'Water Your Roots So Your Soul Can Blossom'


My Invitation to you:

This year, try something different.  Instead of attempting to fix things through resolutions, your inner critic and heavy set goals, give yourself space, breath, self-care, nourishment and freedom – from the inside out.  

Then enter your name and email below, and check your inbox where you will receive The 7 Day Self-Love Challenge:  A free 7 day email course to nourish your radiant health. 

This is my gift to you — completely free.   Open your mind to possibility and your heart to receiving more self-love and nourishment than ever before.


What's inside this course:


For the next seven days you will receive an email from me with all the insights you will need to focus on your SELF-LOVE  and in turn - improve your overall experience in your body and your health.

We will raise the vibration in our own lives, and (bonus) create the glorious ripple effect that spreads our beauty and love far and wide.  

You will see that there are daily opportunities to practice at home and also to share your sweet successes with our dynamic and supportive social media community of Facebook and #Instagram. (Get ready for some selfies!)

I am over the moon with joy that you are joining us in increasing your own SELF-LOVE, as well as uplifting the collective LOVE of the feminine. This is powerful and much needed medicine for all of us during such tumultuous times in our world.

Sculpting how we view ourselves, how we talk to ourselves and how we honor ourselves will improve so many aspects of ourselves: our body ecology, our body image, our eating, our thoughts, our relationships and our radiant health.


I look forward to sharing my favorite inspiring insights, practices and SELF-LOVE rituals with all of you.  


In the name of the divine feminine, empowering ourselves in our lives, and spreading LOVE far and wide, welcome to this SELF-LOVE infusion.


I am Sue Van Raes, founder of Boulder Nutrition here in Boulder Colorado.  I work with women from all over the world in my practice and the common thread that I see so often is that we so frequently try to self-loathe our way to health and happiness with a lot of self guilt, shame, judgement, and criticism.  While practicing SELF-LOVE is not always what we have been taught, what we have been practicing, or what our automatic patterns reveal to us, there is hope.  With some fresh insight, practice, reframing, and building of new healthy patterns and rituals, SELF-LOVE is something we can begin to infuse into our lives – no matter where we are starting from.  Every part of your being will thank you.  You can read more about me and my work here.