5 Truths about Health + Body Image



Sassy. Sexy. Vibrant. Radiant. Magnetic. Intuitive. Wise. Beauty.


We all want it. Some of us believe we already have it. Some of us strive to find it. Some of us believe we will never attain it.


No matter what our size, shape, weight, or body type, some of us “wear it well” and others despise how we look – no matter what.


I used to think that only SOME of us suffered from this phenomenon.


What I have learned in my 13 years as a mind, body, spirit nutritionist and women’s health coach, is that it doesn’t matter what our actual weight is, what our body looks like, what size we are, or what we ate for lunch. Women of all types, sizes, health orientations, and histories have suffered from a negative body image, negative self-talk, and self-sabotaging thoughts that do not do us, or our health any good.


Plastic surgery, diet trends, weight loss, exercise boot camps, spray tans, or even extreme makeovers don’t seem to quiet the inner voice of criticism and negative self-talk.


So many of us feel that we’re not thin enough, not pretty enough, not sexy enough, and even not GOOD enough in general.


It often feels like we are swimming upstream as our culture supports this message with its media, myths and marketing.



With that in mind, I thought today I would share with you just a few truths that might help you FLIP YOUR SCRIPT when it comes to YOU and your BEAUTIFUL BODY.






  1. Conditional vs Unconditional love


Would you ever talk to a friend, your sister, or your neighbor the way that you talk to yourself?


Most of us would say NO to that question.


One of the problems I see in women all of the time, is that some days, when we look in the mirror and our skinny jeans fit, we choose to love ourselves more, where as on other days – when the scale jumps higher – forget it.


Love comes in many forms and varying degrees of commitment.



Unconditional self-love requires that we develop more self-compassion, acceptance and gentleness with our hearts and souls.


“Love is the absence of judgement” Dali Lama



  1. Your Body is your Ally


My therapist of 15 + years used to always say to me “Your body never lies”. When I started listening, I was blown away at how clear some of the messages were. They had always been there, I just hadn’t wanted to hear them, or I wasn’t sure what they meant, and sometimes I just plainly ignored them.


With this fine tuned and wise barometer (our bodies) that always has our best interest in mind (safety, security, love, support, energy and vitality) how is it that we can even imagine ignoring her voice and her needs?


When I made that connection, rather than hating my body, judging my body, and ignoring HER, I started to appreciate and love HER more.


I still get caught in negative thoughts all the time, but so much less than I used to. It is a practice that grows more effective over time.


“I finally realized that being grateful to my body was the key to giving more love to myself” ~ Oprah.


  1. Our Bodies are Unique


Beauty comes in so many shapes, sizes, and variations. There is no right way to interpret feminine beauty. A big part of our beauty and our radiance is our uniqueness, our self-expression, our happiness, and our confidence.


Throughout the ages and cultures far and wide, there have been so many expressions of feminine beauty, each one unique, distinctive, and colorful. The feminine has been adored in all her forms of beauty since the beginning of time.


If we can each widen the definition of feminine beauty individually, we can learn to see the beauty show up in all forms of the feminine.


“Beauty is the best possible version of yourself both inside and out.”




  1. You are more than your BODY


You have gifts, abilities, and passions that are more of a reflection of your worth than what size jeans you wear, or the number the scale reads.


It is important to take care of your body, feed her, move her, adorn her. There is a lot more to tend to, in order to live into your wholeness.


Your unique gifts, your smile, your sense of humor, your goals, your creativity, your sensuality, your passions and your honesty are the many aspects that make up who you are in your fullest beauty.


“I love your sould more than I love your body, because I see you with my heart not with my eyes.”



  1. Self-love is like a multi vitamin for the body, mind, heart and soul


A healthy body can only live with a healthy (and loving) mind.


When we practice self-love everyday, we learn to prioritize ourselves in all aspects of body, mind, and spirit. This changes how we eat, how we tend to ourselves, how we rest, and how we practice self-care. Self-love is directly linked to and connected to our overall health. Our thoughts create our life, so practice loving and healthy thoughts to create a loving and healthy life.


“When women start looking at themselves through the lens of self-love, they naturally gravitate toward healthy choices, they have less desire to choose self-destructive thoughts or habits, and they feel better in both their body and mind.” ~ Dr. Deborah Caldwell




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