Not all summer drinks have to be filled with processed sugary sweeteners! Mix up your basic refreshers with this low-glycemic and delicious lavender infused mocktail! 


This drink utilizes the natural sweetness of monk fruit rather than refined sugar!

Fun fact: Monk fruit is about 300 times sweeter than normal cane sugar, but ZERO glycemic index – no negative effects on blood sugar. Monk fruit is a tropical melon that was first used by the Buddhist monks in the 13th century, hence the name. It's easy to use, just start slow as it is much sweeter than sugar.

You can find Monk fruit at your local health food store in a granular form (or on Amazon).

The natural sweetness from the monk fruit mixed with the tart lemons and soothing lavender creates a refreshingly perfect drink to enjoy during any summer activity! 

Savor this fresh cooling drink in the warm summer sun, or even add your favorite alcoholic beverage if you are in the mood for a sunshine pick-me-up! No matter how you decide to make it, this drink will not disappoint!