"I just want to lay on your chest and listen to your heartbeat" -Therese Marten


With spring colors and flavors in mind, we have a super fun and playful smoothie for you today.  


HEALTH FACT: The sweet flavor, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the most nourishing flavor, all the way from breast milk to a homemade dessert.

Sweetness nourishes the body to the highest degree and sings to the heart’s strength and longevity. The taste of life and the true experience of food connect body with soul, and heart with mind.

We chose beets, firstly because we love hot pink food : ) and secondly because as we gently and naturally detox our bodies and minds during the springtime, beets are a fantastic addition to your plate (or blender).  

The juice of this delicious root vegetable is rich in antioxidants, detoxifying benefits and naturally occurring healthy nitrates. When consumed, the body converts these  nitrates to nitric oxide, a compound that enhances blood flow and feel good sensations while also helping lower blood pressure. Because of these beneficial attributes, beetroot juice can increase exercise performance, recovery and support heart and circulatory health.

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