Boulder Flashback ?

OMG!  When I first moved to Boulder in 1995 (Goss Street to be exact) the fat free movement was in full tilt.  While I was already a foodie at heart, my cash flow was a little sparse.  

Multiple times per week, I would slip on my very worn out Birkenstocks and saunter a few blocks over to the formerly known Crystal Market on East Pearl St. to fill up my trusty back pack (yup, no car) with all of the least expensive vegetarian eats I could get my hands on.  

At that time, there was a pretty big global notion that fat made you fat(ALL kinds of fat that is– including nuts, avocado, egg yolks and coconut oil) along with a whole array of other terrible health problems. So, some of my favorite "healthy" go-to's were canned fat free lentil soup (organic of course), Annie's fat free mac and cheese (definelty NO butter), canned Bearitos fat free black beans (for dank burritos), and a host of fresh veggies which I would mix in for extra veggie love.  

Time passed, Jerry Garcia died (just months after I arrived), my only form of transportation (my bike) was stolen off my porch, and I fell in love with Boulder.  

While my love affair with Boulder grew (into what I would eventually call home), I grew more and more tired, depleted, weak and HANGRY. My ability to handle my life diminished. Eventually, a new friend I had made told me about the Naturopathic doctor she was working for and made me an appointment.

Everything changed...

After one look at me, a few tests, and what I consider to be a very important turning point in my health, my career and my life, I was prescribed a high fat (and protein) diet.  Not only a little, but an RX of high amounts at every single meal.  I was so desperate. I was so drained. I would have done almost anything to feel like myself again.

It worked.  It honestly it seemed like I "found myself".

{... Some of us go to India, and me – the Naturopath}


The only way I had been able to sustain this fat free vegetarian lifestyle was through sheer will power and restriction.

Once I began to listen to my body, my intuition and my true cravings, I had no choice but to surrender the fat free movement forever.  

Reflecting on this journey fired me up about sharing what I now know and teach about food, fat, and some other things...





We will debunk some common health myths, reframe our health and healing and find our way back home to ourselves. TRUTH TALKS are little nuggets of  truth for you to chew on. Together, we will take a deeper look at some of our personal beliefs and some automatic ways we tend to orient around our health.   For the next few weeks,  join me in a little immersion into some of the ways we can reframe our health and reclaim our power.

(and your suggestions and requests are welcome)

I have a few more truths (science based) for you to nosh on today...

{If you missed the previous TRUTH TALKS feel free to catch up anytime HERE...}





1. DOES FAT MAKE ME FAT?  If there is one thing I could change in the nutrition world it is that the food group "fat" and the body weight "fat" share the same word.  It is confusing.  Of course, we would naturally conclude that one is directly related to the other. Every day in my office I find myself debunking the myth of "fat makes us fat".  Yes, there are good fats and bad fats (see below) but in the category of good healthy natural fats, there is no correlation with body weight (or other health issues).  

P.S. If you like to geek out with science like me, check this out: Since the 1980's when the fat free movement was at it's highest, there have been many, many studies proving that not only is this notion not true, the data was falsified, and supported by some pretty suspicious participants. The Journal of the American Medical Association printed a comment about the new recommendations:  “tacitly acknowledging the lack of convincing evidence to recommend low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets for the general public in the prevention or treatment of any major health outcome, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, or obesity.”  Read the full New York Times Article Here.
TRUTH:  You can befriend fat. Not only is fat an essential nutrient for hundreds of biochemical processes in the human body, but is also a critical food group to stabilize our blood sugar and keep us in the targeted "fat burning zone".  To put it simply, fat is essential to burn body fat.



2.  GOOD FAT, BAD FAT?  Yes, there are both.  I know this may seem obvious, but there still seems to lie some confusion for many of us.  Here is how I define it:  Natural fat (i.e. fat found in nature) is good.  Processed fat (hydrogentated oils), GMO oils, trans-fats, and any other man made or altered fats we should avoid. Our bodies simply do not have the correct biochemistry to break them down.  On the other hand, fats found in nature, including pure saturated fats (organic meat, coconut oil, chocolate, butter), poly-unsaturated (omega-3 and omega-6), mono-unsaturated fats (avocado, olive oil, and most nuts) are wonderful to eat an array of to feed various systems in our bodies including our hormones, our brain chemistry, our skin health, and our heart health. 

TRUTH:  Eat natural fats.  Don't be shy about it. You will be more satiated throughout the day and your blood sugar will thank you. Listen to your body.  When we eat good fat, our body tells us when we have had enough (not quite the same with french fries).  With each of our unique metabolisms, activity level and biochemistry, listening to our satiation cues is the best option for eating good fat. If you are craving it, you most likely need it.



3. HELP, MY CHOLESTEROL!  If you are like most folks I know, I am sure you have thought about this. "What about my cholesterol?"  You may come from a family history of high cholesterol, you may just be weary of all the things that could go wrong down the road and want to be smart.  Either way, I think you will find these (science based) facts enlightening.  There are many kinds of cholesterol.  Good and bad.  When we get it checked, we want higher HDL and lower LDL.  

Here are the goods: The main culprit of high cholesterol comes from excess sugar and refined fats (gasp!).  When we have an excess of sugar in our blood, a lot of it is stored in the liver where our own bodies convert it into bad cholesterol.  Why?  Well, we are not designed to eat that much refined sugar or high glycemic sugars (mainly from processed foods).  We have adapted a response to deal with and store this excess sugar which leads to high cholesterol, plaque in our arteries, triple by-passes etc.  

TRUTH:  In actuality, we need dietary fat (including saturated fat) to break down bad cholesterol.  Your heart will be fine.  Your cholesterol will likely go down.  Focus on avoiding the sugar instead of the natural fats.  According to Dr. Diana Schwartzbein, M.D. (one of my primary teachers) eating (natural) fat and cholesterol prevents heart attacks by lowering insulin levels and switching off the internal production of cholesterol.


When you eat better you feel better.  "HANGRY" is a choice you don't have to make.







These Paleo Peach Pancakes are the perfect way to wake up and enjoy a weekend morning!  They're grain-free, super easy to whip up, and they embrace the juicy, delicious peaches this season has to offer.




For these pancakes I used the Birch Bender Paleo Pancakes mix, and it could not be simpler!  You just add water, mix them up, and cook them in a dollop of coconut oil until nice and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.  They are really tasty, have a nice amount of protein, and are much healthier than many of the other mixes out there. (you know how I get about balancing blood sugar)



Coconut flour is an amazing grain-free ingredient to create healthy, low-carb baked goods.  It's full of healthy fats, called medium chain trigylcerides, that your body can quickly and easily use for energy production.



It's also rich in fiber to support your digestive system, which helps to balance the sugar from the maple syrup in this recipe.



Peaches are an excellent source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, plus they have a low-glycemic index. 



These pair perfectly with some raw chopped pecans and a warm cup of morning tea or coffee- enjoy!









It's the high point of summer.  It is super hot here in Colorado.  It is important to stay cool and calm when you can...



Many of us feel overwhelmed with the long list of to-do's we can never quite keep up with.  We juggle a lot, take care of many others in our lives, and want everything to turn out just right.




Life can be pretty full at times, and how we fuel our bodies can help us with how we handle the hard times.  




Today's SWEET SOLACE smoothie is full of potent ingredients that will cool down your body and diminish your stress and filling you with peace and serenity.




What is your biggest stressor?




We have noticed in my daily work with all types of people that STRESS is our most common complaint.  If we are not worrying about ourselves – our successes, our health, our self-care – then we are worrying about those same things for others in our lives – our kids, our parents, our friends.




It can be like the never-ending cycle of worry and stress.




Health Fact:  Just like anything, we have to practice honing our skills to get better at dealing with stress.




Here are a few suggestions...


  • Become a problem solver.  Being able to solve small problems will give you confidence to tackle the big ones, and feeling confident that you can solve problems, will go a long way to helping you feel less stressed.

  • Get organized. Think ahead about how you're going to spend your time. Write a to-do list. Figure out what's most important to do and do those things first.  Organize your home.  Our bodies and minds relax more easily when our environments are calm and organized.

  • Take deep breaths. If you're feeling stressed, taking a few deep breaths makes you breath slower and helps your muscles relax.

  • Make time for daily downtime. Take baths, read a book, take long walks in nature. Find some way to unwind and give yourself time for personal peace.

  • Get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep helps you recover from the stresses of the day. Also, being well rested helps you think better so that you are prepared to handle problems as they come up.

  • Get moving. Taking part in physical activity not only helps you relax your tense muscles, but also improves your mood. Research shows that physical activity can help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.














While summertime is one of the most expansive, playful, and uplifting times of the year, it can also be exhausting.  The hot days tend to zap our energy. The fullness of summertime life, social functions, adventurous trips, and holiday hype can tucker us out if we are not careful.  

We just returned from a great holiday weekend in one of my favorite parts of Colorado. Jason and I took four kids away (yes, we are brave) for a long weekend to enjoy some river rafting, some hot springs, and some of the beauty of the peak of summer.

As we paddled down the Arkansas river with our guide Michael calling out the strokes, there were many times we had to paddle like crazy through a rapid, while many others where we could just coast.  Each time we approached a rapid, I could feel myself preparing for the acceleration. After some white water splashes, and a few shrieks from the boat, we would make it to the other side to exhale, exhilerated.


... Life is full of moments like these  

The ebbs and flows of life, health and healing keep things interesting and dynamic. We have to stay present to what our lives are asking of us, listen to our intuition, to get the most effective (and usually desired)results. 

I often think of our healing phase as acceleration, while the maintenance phase as a time to exhale and coast.


... Listen for the moments to accelerate and give it your all. Listen for the moments to exhale and coast.


Are you in an accelerate phase or a coast phase in your health and healing ?






We will debunk some common health myths, reframe our health and healing and find our way back home to ourselves. Truth talks are little nuggets of  truth for you to chew on. Together, we will take a deeper look at some of our personal beliefs and some automatic ways we tend to orient around our health.   For the next few weeks,  join me in a little immersion into some of the ways we can reframe our health and reclaim our power.

(and your suggestions and requests are welcome)


I have a few more nuggets for you today...

{If you missed TRUTH TALKS SESSION 1 or TRUTH TALKS SESSION 2 feel free to catch up anytime HERE...}





1.  DO I NEED SUPPLEMENTS?  First off, the way our foods are grown and prepared leaves our food depleted in a variety of ways. The methods of storing, processing and preserving food often severely devitalizes the food of its nutritional value. In addition, many of the modern techniques used to grow food faster, larger and on nutritionally depleted soils have destroyed the original, natural quality of our food supply.  There is no question that we could ALL use a little nutrient boost, AAAANNNDDD...

If you are in an healing phase of you will find your healing is more supported and accelerated with the right supplements ...

TRUTH:  If your health is not optimal, you are most likely experiencing a deficiency of some kind in your body – in your capacity to digest or assimilate your food, or in what your body needs to heal. Adding in the right supplements will absolutely accelerate your healing process.

2.  ARE ALL SUPPLEMENTS THE SAME?  There is a HUGE difference between the ingredients used in a whole food supplement versus a supplement made with synthetic ingredients. There is also a DRASTIC difference between a food grade supplement and a pharmaceutical grade supplement. When we start messing with natures magic (trying to impersonate nature in a lab) and when we start taking short cuts to cut costs, and dilute the potency of nature’s medicine, we loose out on the synergy and perfection of purity.

.... Are your supplements in their natural form? Are they pure?  Are they potent?  Are they absorbable?

.... If these questions cannot be answered or if the answer is NO, don’t waste your money.  A crappy supplement is going to do you no good.  

TRUTH:  A high quality pure supplement is incredible and an integral part of accelerating your health and healing. You will see that with a little education and a little discernment you can find the best options for you, even if you need to reach for advice from a specialist.  Buy less supplements, buy the high quality natural, pharmaceutical grade supplements so that you get the most bang for your buck and see the results you are looking for.

3.  HOW DO I KNOW WHAT TO TAKE?  I know it can be a little overwhelming.  Trust me...many of my clients show up with bags full of supplements to show me when we first start working together.  

Here are a few good tips to practice when you are buying supplements:

  • Read the ingredients

Ingredients tell it all.  Look for natural substances, names that you recognize and ingredients in tandem. 

  • Look at the daily value

Natural supplements may be at lower dose at times, but they are more potent because they are natural and pure.  If the daily values are through the roof, you are likely looking at synthetic version. More is not always better.

  • Look for the GMP practices

The Federal Drug Administration has not finalized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for dietary supplements, as they are theoretically required to do under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. Rather, Congress has stated, as a provision, that dietary supplement GMP should be modeled after foods.  Because of this statement, many supplement manufacturers have chosen to follow the GMP for foods. Others, however, voluntarily follow GMP for pharmaceuticals as the basis for their quality assurance program in the manufacturing of all of their products.  This means these companies treat nutritional supplements with the same consistency that goes into the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical grade supplements can guarantee quality, potency, absorbability and purity.  They are your BEST option for supplements all the way around.

TRUTH:  We are such an instant gratification, pill popping, symptom focused culture, but it isn’t really getting us anywhere. When you want to accelerate your health and healing, remember to move slow and steady and go for quality not quantity.  

**Need a little help?  I have you covered.  For the rest of July, I will be offering 30 minute supplement consults at a discounted rate. Click the button below for all the details (in person or remote sessions available)


We all go through times where we accelerate and where we coast. Remember to let your energy follow your authentic flow.

With love and peace...


Have some thoughts or insights about these truths?  Have some requests for next week? Let me know in the comments below.







These savory drumsticks are a delicious, easy meal to whip up for a crowd.  The green curry lends the perfect amount of spices and a little dash of sea salt brings it all together.

It's important to buy free-range or pastured chicken, to ensure the meat you're eating is more nutrient dense and free of harmful toxins, like hormones and antibiotics which are pumped into conventionally raised animals.

Chicken is a wonderful source of complete protein, as well as several B-Vitamins to support your nervous system and adrenal glands.

Chicken drumsticks also provide you with minerals like selenium, an essential antioxidant that benefits thyroid and prostate health.  These drumsticks can be baked or grilled, just serve them up with some fresh veggies and you've got a healthy, balanced meal!

Get the recipe HERE, on my friend, the amazing Ailsa Cowell's healthy food blog, Food to Feel Good.

Hope you enjoy!









Last week, I was so excited to join one of my closest friends in celebrating the first day of summer with a full day climb up Mount Elbert, the highest peek in Colorado.

With an early 4 am start to the day and the most brilliant solstice sunrise as we drove into the mountains, we were off to a great beginning to our adventure. 

As we set foot on one of the most beautiful trails I have ever been on, my friend gently reminded me: "SLOW AND STEADY".  


While I was super excited and eagerly bursting out of the gates, her words anchored me into a pace that would eventually help us to ascend this gorgeous peek.


Life is full of metaphors


For me, something about the different ways we learn experientially is so poinient in the many opportunities where we can apply these same metaphors to multiple aspects of our lives.

All day long, "SLOW AND STEADY" became my mantra.  As we drove home after a glorious and exhausting day, with views to die for, deep conversation, and the most magical ascent through snow fields and blustery winds, I felt this mantra so deeply in all the work I do each day around our health and our healing.  

So, I wanted to share with you today, session 2 of the new summer series I created to reframe some of the ways we look at our health and our healing.  



For the next few weeks, join me in a little immersion into some of the ways we can reframe our health and reclaim our power. Together, we will take a deeper look at some of our personal beliefs and some automatic ways we tend to orient around our health.  Truth talks are little nuggets of truth for you tochew on. We will debunk some common health myths, reframe our health and healing and find our way back home to ourselves.
(and your suggestions and requests are welcome)





1.  YOUR DIAGNOSIS IS NOT YOUR PROGNOSIS:  Our health and our healing is the most intimate and integral part of ourselves.  While I find that knowing all the information, all of the science, and what western medicine would refer to as our diagnosis is imperative, there is what I find to be a potential problem. Often, once we know all of these facts, we are given a prognosis (sometimes by a doctor, a practioner, or yes, even Web MD).  A prognosis is an expected likely course of our condition, similar to a weather forecast or a financial projection.  

...Last week in Colorado we were told that it would get very hot on Friday.  I was preparing myself for a sweltering day.  What actually happened was that a lot of clouds rolled in, and cooled off the air, then it rained with no rain in the forecast! Are you catching my drift??

TRUTH:  Our bodies know how to heal, when given the right nutrients, environment, attitude, and rest.  Our bodies are designed to heal themselves.  When we run amuck with our designated prognosis, we tend to both create more stress and anxiety in our bodies, as well as feel limited in our healing potential.  Your healing path will be your own unique process, that often has very little in common with your designated prognosis.  Stay open to possibility, deep healing, and the radical ways your body knows how to heal.

2.  YOU ARE NOT YOUR GENETICS:   While we may come into this life with a genetic palate that may seem unfavorable, how our genetic expression shows up may be very different.  When we spend time on our self care, nourishing our bodies well, managing our stress, and taking charge of our health, we may never see our family genetics or hereditary conditions show up.

TRUTH:  Don't let your genetics take you down.  Take good care of yourself. Prioritize your health. Listen to your body. Stay out of the negative spiral of expecting things to go awry.  Genetic expressiontrumps genetic coding any day.

3.  MIND OVER MATTER:  In my nutrition practice, I work with many, many folks who are struggling with a variety of health issues.  From digestive distress to hypothyroidism to autoimmune disease to anorexia to endometriosis – I see it all.  I have learned through my own health and healing, and watching the healing process happen with my clients, that our healing journeys are dynamic, multi-faceted, and complex.  Like most things we do, our attitude has a bigger influence than we often realize.  The process of truly healing ourselves must involve all parts – body, mind, and soul.

TRUTH:  The most important quality of healing is our commitment to it.  We may be required to learn elaborate levels of patience.  We may be asked to listen to our bodies like never before.  We may be called to try a variety of modalities simultaneously to support our health.  We may need to be stronger, more diligent, and more committed than ever before.  When we put everything we have into the process, we move mountains!


Just like I learned on the mountain top of Colorado's highest peek.. SLOW AND STEADY is the best approach to reaching our health and healing goals.



With love and peace...


Have some thoughts or insights about these truths?  Have some requests for next week? Just hit reply and send them over.  I love hearing from you!!









I created this smoothie for many of the women in my private practice to support a healthy menstrual cycle and balance out monthly cycle hormones and energy.  

Many women struggle with menstrual stress, pain, fatigue, cramps, mood challenges.  Some women are even bed ridden, experiencing high levels of suffering and often challenged to have a somewhat normal day.

While there are many causes for menstrual struggles, this recipe addresses a lot of them.  

I chose these ingredients as medicinal foods that are known to help.  Some of these tonics are essential remedies to support a health menstrual cycle (AKA Moon cycle), building blood, relaxing the uterus, and uplifting mood and energy.



Red Raspberry Leaf:

Raspberry leaf helps with irregular or heavy bleeding while relaxing the uterus. Fragrine, the main component of raspberry leaf, tones the uterus. When the uterus is toned, it is more relaxed and it helps the blood flow smoothly while also reducing cramps.



Avocados tend to offer a good amount of healthy fats, while boosting progesterone. Stress and anxiety can lead to progesterone deficiency in women of childbearing years, which is often linked to the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS.


Rose Oil:

One of the best for aromatherapy oils for mood, hormone balancing, and easing the restful time of the moon cycle.



Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 and potassium, which can stop you from retaining water and feeling bloated. Too little potassium can cause muscle cramping


Red Swiss Chard:

We often feel tired and depleted in the waning phase of our moon cycle. Consider eating more blood building foods to support you in replenishing your energy.  Blood building foods include red meat (organic and grass fed), fresh figs, red Swiss chard, beets, and cherries to name a few.



Often during our cycles we feel a little tired, so be sure to keep up with your proteins, which are rich in vitamin B12, iron, and folic acid and essential for rebuilding blood and energy. For meat eaters, choose grass fed, organic and wild options.  For vegetarians, make sure you eat balanced unrefined proteins such as beans, whey protein, hemp protein, chia seeds, and quinoa. 










A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of sitting in a beautiful circle of women dedicated to improving their relationship to food and their bodies.

As with most circles of women I have sat in, there was a lot to talk about. Each woman had a chance to share some of her struggles, tell her personal truths, and shed some of her unwanted beliefs about food, health, and body image.

As I listened, shared, and witnessed this circle, I realized that wrapped up in our conversation is a whole lot of talking about what we think we 'should be doing'. Ironically, many of these 'shoulds' contradict each other.

I noticed that many of us had gotten so far from what feels good in our bodies, and replaced our innate intuitive wisdom with many of the most common health myths or 'shoulds'.

We (as a culture) frequently hand over our power to what online health trends and media are telling us to do rather than trusting ourselves and our own unique needs.

We are all looking for answers Sue...

... Answers about how to feel good in our bodies.
... Answers on what is the best thing to have for lunch.
... Answers on how to overcome our cravings.
... Answers on how to be our best selves.  

It can feel complicated.  It can be confusing.  But most of is completely unique and individual.  

I wanted to share with you today a new summer series I created to help with some of this confusion...



For the next few weeks, join me in a little immersion into some of the ways we can reframe our health and reclaim our power. Together, we will take a deeper look at some of our personal beliefs and some automatic ways we tend to orient around our health.  Truth talks are little nuggets of truth for you tochew on. We will debunk some common health myths and find our way back home to ourselves.



1.  DON'T GET TO BOXY:  Out there in the world of health, there are quite a few boxes in which you could try to fit. While many of them contain some wisdom, many oppose the others and are just simply too boxy for most of us. One observation I have made about human consciousness is that we like defining ourselves by our boxes. We like being part of something. We like declaring these personal flavors on social media. We like to be known for our chosen box. This seems especially true with the type of EATER we are: Vegetarian, paleo, low carb, gluten free, vegan, ... and even purist, cleanser, or perfectionist.  

TRUTH:  You don't have to pick a box. You don't have to stay in only one box. YOU are not your box (P.S. I know how funny that sounds, but decided to keep it to make you all smile a bit)

2.  YOU ARE NOT DIRTY:  While there are so many great reasons for cleansing, resetting, turning over a new leaf, and giving your body some serious food love, you are not dirty.  Our bodies naturally cleanse themselves regularly and there are some nice little treats we can give ourselves to up the anti a little here and there, if we care to.  While the incredibly trendy cleansing practices can be helpful, be careful not to go overboard.

TRUTH:  Cleanse for the love of it, not because you are dirty.  Cleanse for self-care not for punishment or because you hate your body.  
Cleanse for health, not because your feel icky or disgusted with yourself. Most of all, if you decide to cleanse, cleanse with care.

3.  GLUTEN IS NOT THE ENEMY:  While it is very true that many folks have a hard time digesting gliadin (the gluten protein) and gluten in large amounts is surely inflammatory, a little bit of gluten here and there is not worth hating yourself over. While celiac is totally real (I once met a man who projectile vomited within moments of gluten hitting his tongue) most of us are NOT celiac. Food allergies are a big issue in today's world, but gluten is not the only allergen to consider. I see blood test results every week that show many other foods as the culprits of digestive issues, skin issues, fatigue, brain fog, depression and many other symptoms.

TRUTH:  If you are not celiac or do not notice negative symptoms directly related to eating gluten, a little dose of gluten once in a while won't hurt. 

4.  THERE IS MORE TO HEALTH THAN GREEN JUICE: The green juice trend is rampant here in Boulder. While I am a big fan of a little green juice, green juice is NOT the key to our health or our happiness. Some people find it too bitter. Others, find it too expensive. For many of us, it's just not on our radar.  As you have probably noticed, our culture tends to take things to the extreme. Too much green juice can be hard on our digestion because it is missing all the fiber. In large quantities, green juice can also interact negatively with thyroid issues. While I love me some green juice, it is not the cure all for our health.

TRUTH:   Our health has many, many more important components than green juice:  How we think about ourselves, how we move our body each day, how we sit down and eat our meals, the intention we put into our food and our health, as well as how we sleep each night, and how we relate to others, are much more important aspects on which to focus.  Have a little green juice...or not.  

5.  SELF-LOVE IS NOT A SWITCH:  We hear about self-love everywhere.  We are often simply told to love ourselves more as if it were an on-off switch. While I believe in the practice of self-love immensely, it is a spectrum, a practice, and a life-long journey that is often incredibly complex and messy. Finding acceptance and compassion for ourselves is easy on some days, and almost impossible on others.

TRUTH: Self-love is not a constant, but rather a practice and a fluid expression of ourselves. True self-love is the practice of loving ourselves when we are not doing well, when we trash our clean eating program, or when we binge on potato chips. True self-love is the practice of loving ourselves through a broken heart, exhaustion, or when we miss our daily workout. True self-love is the practice of loving compassion through a hard transition, a change, or even a total failure. gentle with yourself.  Somedays will be easier than others to LOVE yourself. It's human, it's real.  

Have some thoughts or insights about these truths?  Have some requests for next week? Please comment below.  I love hearing from you!!

With love and peace...









This creamy soup is a creative, dairy-free way to get more of this season's delicious green offerings in your diet. It's packed with spinach, broccoli, onion, coconut milk, and potato to produce a smooth, satisfying meal that is bursting with nutrients





Nutritional Yeast is a great source of B-12, which is especially important for vegans and vegetarians, and it provides a cheesy, nutty flavor. 



Dark green vegetables like spinach and broccoli are imperative to any balanced healthy diet. They are both great sources of folate, which is vital for a healthy neurological system, and Vitamin A, to support your skin, eyes, and immunity.



As an added bonus, the good fats from the coconut milk help by assisting in the absorption of the Vitamin A!  These medium-chain fats are also an excellent source of energy and help to make this recipe extra filling.  Check out the recipe below and get the most out of your summer greens!












Did you know that zucchini can make the perfect low-carb substitute for pasta?  These zucchini noodles, or "zoodles", topped with tomato sauce, fresh basil, chickpeas, and goat cheese will make you a veggie pasta believer!  Plus they're really easy and fun to make.  Kids love to help spiralize these, so don't be afraid to get creative with your kiddos in the kitchen.




There is so much delicious produce available this time of year.  Zucchini, in particular, is a great vegetable to take advantage of during the summer season.



It provides you with Vitamin C to nourish your skin and immune system, along with the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin which have potent anti-aging and eyesight benefits. 



The chickpeas and goat cheese provide this recipe with an extra boost of fiber and protein.  Fresh basil and tomato sauce bring it all together for a classic, fresh flavor.  Make this a new favorite this summer!


Recipe credit to Ailsa Cowell from Food to Feel Good.








Not all that long ago, I used to dread mornings.  

It's true...  

A little flashback:  My first child (who is now 20 years old) did not sleep through the night for almost 4 years, just in time for his younger brother to be born. Tack on a couple more years for my second child, and that equals almost 6 years of sleep deprivation.


I used to wake up feeling worse than tired. Many, many mornings were wrought with feeling foggy, depleted, depressed, hopeless and I was not sure how I was going to keep going.  A bowl of instant oatmeal or a banana used to be all I could muster up for breakfast, if anything at all.

On my recent trip to visit family and new babies, I was reminded just how hard mornings (and lack of sleep) can be.

While I have many fond memories of babies and toddlers, I also remember the desperation, overwhelm, and exhaustion like it was yesterday.

I am sure if I knew then what I know now, things (maybe) could have been different, but the truth is, I didn't.  I did the best I could at the time for both me and my sleep challenged babies.

Starting off the day feeling this way for so long really impacted my appreciation for sleep and morning rituals.

As my kids grew older, I was able to reclaim my mornings.  I loved to wake up before my children (because they finally slept) to take some alone time for myself.  From there, this gradually grew into my morning rituals, morning practice, and my making time to take care of ME.  

There are many ways to reclaim, revolutionize and power up our mornings. Quiet time to ourselves, yoga, mediation, long walks in nature, journaling, gratitude practices, and setting an intention for the day, just to name a few.  

One VERY important part for me is fueling my body well in the morning. When I do this, I have the energy and balance to handle the busyness of day-to-day living in this often chaotic world.  




New exciting blends + delicious simple green smoothies to revitalize your mornings just in time for summer.




  • 7 days of green smoothie RECIPES delivered to your INBOX each morning.
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  • A loving supportive community to BLEND right along side you.
  • Lots of resources, gentle coaching, and loving support.






I zipped up my raincoat and sloshed down the long windy driveway that I used to call home. The misty Vancouver rain is so familiar to me, with a gentle cleansing and freshness in the air.  With each step down my favorite forest path, my senses were flooded with childhood memories.

Each time I visit Vancouver, I can hardly wait to take my favorite walk down the rainforest path near my parents' house. The green vital ferns, the thick forest floor covered with moss and the tall, tall trees used to be my place of solace all through my childhood.

I got a little taste of spring in the North West this past weekend where green is like no other green I have seen before.

For me, emerging into spring feels like the most brilliant time of the year. Just like nature, we have more potential energy in the spring than in any other season.  

Walking our own personal path of brilliance comes with connection to our inner wisdom and healing for our bodies and minds. Spring has so many different elements to support us in vibrant living, all we have to do is say YES!


  • I am swapping my warming chicken soups for hearty spring salads. 

  • I pulled out my spring sandals for sunny warmer days.

  • I am enjoying early morning walks under the spring sunshine.

  • I finally pumped up that flat tire on my road bike so I am ready to ride for the next few months.

  • I am waking up earlier with the fiery morning sun.

  • Jason and I are planning some fun spring and summer adventures, outdoor concerts and weekend trips to go rafting and hiking.

  • I added even more greens into my morning smoothies, and changed the flavors from warming and spicy to more bitter and cleansing (the primary flavor of spring).

I know you are busy, and I know there are about 10,000 reasons why you can't make the time for yourself. One other truth I know is that this may never change. Many of us live in a pattern of running on empty for years and years, never making our self-care a priority.  

Personally, I am on a mission to give you opportunities to give to yourself with super easy, simple, and do-able ways that fit into your life, no matter how busy you are this spring. I want to support you in matching your inner desires to your outer actions (a task that is not always easy), and filling up your own cup, so to speak...





New exciting blends + delicious simple green smoothies delivered each morning to your inbox.




  • 7 days of green smoothie RECIPES delivered to your INBOX each morning.

  • A week long GROCERY LIST to match up with all the green smoothie recipes

  • A loving supportive community to BLEND right along side you.

  • Lots of resources, gentle coaching, and loving support.








Dandelion is one of the most potent cleansing greens during the spring, and how convenient that they are popping up all over the place. Be sure that you know the source and you don’t ingest any pesticides along with your greens. You can also find organic dandelion at the local health food store.



Dandelion greens are super rich in many nutrients, like calcium, iron, potassium, and Vitamins C, E, and K - among many other impressive compounds.



The flavonoids in dandelion greens support the removal of toxins from the liver, stimulate bile production to aid in digestion, and also act as a diuretic to cleanse and replenish the kidneys.



You can add this delicious pesto to anything - soba noodles, zoodles, quinoa, chicken, or even salmon.  Get creative and enjoy this nourishing gift of Spring.








Rolled oats have a wonderful, wholesome flavor and hardy texture.  They provide you with lots of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and even a little protein, so they're sure to satisfy.  Soak them in a bit of almond or coconut milk overnight and you’ll wake up to a delicious, healthy breakfast that is ready to grab-and-go. 






Magnesium is another essential mineral found in oats, which is often deficient in the modern diet and vital for hundreds of metabolic reactions throughout the body.  Due to the carbohydrate-rich nature of oats, it’s really important to include some healthy fats with them in order to slow your body’s absorption of these sugars and disperse that energy over a longer period of time.  Almond butter is the perfect way to do that in these overnight oats, adding flavor and heart-healthy mono and poly-unsaturated fats. 





Berries are a great topping since they’re overflowing with antioxidants and fiber while adding just the right about of natural sweetness (low glycemic). Blackberries are especially rich in compounds called anthocyanins that have been found to have anticancer and anti-aging effects.


Get your recipe for easy Berry Vanilla Overnight Oats and have a happy morning!













Golden beets are a tasty, bright, addition to any meal and bring some major nutritional benefits along with them. They are slightly sweeter than red beets with a mellower flavor – not as much of an earthy bite. If you haven’t had them before, it’s definitely worth trying these sunny root vegetables for their delicious taste and satiating texture. They carry various spices well and work in a large variety of recipes, from juices, to stews, to salads.



Golden beets provide blood nourishing iron and Vitamin C, along with phytonutrients like lycopene, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene.  



They’ve got some powerful antioxidant properties, helping to slow the process of aging and reduce the effects of stress, pollution, and toxins.  These sweet yellow beets are also a rich source of potassium, making them a super heart friendly food and a nice source of electrolytes. Another bonus, they encourage blood purification and liver detoxification, so they are a stellar addition to any cleansing program.

Here's a recipe for my easy Blissful Roasted Golden Beet Salad. Enjoy!







The cycles of the seasons harmonize us with the rhythms of nature, reminding us that we are nature. Within these, nature goes through everything on the spectrum – from full bloom to death and decay.


The more we feel into the elemental cycles around us, present for all life forms on the planet, the more we can ride the waves and rhythms in ourselves. This knowing is embedded in our true nature, our cellular DNA and our innate animal wisdom.


Spring synergy is intuitive when we listen.  Often, in our bustling culture and our busy day-to-day lives we tend to miss these intuitive cues in and around ourselves, but it is never too late to return to the most natural part of our existence.  Following the innate rhythms of the seasons informs our body’s wisdom, our emotional intelligence, and our manifestation of our health and vitality in the world around us.


According to Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, each season comes with a unique energetic quality, nourishment, dominant organ,emotion and action. Synchronizing with each season’s expression is like medicine for the body, mind and soul.


Let’s take a stroll through the earthly cycle dedicated to SPRING and begin to understand and how spring reflects around us and within us.




Spring is the most healing, creative, and vital season of the year.


As we emerge from the winter months, we often feel the urge to cleanse our lives, our bodies, and our beings for an energized renewal.


Blooming into spring’s brilliance is a synergy of some important aspects of life.  During spring, ruled by the wood element, our energy and vitality heighten, we wake up from winter’s rest to energize our life force, creativity, and zeal. We clear and cleanse the sacred spaces of our bodies, minds and homes to find a fresh rebirth for ourselves to gain a renewed momentum.


Spring points us to where we can clean out and cleanse what is not serving us in our lives.




Energy: Awaken


Spring is the time to renew the pleasures that our physical bodies are designed to feel.  Transforming from the quieter more inward season of winter into spring, we may feel a little tired, a little sluggish, and even a little resistant to turning towards the bright new energy of this season. When senses wake up with the beauty of nature blooming all around us, we heighten the pleasure in our bodies and hearts.  Spring is abounding with passion, excitement, inspiration and love.

Nourish: Cleanse


As the leafy bitter greens sprout and emerge in our gardens, and the dandelions fill our yards, try finding some ways to cleanse your body and mind with some of spring’s treasures.

At this time of year, we are designed to eat lighter and leafier greens, – spring’s medicinal liver cleansing foods (such as dandelions) that are in full abundance.  The flavor of spring is bitter, which in turn supports the liver in cleansing and strengthening.  Walking through the farmers’ market I love to gather bright green baby arugula, an array of sprouts for my spring salads and colorful tulips to beautify my home and office.



o   Eating lighter and more bitter foods

o   Growing your own fresh salad spring garden

o   Sprouting seeds such as alfalfa, broccoli, or sunflower in your kitchen with a sprouting jar.

o   Roasting radishes, asparagus, artichokes and spring onions to support your liver and uplift your spirit.

o   Brewing up some dandelion or nettles’ tea to cleanse your body and support any spring allergies or hay fever.



Organ and Emotion: Liver, Anger and Hope


After a long winter’s rest, a time most of us eat heavier foods and perform less physical activity, our bodies often become more sedentary and our livers more stagnant.  The dominant organ of spring is the liver, housing the emotions of anger and resistance.


As we begin to attune to spring, we naturally support the liver in cleansing, and releasing the anger and resistance that winter has accumulated.  Once our energy begins to flow more freely, and our bodies and minds become clear and free, we are most often left with the inspiration of hope and renewal for what is ahead.  The blooming flowers and new greenery inspire a renewed attitude and passion.



Action: Frolic


One of the most effective ways to energize our lives in the spring is through daily movement. Practices such as yoga, hiking, and dance can help to awaken the spring within us. Enliven your spirit and uplift your moxie with some inspired movement of your own.


I love to take late afternoon walks in the beautiful spring air, sauntering along the creek path near my house where I can behold the array of flowers and trees blooming. Remembering to feel good in our bodies through movement we can savor the sensuality of spring. Enjoying our bodies and the heightened senses that come with spring is one of the most potent ways to elevate our sensuality and pleasure.


Spring is an exciting time to start anew, plant our seeds of intention and watch, tend, and nurture them as the season unfolds.










BKS Iyengar

My phone rang last Friday morning as I was sitting at my desk.  I saw it was one of my close girlfriends calling, so I quickly picked it up. 

She asked how I was doing and how my day was going, like any friend would but there was an obvious tentativeness in her voice.  “I am doing just fine today.” I said, “But how are you?” I asked.  “You sound a little off.” 

Before she could finish her exhale, I could hear her voice shimmer and tears begin to fall.  “What’s going on?” I asked.  Her gentle tears quickly turned into a deep cry.


She went on to explain to me that she was having her menstrual cycle.  She had entertained a few meals of popcorn and chocolate (I know that one).  She was emotional, exhausted, and finding it hard to keep on going at her normal pace. 


“Have you been busy?” I asked.  She responded with an exaggerated “YES!”


Now, I have known this particular friend for many, many years, and we have shared some similar patterns and healing processes.  We have been of great support for each other, reminding the other to slow down, take time for ourselves, and prioritize our self-care. 


Like many of us, she has a very full schedule, an active social life, a demanding career, and she has been trained to keep on going


“Have you taken any downtime for yourself?” I asked.  She predictably said “No”.  “Hmm” I said.  “Is there any way you could take a little time this weekend to rest, restore, reflect, and honor the quiet darkness of your menstrual cycle?” 

Within just a few moments, her sigh of relief told me maybe we were on the right track.  “Of course. How could I have forgotten?” she said. Within moments, she cleared some time in her schedule for an afternoon nap, some time to journal and rest and some time to just be.  As soon as she granted herself permission, she sounded relieved.


This week there was a brilliant full moon rising over the Boulder sky.  I have a monthly ritual of celebrating the full moon with a few of my close friends.  We have discovered that our favorite way to celebrate is to find magnificent spots amidst the Boulder foothills to watch her rise.  


This week the pink moon, the full moon of April, was stunning


The full moon reminds me to simply pause, and connect back in to the beauty of nature, the feminine, the ebb and flow of life, the moments of wonder around us and within us.


There are many ways to touch in with our feminine nature – creative, unique, personal, subtle and universal.  


I wanted share these reminders for you here, because they are setting the table for you to unveil your deepest feminine longings, the strongest parts of yourself and your artistry of living a soulful, pleasurable, sensual life with your feminine forging a new way.  


Our feminine rhythms and cycles are like the stepping-stones between the worldly aspects of ourselves, and the deep wisdom of the feminine that live in each of us – always.  Ironically, most of us have been taught to ignore, override, and push through these natural rhythms.

What is your female wisdom asking of you?


I put together just a few anchors for you this week – some soft and gentle reminders to let your feminine guide you home.  

When we gift ourselves this depth and connection, everything else in our lives begins to flow more smoothly.  We know when to rest, we know what to eat, we know what to do to care for our unique selves, and we know when to expand.  When we trust our intuition and female wisdom, we know how to nourish our bodies, minds, and souls.  


1.  Seasonal Synergy


The cycles of the season are a profound way to synch up with the rhythms of nature, remembering that we ARE nature. Each season has it’s own energetic flow, it’s own seasonal eating alignment, it’s own quality and its own vibration.


Nature goes through everything on the spectrum from full bloom, to death and decay.  


The more we feel into this innate cycle around us, present for all life form on the planet, the more we can ride the waves and rhythms in ourselves. This knowing is embedded in our cells, our DNA and our innate animal wisdom.


The seasonal synergy is intuitive when we listen.  Often, in our bustling culture and our busy day-to-day lives we tend to miss these intuitive cues in ourselves.  Synching up with the season is medicine for the body, mind and soul.


Each season comes with its own unique quality and energy.  


Winter: a time to pull inward, rebuild and restore.  We hibernate to rejuvenate our bodies and souls.

Spring: a time to cleanse, clear, and open and wake up our senses. 

Summer: the most expansive and heart centered celebration of life, play, and pleasure

Autumn: the season of letting go, composting the old and creating new rich and fertile ground to turn inward and tend to.


Each season reminds us of how to best take care of ourselves, feed ourselves, and nourish our hearts and minds.



2.  Full Moon Majesty


In many cultures from all around the world, the sun represents the masculine and the moon, the feminine. 


These two complimentary energies affect all of life on earth, including us humans. The masculine develops an outward expression of strength and power as the feminine reveals flexibility and grace in her natural physical display.  We are always dancing between the two.


Our feminine cycles are like the stepping-stones between the worldly aspects of ourselves, and the deep wisdom of the feminine that lives in each of us – always.  Ironically, most of us have been taught to ignore, override, and push through these cycles.


We have been taught that these feminine cycles might slow us down, make us more emotional, more chaotic, extremely tired and even a little crazy and chaotic if we surrender to them.  Most of us have had a shameful relationship to our feminine cycles passed down to us from many generations and the lineage of women that have come before us.  If not, we are considered a rarity in this day and age.


If you disconnect from your feminine cycles, you disconnect from your bodies wisdom.


Our female cycles are our road map to our own empowerment and the sacred feminine.  The cycles of feminine offer us the energetics to synchronize the larger forces at play around us and within us.  They illuminate our sensuality, our sexuality, and our pleasure potential – which are always shape shifting within the rhythms of our cycles. 


We rest and restore during our menstrual cycle to then energize and expand during ovulation.


Can you give yourself permission to slow down for a few days a month?  


*** If you don't have a cycle, or your cycle is a challenge (for various reasons) try slowing down on the new moon, going into the darkness within and expanding, opening and celebrating during the full moon.


Our moon (menstrual) cycle is our female compass, leading the way and forging the path for us to walk with grace.  Our moon cycle is the most basic and earthly cycle we have.  Our moon cycle is like a small microcosm for the changing seasons, the flowing tides, the waxing and waning moon, and the sacredness of the feminine in all her radiance.



3.  Practice Radical Self-Care


It may sound simple, but many of us find ourselves at the bottom of our own priority list.  Can you treat your inner GODDESS like a queen?  


Sip some passion flower tea, run a warm aroma therapy bath, loose yourself in your favorite novel, take long walks amidst the spring cherry blossoms, or take a long over due goddess nap!


Self-Care comes in many variations and forms – we each have our go-to's.  The common denominator is that we strive to deepen the nourishment for our whole selves – daily.


Just like the rhythms of nature and the feminine, the different aspects of how we incorporate self-care into our routine changes.  With a little practice, we listen, we flow and we learn to follow out intuition for our self-care regiments.


Self-care makes us better people.  

You know it, and I know it.  When we operate from a place of our 'cup runneth over,' we have so much more to give back.  

Think about those days when you can hardly muster making dinner, calling your friend back, or running that extra errand.  Most of us don't feel like our best selves in those moments.  

One important self-care secret is to implement simple and short and do-able self-care steps every day.  Give yourself a little bit of extra love and attention.  It's the little steps consistently that make all the difference.









You are a person who is ready to live your best life–in alignment with your heart, your potential, your clearest energy and vitality, so you can do what you are here to I right?


The truth is...I have occasionally lost sight of these aspects of myself amidst daily living when I get bogged down with stress; when I am not taking good enough care of myself; and when I find myself pushing to hard, forcing things, or coming from fear or lack.

I can get bogged down too.

Today, I want to tell you a little bit about how I pull myself out of these challenges, and remember to move in a forward and positive direction.  How do I get my mojo back?  How do I come back to a balance that works for me?

It is not always easy but it is always worth the effort.

It could be a few nights of not sleeping well.  It could be a stressful situation at home or at work.  It could be that I simply took on too much and overextended myself. (always a work in progress)

Staying in a positive place with day-to-day life is nothing short of a project for most of us.  We juggle so much, we take care of so many others, we wear so many different hats in any given week that we can often loose track of the most important thing of all–ourselves!

So today I want to share with you a few things that I do to get back on track.  I hope they can help inspire you too!



I take some space from my day-to-day busyness. Maybe on a weekend, or maybe I take a day off.  Maybe even a retreat.

I reflect.  I remember what I am wanting for myself.  I sleep.  I slow down.  I gift myself some precious time.  A few weeks ago I took an entire Sunday to rest.  I read my book.  I took a nap.  I cooked some nourishing food for the upcoming week. Honestly, it felt heavenly, and it reset me for the week ahead.




I see this with my clients almost every day, we always do better with structure.  A plan.  A schedule.  A to-do list.  A daily rhythm that works for us. When I loose my groove in this way, I commit to finding my way back.  

I look at my weekly schedule.  I consider adding some important ingredients that will help me get back on track: more sleep, more meditation, more self-care, more yoga, more play, more pleasure.




We all need some support in our lives–a partner, a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or a coach.  Our accountability and success goes sky high when we have support.

Where do you need some support?




At times, I can tell that all I need is a little kickstart.  My body can start to feel a bit stagnant or sluggish.  My sleep patterns can get a bit inconsistent and wakeful.  My mind can feel foggy and unfocussed.  Even my cravings can become more challenging to manage.  


My favorite way to RESET and release these stagnant sluggish feelings is to do a little *CLEANSE-OLOGY*:  A customized approach to starting anew.  

Over the years, I have tried so many versions of this, each one customized for what I am working on.  

I have focused on my physical body at times, remembering the nuts and bolts of whole food eating.

I have focused on my nervous system–healing from a stressful time or challenging time.

I have focused on my mind, and the quality of my thoughts–how do I speak to myself each day?  How is my attitude towards life and daily living?

I have focused on a particular health challenge.  What is the best way to come back to equilibrium when my body is talking to me, and telling me something is out of whack?

For the next few weeks, I will be taking the hand of a few VIP's (that could be you) to do the same. I created a very do-able way (one that I have never done before) that I can customize with you exactly what you need to RESET things in your world.  

The good news for you?  This is the best price point I have ever offered (seriously).  There is limited space, as there is only so much of me to go around, I want to keep this super personalized and supported.  



I have set up all the details in the link below for you to check out. This may be just the thing you need to get you back on track with your 2017 health goals and to make a breakthrough!!



What do you seek to shed this spring to “lighten” up and access your inner freedom, energy and brilliance?

If this feels like the right time and opportunity for you, then I'm really looking forward to taking these next spring steps with you.






I'm sure you've tried them all...


The white knuckle master cleanse (yikes); the face squinting bitter green drinks; the endless meals of kitchari, the gall bladder flush; the colon cleansing that never stops (eek); and even an attempt at being "good" with your sweet treats.  


Nothing has worked...


Not only do you not have time for any more of these trendy health regiments, but you don't have time to feel tired, sluggish, foggy, and a lack of energy.  Am I right?


You don't want to give up your favorite pleasures (nor do I), but you still want results...


This spring I have you covered...


For 30 days, let me take your hand down this winding road to get to know YOU and exactly what YOU need to feel your best. Each of us has a different health history, a different relationship with food, and a unique way to find our freedom and our flow.  


With YOUR WAY in mind, I created CLEANSE-OLOGY:  A customized approach for you to find the skip in your step, the mojo in your metabolism, and the breath of fresh air your body is craving as the new season begins,


This is the best price point I have ever offered and limited to just 10 participants per session.













Imagine with me for a moment:  

  • What if your habit of rolling over and hitting snooze every morning was replaced with a bright eyed and bushy tailed start to the day?


  • What if instead, the sluggish feeling that follows you around all day was replaced wtihinspiration and fervor?


  • What if your oh-so-common brain fog could shift into mental clarity and a laser beam focus?


  • What if your achy joints and inflammation could subside, so you could fully embrace the beauty of spring all around you with more outdoor time, exercise, and freedom to persue your dreams?

What I am going to share with you today comes from what I have personally learned about my energy and vitality through my own experimentation and deep inquiry.  I will also share what has impacted my daily rhythm, my food choices, my sleep patterns, my libido, my cravings and even my internal dialog and self-talk.

I have learned what works for me.  I have learned what is sustainable for me in the world today.  I have learned about health, combined with a deep priority for pleasure, that doesn't feel restrictive or depriving. I have learned to be fluid, feminine and intuitive as things are always changing and I have learned that we each have our own unique recipe for feeling our best.

I have put the past 15+ years of my work into discovering this for myself and today I want to share a couple of these specific nuggets with you – my favorite ones for spring. 

The truths toxicity are real, important and impactful, while also being be daunting, fearful, and overwhelming. Don't worry, I have some answers for you....

These truths have supported me greatly in my own journey with health and high energy living and I want the same to be available for you.  

1.  Toxicity is one of the primary blocks to your metabolism working at it's best. A high toxic load will literally slow down your cellular metabolism of energy. You will feel more sluggish, lethargic, tired, and depleted.

2.  Toxicity can literally impede, inhibit or block the efficient functioning of our cells, tissues, organs, systems and biochemical processes. This could lead to the slow onset of degenerative disease that gets harder and harder to reverse over time. Toxicity makes the body's natural ability to heal and find equilibrium more and more compromised.

3.  Toxicity creates and/or exacerbates inflammation in our bodies.  Many of us in the world today are struggling with inflammation in relationship to various health issues. Inflammation is a big problem, and the root of most health issues. Inflammation is only made worse with some of our daily exposures to toxicity.

4.  When our toxic load is high, accumulated or frequent, it prevents us from burning and releasing fat.  All those attempts you may have made were not futile on your part, you were not at a plateau, or doing things 'wrong'. Your body just cannot lose weight effectively with toxicity in the way.

We all are exposed to high amounts of toxicity in the world today – its unavoidable. Toxicity is prevalent in our food, our water and our air. While we can surely minimize our exposure with clean, healthy living, the reality is toxicity needs a bit more assertion than that for us to feel our best.

I've been busily working on some solutions for you and I have put together some very useful, practical and work-able practices for you to explore .



What do you seek to shed this spring to “lighten” up and access your inner freedom, energy and brilliance?







The aroma from my crockpot fills the house each Sunday afternoon. Something about my house smelling like home cooked soup takes me back to my childhood. As I wipe down the counters and pour another cup of tea, I carefully lift the lid (again) to have yet another little taste. 

Like many of you, I am a creature of habit. 

I like my daily/weekly rhythm. I enjoy cooking my favorite meals regularly,  hikei my favorite trails in Boulder County often, Jason and I have our favorite restaurants around town, and I try to keep up with my most effective and nourishing self-care practices each week. 

While trying new things is also part of my adventurous personality, I do it in smaller increments these days so I don't throw myself too far off from what I know works and feels good. 

This past year, I have added a weekly broth making routine.  Each Sunday morning I get my trusty crockpot going with some delicious broth ingredients. Sometimes I make an alkalizing veggie broth (more to come on that one) and often times slow cooked bone broth.  I drink it regularly throughout the week and I have noticed some key benefits which I want to share with you today. 

Last week I posted the photo above on my Instagram page. I was pleasantly surprised to find more likes and comments than usual.  Many folks requested the recipe, many folks wanted to know more about bone broth, so as promised, here you are:





While you may have heard a lot about bone broth, tasted it at a local health food store, or from your grandmothers soup pot, you may not realize that not only is it super simple to make, but it is also a medicinal nourishing tonic that can make a really big impact on your health. 


Bone broth is becoming so popular amidst recent health and wellness trends for a few very important reasons.





Bone broth is chock full of gelatin.  There have been many studies on the health benefits of gelatin throughout history showing it's healing power for ailments from ulcers, to diabetes to tuberculosis. In the case of your metabolism, a regular dose of gelatin in your diet, especially from homemade bone broth, has been shown to be extremely satiating and metabolically stimulating, as well as decreasing the need for overall protein and fat in the rest of our diets by up to 50%.  Metabolically speaking, bone broth keeps your blood sugar stable and keeps you in the fat burning zone.  




One of the most effective and healing ingredients in bone broth are the amino acids – glutamine and proline. If you suffer from food allergies, leaky gut syndrome, autoimmune symptoms, or IBS, bone broth is for you.  Glutamine is one of my favorite supplements for healing digestion, digestive inflammation while rebuilding and strengthening the digestive wall (which gets thinned during digestive illness).  A regular dose of bone broth will do wonders for your digestion.




Bone broth is also full of glucosamine and chondroitin.  Both of these nutrients are specifically helpful for joint pain, inflammation, arthritis symptoms, and mobility.




Bone broth is a mineral superfood!  Your immune system functions on minerals.  All of the bone broth minerals specifically feed your immune system for a stronger healthier you.  Who knew our grandmothers' chicken soup really was a cure all!




One of the main ingredients found in bone broth is collagen. The main nutrient we need for healthy skin, hair and nails is collagen. Collagen helps to maintain the skin's natural elasticity (good bye wrinkles) while promoting smooth and supple skin.




Bone broth is full of assimilatable natural protein and fat.  Glycine, found in the protein of bone broth, stabilizes your blood sugar, boosts energy production, increases satiation and builds muscle mass.  




While most of us could use a little liver love in the world today, bone broth is an easy tonic to include in your daily regiment to support your liver and kidneys in a gentle yet effective cleansing.  The high amounts of glycine in bone broth are incredibly effective in aiding the body in its natural ability to detoxify regularly.




There are many, many ways to cook bone broth.  Some are plain and simple, while others get more creative and complex.  This favorite of mine is somewhere right in the middle. This one is simple, yet full of some of my favorite spices and flavors.  Try it as a soup, sauce for your favorite stir-fry, or a warming beverage right out of your favorite mug.



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