Balance your body. Elevate your energy.  One simple green smoothie at a time.

With Sue Van Raes, M.S. Nutritional Therapist

and Chef Bailey Jeann Ruskus



One of our favorite quotes: “Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Single Meal” rings so true when it comes to our green smoothies.


Although many of us know that we want to feel good in our own skin and aligned with our eating, in the midst of our full lives, we tend to lose site of the baby steps along the path to make it happen.


We often get stuck in the jungle of obstacles – time, money, energy, and creativity  – so we keep going back to the path of least resistance, which is not always in our best interest.


Green smoothies are one of our simple solutions to this oh so common pandemic.  In just one green smoothie and a few short minutes of preparation, you too can triumph towards your health, with a seamless and swift way to start your day.


There are many many green smoothie ideas out there, but what's different about BLEND is that each smoothie is packed with a balanced, satiating, blood sugar stabilizing and wise list of ingredients.  BLEND’S green smoothies are balanced meals to get you on your way to a great day!


We believe in a back to the basics whole food approach to eating. We are foodies, who are both experienced nutritional therapists and chefs, and want to share our creations, our inspirations, our stories, and of course our successes with you.  Most importantly, we stand by supporting a healing relationship to food and our bodies through pleasure, simplicity, and self-love.


We hope you enjoy BLENDING with us!!