes together and you look back on your practice with intention. Your senses are your way in to extraordinary living. With a little more presence, you can have a little more pleasure.
  2. Add a little flare.  Whenever you have the chance, spice things up. Try cooking exciting new foods inspired by your favorite magazine or internet guru, or save a trip to get fresh produce for the weekend, and head down to the local farmer’s market.  Nourish your body by realizing that simple new experiences can be upgraded and that change is a wanderlust for revitalization!
  3.  Slow down  One of our countries biggest problems when it comes to our overall health and stress levels is that we move too darn fast.  We drive too fast, we surely eat too fast, and some of us never stop to see what is going on around us. Practice slowing down, experiencing  life's simple things mindfully.  You may be surprised with what you are missing.
  4. Share some Wisdom.  Some practices that we consider ordinary may be extraordinary to others!  Remember that everyone leads different lives, and by taking the time to reach out to friends and family we may find new light in our own daily rituals.  By bringing your best friend to your favorite yoga class, or teaching your dad how to make a yummy dish you love, you may find appreciation in the abilities and knowledge you possess.    
  5. Break free.  There are plenty of tasks that have earned their right to be looked at with a fresh eye.  Drive home down a new neighborhood street, open to possibility, a new way of thinking that enables you to take a step back and look at life in a new light.  Give yourself permission to be free in whatever it is you do!
Have a blast, because you deserve extraordinary!!