Where is your Halloween Candy?


I have to admit, mine lingered for a few days.  I found myself walking past the bowl of left over chocolates a little too often.


In my 40-day Eat.Pray.Yoga LIVE program that started this week, we all agreed to RELEASE that Halloween candy before it got the best of us...in the name of clearing, cleansing, purifying and loving ourselves MORE.


When my kids were young, they would often get sick the week after Halloween.  I would call it the HALLOWEEN HANGOVER.  They didn't eat that kind of sugar all year long, and I would let go on Halloween each year and allow a little trick or treat candy.  All that sugar would make them sick.






This week, we are going to look at the Art (and science) of Curbing Cravings so that you can find your POWER over the cravings that may be leaving you feeling powerless.


These cravings can feel overwhelming, out of control, and truly CRAZY if you really get down to it.


It doesn't have to be that way.


Come check out the most important things to KNOW about CRAVINGS, and FREE yourself from the CRAVING CRAZINESS once and for all!



The Art (and science) of Curbing Cravings


Are you stuck in sweet seductions, carbohydrate coddlings, and bread-y binges? We often get stuck thinking our personal will should be strong enough to battle the craziness of these oh so common cravings.


I have taken care of this for you today…


The majority of our cravings have nothing to do with our personal weaknesses, our emotional favoring or even our habitual madness. What is REALLY going on is much more biochemical than you might know.


A little SECRET - Our cravings can be curbed when our blood sugar is balanced.


90% of our cravings will literally vanish (poof) when we get a handle on the insanity of our INSULIN.


Follow the Art and Science of Curbing Cravings below in these 6 easy steps and watch the magic happen in your biochemistry (that’s not really magic at all).


1.  How LOW can you go?


If you have been a Boulder Nutrition reader for a while you have probably seen some breakfast blogs come into your INBOX. The FALL breakfast blog is full of good ideas that are seasonal and quick. The SUMMER breakfast blog talks ALL about blood sugar. Be sure to check them all out.


What it really comes down to is this … if you can start off the day with a LOW GLYCEMIC breakfast you will conquer your cravings much quicker! Your insulin will insure your cravings are calm (up to 80% lower) throughout the rest of the day. It is not really magic at all, but it does truly feel like a miracle.


2.  Smart Snacking


When snacking, try eating foods high in protein and fat instead of carbohydrate heavy on-the-run snacks.


Foods like nuts, avocado, whole milk unsweetened yogurt, organic meats, cheeses, and protein shakes will keep your insulin so happy in between meals.





3.  Healthy, Happy, WHOLE


Carbohydrate quality is a big culprit in how our cravings unfold.


The more processed, usually the more of a blood sugar bomb. If we can eat carbohydrates in their whole form (such as brown rice, sweet potato, steel cut oats, quinoa, or a tart apple) we will find these whole carbohydrates are much more gentle on our blood sugar.


Cleaning up our carbs makes all the difference. Go for the good stuff.




4.  Consistency is KEY


When we wait too long between meals, we are taking an insulin risk that usually ends up in us getting too hungry, and making a choice that is more impulsive.


Planning on little dense snack bites often will keep you satiated and satisfied and BEYOND the crazy cravings.


Eating regularly throughout the day creates a healthy metabolism, and happier hormones (AKA Insulin).



5.  Intuition Is More Powerful Than Intellect.


The body is wise. We inherently know what we need and by taking just a few seconds to listen, check in, and inquire as to what would be the next best food move.


As we start to balance out and fine tune, we will notice we can trust our foodie intuition more and more.


Take a few moments to slow down, take space, and check IN. Make your plate your practice.


6.  The Flavors Create the Fervor


In both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda there is a distinctive art and science to balance the 5 flavors. Each flavor is known to bring a different quality and energy to your body and mind.


We so commonly find our plates are full of sweet flavors swinging the balance of flavors way off center.


Check in with each plate of food, and see if you can find a representation of the majority of these flavors – sweet, bitter, salty, sour and spicy (pungent).


In the intricacy of the balance of flavors, your palate and your passions will progress.