This salad is such a colorful, nourishing dish - filled with purple and green cabbage, red leaf lettuce, carrots, blueberries, and pepitas.  It's topped with a super simple red wine vinaigrette so you can easily whip up this healthy meal when you're short on time!




Cabbage is a really filling and crunchy way to get some high quality produce variation in your diet.  It's packed with fiber, Vitamin C, and compounds that support your body's cancer-fighting abilities and natural detoxification processes.



Some other benefits of cabbage are its price; even organic cabbage is very affordable plus it holds up really well in the fridge- so you can create one big bowl of this salad to snack off of all week long.



Blueberries are an ultimate superfood.  They are overflowing with antioxidants, helping to reduce the effects of toxins and inflammation on your body, while also providing a mild sweetness without any negative effects on your blood sugar.  I love the bright blue color they add to this dish. 



Eat the rainbow and make this beautiful salad tonight, get the recipe by hitting the button below!




Recipe and photo credit: Ailsa Cowell at Food to Feel Good.