Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science



April 3rd-May 1st, 2017

MAY 1ST -MAY 30TH, 2017


You've tried them all...


The white knuckle master cleanse (yikes); the face squinting bitter green drinks; the endless meals of kitchari, the gall bladder flush; the colon cleansing that never stops (eek); and even an attempt at being "good" with your sweet treats.  


Nothing is working...


Not only do you not have time for any more of these trendy health regiments, but you don't have time to feel tired, sluggish, foggy, and a lack of energy.  Am I right?


You don't want to give up your favorite pleasures (nor do I), but you still want results... 



This spring, I have you covered...



For 30 days, let me take your hand down the windy road to get to know YOU and exactly what YOU need to feel your best. Each of us has a different health history, a different relationship with food, and a unique way to find our freedom and our flow.  That is why I created CLEANSE-OLOGY:  A customized approach for you to find the skip in your step, the mojo in your metabolism, and the breath of fresh air your body is craving as the new season begins, with YOUR WAY in mind.



 10 participants + 30 days + customized one-on-one support 

 a body mind and soul approach to your health  


Doing the cleanse with Sue allowed me my meet all my objectives in doing a cleanse including losing 10 pounds in the process.

She was there every step of the way keeping me on track and keeping me from freaking out as I moved through a new way to look at food.

This program literally shifted my mind as well as my body. I never “starved” as I feared and was able to keep a strong pace with my daily life.
— Cheri

  • Shed unwanted weight
  • Minimize inflammation in your body (this is great for autoimmune issues)
  • Heal your digestion (IBS, Crohn's disease, leaky gut, food allergies)
  • Kickstart your metabolism
  • Curb tired old cravings
  • Increase your energy
  • Improve your sleep patterns
  • Boost your libido
  • Clear your mind




A customized approach created just for you:

Listen, I totally understand that you have specific needs for your health, your success and your pleasure.  We all do.  In my opinion, the 'one-way' approach is totally outdated, and not going to cut it for you any longer.  

I created CLEANSE-OLOGY with just take just 10 participants at time, so I can carefully create a spring cleanse regiment along side of you, especially for you. 

Your palate is particular, you like what you like!  Your schedule is tight (I get that), you have others in your family to consider (been there!) and I know you want this to feel like it has your name all over it.  

I'm in!! Let's do it.  A customized spring reset just for YOU!  


Available Cutting edge science + cleanse technology:

I want you to get results.  

I want you to feel your best.  

And, I want this to be totally do-able, work-able and inspirational for YOU!

I know the science and the latest and greatest technology out there, I make it my personal mission. All you have to be concerned with is telling me the facts about what you want for yourself, I've got the rest.  

This is a great opportunity to collaborate with me on what it is you want for yourself and for your health this spring.

We will be pulling from a variety of traditions, finding the most effective combination just right for you:  whole food nutrition, herbology, homeopathy, food psychology, clinical nutrition, phase I and II detoxification, metabolic typing, food allergy awareness, age old practices, modern science and nutritional technology.


Supportive  personal + Group coaching

We all do better with structure, consistency and support.  

A sprinkle of accountability, a taste of regular check-ins, a dabble of collective momentum, and a vibrant and clear intention for yourself.  

I will ensure you are taking the high road to your health goals.  No fad diets, no missing food groups, no blood sugar crashes, no unruly cravings, and no deprivation or crazy weight loss regiments.

Each of our group sessions will cover the basics you need to know around the energetics of spring, the art and science of cleansing, the must knows about how to create a plan that works.

Our one-on-one support will ensure that you feel great about your plan, your unique spring design, and a focus that is matching all that you want for yourself.


What is included:


  • 4 private sessions with me (live or remote)
  • A user friendly online platform to track your progress and your success
  • A supportive group of participants working with their unique spring stride side by side
  • Recipes, menus, and all you need to find your foodie flow


What is not included:


  • Supplements or extra products
  • Any scientific testing or lab work




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