The holiday season is upon us often wrought with busier-than-ever schedules, endless to-do lists, and one get together after another.  For many,  the holidays challenge us by finding delicious, rich, waist-expanding foods at our fingertips.  It’s easy to see how the many folks gain a few pounds and get a little stressed out. Fortunately, there are practices we can try to remain grounded and not only “get through” the holidays but find true joy the spirit of the season.  This holiday remember you get to choose!  Most importantly- take some time and practice self-care, rest, introspection, and try some Boulder Nutrition practices:

 Mindful Eating:

To understand mindful eating, we must first understand mindfulness.  Through awareness, we bring our attention to the breath and to the present moment.  Try to pay attention- physically, mentally, and emotionally.  When we find our own personal connection to our food we tend to stay more connected to our bodily cues and intuition.  Try to spend time cooking with others, use simple recipes with bright flavors that are seasonal, warming and grounding.  When you sit down to enjoy your food, eat slowly and mindfully, chew your food, breath, and stay aware of bodily sensations – especially in your stomach.

Love your self - Listen to your body

Reverence - enjoy what you have.

Mindfulness- Consume healthy foods

Move your body:

I just read a post on facebook, “if you have time to be on facebook, you have time to do yoga or exercise” and I couldn’t agree more!  Whether you have time for a few rounds of sun salutations, a quick walk around the neighborhood, or a full trip to the health club or yoga studio, find a little time to move!

Here come the darkest, most magical nights...and the birth of a new year.  As you explore your deepest self this winter, find celebration in the marriage of the awareness in your body and mind.  Remember that awareness brings back life and rejuvenates the body.   Open to more light from within then ever before and share that light with gusto and brilliance with others.