“All Health Begins In The Gut” 


Welcome to Digest Rx. I am so glad you are here!

While your digestion is known as the root of your health, eating for a healthy digestion is both complex and confusing. The overall quality of our food as a whole is often questionable and the business and stress of our culture can wreak havoc on our digestive systems.


While there are many ways to support your digestion, the most important path to a healthy digestion is you becoming the witness in your own body. What works for another may not always work for you.

My guiding philosophy is simple: The way out is always in when it comes to your relationship to your health and your body. 

Perhaps you need a GPS?

I will help you learn to navigate your way inward, give you a guidance system to get to know your body's delicate ecology, discover your body's wisdom, fine tune your health and repair your digestion no matter where you are starting from.



This is not a one-way approach to change, but a customized collaboration between you and me!

  • Learn the primary nourishment principles for digestive healing

  • Discover the most potent super foods for digestive repair

  • Explore the recommended foods that best suit your biochemistry

  • Get friendly with your flora –– your digestive ecosystem

  • Rebalance the delicate ecology of your unique microbiome

  • Attune your mind-body connection for optimal digestion and relaxation.

  • Heal your systemic inflammation

  • Diminish autoimmune symptoms

  • Boost your long term energy and vitality

  • Fine tune a customized natural medicine regiment designed just right for you

  • Enjoy the restorative healing recipes that are simple, tasty and deeply nourishing

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I am so glad you are here! Whatever you are facing in your health and body and wherever you are in your journey, you have landed in the right place heal the root of health –– your digestion.

My name is Sue Van Raes and I am a functional nutritionist, food psychology specialist, author, featured health writer for The Chopra Institute, and founder of Boulder Nutrition.

Over the past 15 years I have guided thousands of women into a more balanced, empowered and pleasurable relationship to food, body and health.

Your digestion is the root of your health and vitality. Digest Rx is a roadmap to healing your digestion, rebalancing your microbiome and reclaiming your whole body health.

Welcome to this transformative journey…

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  • You are confusion around what to eat is a constant challenge

  • You are tired of stomach aches, gas, bloating and indigestion

  • You have tried so many different recommendations but nothing is working

  • You went gluten free, but didn’t notice anything

  • No one can seem tell you the real reason why you are suffering from indigestion, lethargy, brain fog, or inflammation

  • You want to take a holistic approach to healing your body but you want the science too

  • You want to feel better so you can live your best life

  • Your health is a priority but you you are lost and don’t know where to turn


  • Identify the root triggers to your digestive distress

  • Create a sustainable and pleasurable food regiment that works for you and your body

  • Explore the radical self-healing abilities of your body when you are nourished effectively

  • Repair digestive problems, treat leaky gut, restore balance to your microbiome, boost your immune system and heal systemic inflammation

  • Gain user friendly navigation and support to restore your digestion, your energy and your vitality

  • Learn the impactful connection between mind-body eating and mind-body living

  • Receive nourishing and healing recipes and menu plans for a healthy digestion and beyond

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Experience health and vitality in your digestive health through Functional Nutrition

Just as Functional Medicine approaches the body from the perspective of treating the root cause of disease, Functional Nutrition looks at the foundational way that food affects your body at the cellular level. By using food and my signature mind-body approach as your most powerful tools in transforming your health and your digestion, you can positively influence your biochemistry, prevent and treat imbalances, change the way you think and relate to food and have a sustainable and lasting impact on how you feel.

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Together we will explore your health and healing through my signature methodology…

A combination of science-based testing, functional nutrition, food psychology, natural medicine, and mind-body eating.



We will work intimately together to create customized and collaborative healing for your body, mind and soul, while learning exactly what will rebalance and restore your unique body for optimal digestion and health.

I will share with you the science and psychology that has served and supported thousands of folks with whom I have helped. Add in nourishment principles, healing super foods, potent natural medicine, mind-body eating and witness your life and your health transform.

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“Digestion Is The Great Secret Of Life And Health”