Calling Aphrodite



Turn down the volume of your outer world and begin to attune to and listen to the pulse of your inner sensual Goddess.  Let your senses be your guide.  Allow your primary vibration to be your pleasure.

Cherish. Indulge.  Explore. Immerse

*Welcome to Calling Aphrodite*



Invoking Aphrodite {Meditation}

You are a sensual, sexy, and beautiful being.  So often, in the hustle of daily life and the infiltration of the day to day media, we don't make time for pleasure and we are fed unreal expectations about our bodies everywhere we look. This guided gentle meditation is designed to remind you of your own inner Aphrodite. My hope is that these words and this gentle guide inward will remind you of the Goddess you are, seduce your senses and inspire your pleasure potential.

*This mediation is designed for all levels of practice.

Listen to {and/or download} the audio below – The Aphrodite Meditation



Aphrodite's Feast {Aphrodisiac E-book}

Seduce yourself with spiritual comfort, the senses, and the poetry of food. 

I am including Aphrodisiacs here because you can bring your playful sensual side to your food preparation and eating like the goddess you are.

Aphrodisiacs are both a physiological response stimulated by a food, and a mental/emotional reaction to the food you are cooking and eating

Click the photo below to download your Aphrodite's Feast E-Recipe Guide


The Art of Sensual Eating {Audio Guide}

Seducing ourselves with food is a practice that activates the senses, and lures us into our own heightened and soulful desire through our cooking, eating and sharing of food.

Simply giving yourself permission to feed yourself in an artful seductive way will amp up your personal passion for life and love, fire you up for the the day-to-day, and if you do decide to connect with another, watch out, the goddess Aphrodite will emerge like never before.

Listen to {and/or download} the audio below – The Art of Sensual Eating and explore all of your pleasure potential.


I hope you enjoy this very special Goddess goodie bag.  Have fun, get playful and most of all, remember to indulge in your own unique pleasures.


A woman is like a fruit which will only yield its fragrance when rubbed by the hands. Take for example basil: unless it be warmed by the fingers, it emits no perfume. And do you know that unless amber is warmed and manipulated it retains its aroma within? The same with a woman: if you do not animate her with your frolics and kisses, with nibbling of her thighs and close embraces, you will not obtain what you desire: you will experience no pleasure at all when she shares your couch and she will feel no affection for you.
— The perfumed Garden (1886)