You may not think 'soup' during these warm days and nights, but tropical cultures all over the world enjoy some good 'ol soup at any and all times of year. This one is great for those seasonal carrots that may be growing in your garden and are surely all over the farmers market. Make this with bone broth for a little extra digestive support and healing if you like. It's nourishing and delicious!

Eating warm/cooked foods is a bit easier on your digestion as our bodies digest our food at 100 degrees. If you suffer from a week or challenged digestion, this soup is like medicine with all the components:  Carrots are so full of phytonutrients, especially carotene. Ginger soothes the digestion, coconut is very antibacterial and antimicrobial and bone broth strengthens the digestive tissue healing and permeability (leaky gut).



Feel free to use this recipe as a base for other vegetable bisques.  Healing and nourishing down to your cells!