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Hello, I'm Sue:  Nutritional Therapist, Food Psychology specialist, author and founder of Boulder Nutrition.  

I believe that when you align your all-deserving desires with your truth and pleasure, you can sculpt a life you love – to rewire your health and your happiness to match all that you are seeking for yourself.

When you ignite your empowered eating, brighten a wild and wise approach to self-love, and feed your unique, fierce feminine expression, you come home to yourself. 

Our relationship with our eating is complex, multi-layered, intricate, and truth telling. 

I am here to gently hold your hand while you your reveal your path to thriving in your body, mind and soul.

 Our relationship with the food we eat and how we treat our bodies is the most important relationship we have. I am committed bringing women together to revolutionize our relationship to ourselves, our eating, our pleasure, and our sensuality.

I am an advocate for your pleasure and palate needs.  I can help you construct your personalized recipe towards discovering your highest state of living and thriving.

You will soon learn that health is not only about what you eat, but also about how you eat, how you think, and how you connect with yourself.  I am committed to educating my clients on whole body health and science based nutrition in a way that is simple and easy to understand

You too can enjoy the art of eating to love your body with every bite and the power to revolutionize your relationship to pleasure, sensuality, and body positive living.

Why is this good news for you?

Each time I meet a new client, there is a common fear…  What is she going to take away, restrict, or make me give up?  Well, it’s just not the case with me. I can relate to your pleasure and palate needs, and I believe this is a time to add rather than subtract – so we can construct a food plan, mind-body medicine, and personal evolution that has YOUR pleasure and passion all over it.

Not only are you going to be thrilled, you are going to feel better than ever.  

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Traditional BIO:

Sue Van Raes is the founder of Boulder Nutrition, where she helps women heal through food, mind-body connection and pleasure. Sue’s credentials are rooted in science, psychology, and life experience. Sue founded Boulder Nutrition in 2003, and has successfully merged a combination of yoga, nutrition, and food psychology into her current practice.

Sue specializes in women’s health and she aims to educate her clients on whole body health and science based nutrition, while also improving the overall relationship we have with food and body. 

Sue’s insight on nutrition, food psychology and yoga has been featured in numerous publications, including People Magazine, Natural Solutions Magazine and Origin Magazine, Elephant Journal and now here. Her mission is to help heal the feminine through food, mind-body connection and pleasure.