Live Your Yoga
Women's Health Retreat

November 2018


Explore beautiful jungles and scenic beaches

On this retreat you will be guided through daily practices that support your health through food-centric teachings, self-exploration and personal transformation.  Remember how to slow down, rest, reflect, and ignite a sacred relationship to yourself and other women. Nurture yourself, commit to yourself, your vibrant health, immerse yourself in nature’s medicine, and soar. 

  • Women’s Yoga + Movement ~ Vinyasa, Yin and Partner Yoga, Dance
  • Nutritional Wisdom ~ Organic food, cooking classes and educational workshops
  • Woman’s Workshops ~  Personal Transformation and Health Inspired Living
  • Rest ~  Relax, Renew, Discover
  • Experience Adventure

Join us in experiencing this very special retreat illuminating the self-care and food-centric aspects of the feminine.  Practice yoga amongst the jungle breeze, watch the beautiful Costa Rican sunsets, explore the feminine aspect of yourself with a sacred circle of women, and bask in the brilliance of a transformational week.


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Refund Policy
The Deposit is non-refundable.  80% of the total cost (minus deposit) is refundable until 30 days before your retreat. No refunds are available within 30 days of your retreat.

Get Insurance
We recommend that you purchase traveler’s insurance to cover yourself (and the retreat).  In the event that you cannot make all or some of the trip, traveler’s insurance will pay you back for airfare and time missed.  It also covers luggage and health.