For years, I have used the same pumpkin pie recipe.  I have modified, tweaked, and fine tuned many variations over time until finally one day, as I dipped into the blender for a final taste, I realized: "This would make an amazing green smoothie". So here you go...  


This seasonal green smoothie is a tasty and nourishing way to fuel your body during the festive week ahead.


With all the warming pumpkin pie spices, a big handful of greens and all that delicious pumpkin flesh I hope you will love this easy to make, delicious and energizing smoothie as much as I do.




To make this into your pumpkin pie filling simply add 2 eggs, and bake at 425, and bake for 15 min.  Then reduce heat to 350 and bake 45 min more until set.  Let sit for approximately 1 hour and serve.






Roasted brussels with balsamic glaze & toasted pine nuts




There is nothing like roasted veggies and nuts at this time of year.  To me they make up the perfect side dish to any festive holiday meal.


Once you get the hang of veggie roasting, you too will see that with just a few ingredients and a little time, you can create delicious, warming, and nutrient dense additions to any meal.


  • Brussels sprouts are part of the brassica family, closely related to cabbage, kale and mustard greens, known for their highly medicinal properties. 


  • Brussels are very high in fiber, vegetable protein, and alpha-lipoid acid – an antioxidant that has been show to support insulin and blood sugar stabilization.


  • Brussels are also very high in vitamin K, making them great for bone health an calcium absorption.  


  • Brussels sprouts are one of the best veggie sources for omega-3 fatty acids.


Warm and crispy roasted brussels are one of my favorite parts of any Thanksgiving feast.









There is nothing better than sharing delicious food with loved ones, which is why Thanksgiving is the absolute best holiday! Whether you spend your Thanksgiving morning watching the Macy's Parade, doing a "Turkey Trot", or even just hang out with your family, you all know the joyful feeling of walking into the kitchen and smelling the amazing Thanksgiving fragrance. 


If you are a side-dish-lover like myself, then you are going to fill up your plate with this warming and fresh dish!

Ditch the classic sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and substitute it with this healthier sweet squash! This dish encompasses every fall craving from the warm sweet cinnamon flavor to the crunchy cool pomegranate seeds with a light kick of pepper too! 

This easy and delicious dish will have the whole family coming back for seconds!







Pumpkin season is here! And there are so many ways to incorporate this delicious orange vegetable, and its healthy, crunchy seeds, into your diet.


Green pumpkin seeds, or pepitas, are excellent for supporting a happy mood thanks to the tryptophan they contain, plus they're also great for prostate health thanks to their zinc content - so all you men out there should especially eat them up!




These muffins are really low in added sugar.  Bananas, Turkish figs, and a little coconut sugar lend a great balance of natural sweetness, along with lots of minerals.  The almond flour and eggs provide lots of protein to keep you full and energized throughout the day. 


Cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg, and allspice lend these muffins a warming, nourishing flavor and scent that will have you loving every bit of Autumn. Click the button below to find the recipe from our team member, Ailsa's, food blog – .Food to Feel Good – Happy eating!








"Only the pure of heart can make a good soup"



This time of year is all about staying cozy, boosting our immunity, nourishing ourselves with warming foods, and beginning to turn inward as the darker nights approach.




This delicious {vegan} creamy soup has all the flavors of fall and some really warming and immune boosting spices to get your immune system in tip-top shape.


Pumpkin is also full of very assimilating vitamin C, which is another great addition to your immune system as the seasons change.


Bon Appetit!!










"Pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes"

These guilt-free delicious cookies satisfy that Halloween-triggered sweet tooth!

Super quick and easy prep! Took about 5-7 minutes for the dough and only 15 minutes in the oven! 

Super quick and easy prep! Took about 5-7 minutes for the dough and only 15 minutes in the oven! 

Some Interesting Pumpkin Health Facts: 

  • Pumpkin is great for your vision with that hearty does of vitamin A (beta carotene). 

  • Health magazine reported the orange color (carotenoids) are great for healthy radiant skin.

  • The fleshy pumpkin is full of a healthy immunity dose of vitamin C. 

As we embrace the beautiful changing fall weather, our bodies naturally crave the seasonal foods associated with this time of year. With the abundance of winter squash, root vegetables, and warming spices, we can attune to the season of fall on a physical and energetic level. 

When the month of October comes around, candy floods the grocery stores. It becomes almost impossible to resist the sweet-tooth temptation within us all. So why resist? Embrace your sweet-tooth! Ditch the candy aisle and head to your kitchen! These pumpkin cookie are the perfect amount of sweet – guilt-free treats. 


IMG_0388 (1).jpg







Greeting Super heroines/heroes...

The world feels heavy lately. 


As I rested in bed the other night attempting to fall asleep (to get my full 8 hours), I found myself listing in my head, all of the natural disasters and world tragedies that have been happening over the past few months.  It. Was. Very. Long.

Running though this incredibly long list, I realized my very personal connection – through family, friends, clients, and travel – to each and every one. 

The world has surely been asking us to step up as our super heroine/hero personas lately.  

...To stay strong and brave in the face of natural disasters.

...To stand strong and true in the rise of women's voices.

...To offer our unique support to those in need.

...And to take a stand for our personal health - so that we can better serve those we love (and our planet)



Clearly, the world needs us now, more than ever before (at least in my lifetime). Whether in our small circles of life (always a priority) and/or on a global scale – whatever we have got to give is needed. 

We need to embolden each other and we need to tend to and fuel ourselves well, so that we can be of service.



So today, I wanted to highlight The National Breast Cancer Foundation. Each year, October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The National Breast Cancer Foundation provides help and inspires hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services

In my practice, Boulder Nutrition, I have treated and supported many women in both prevention and nutritional support during treatment of breast cancer. So today, I wanted to dedicate the following article to:

  • Reaching out in the support of the many people whose lives have been touched by cancer, directly or through loved ones.


  • Honoring the unbelievable journeys that so many woman (and men) have faced.


  • Understanding early detection, prevention, self care and taking the best route to understanding our unique health and hormones. 


  • Gathering all the most current research and information so that we can do everything we can to EMBRACE PREVENTION. 






The current research states that women today have a 1 in 8 chance of receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.  This is a scary fact and one that we can change with some of these important prevention steps. 

In a review of 81 different studies, there is evidence showing that if we could improve our life styles and our over all health we could collectively decrease the rate of breast cancer by 40% or more.




*According to John Hopkins medical center:  "Forty percent of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump, so establishing a regular breast self-exam is very important.”

The recommendations is to self-examine at least once per month (if not more) to not only get to know the way your breasts feel but to stay aware of any changes (big or small).


There are three optimal ways to perform a self-exam:


  • Perform self-exams in the shower, including armpit areas.  Use a circular motion with a medium pressure.


  • Perform self-exams in front of the mirror and get to know how your breasts look.  Stay aware of both visual changes, and textural changes.


  • Perform self-exams lying down.  When we lie down, our breast tissue spreads out and we have a different kind of access.  Raise the arm of the breast you are examining and use a medium pressure and a circular motion.





We all live in today's bustling and busy world. If you are like me, sometimes it feels like it is impossible to catch a break.  


While our world is getting faster and more full, our sleep is becoming even more relevant to our over all health.  


Check this out:

  • If you sleep eight hours per night (or more), you lower your chances for breast cancer by 72%.
  • Trouble sleeping? Add in a time released melatonin (which also decreases breast cancer) to help with deeper more restful sleep, as well as overall antioxidant and immuno-support




Your liver is the most valuable organ when it comes to breast cancer prevention.

When your liver is healthy and strong you can effectively metabolize excess estrogens and other toxins in the body. When a toxin binds to a hormone receptor, it usually binds permanently, blocking/preventing the body from a healthy function and metabolization of that hormone.

This is not a recommendation to go on crazy liquid diets or the master cleanse, but rather a chance to do a simple seasonal clean eating plan, including detoxifying herbs, remedies, foods, and supplements.



  • Keeping your body and your diet as "cleanse friendly" as possible day to day.
  • Minimizing your fish intake to 2-3 servings per week to avoid heavy metals (and stay away from fish known for extra high heavy metal toxicity).
  • Take detoxifying supplements and herbs (see below).
  • Perform a seasonal cleanse or purification to keep your body cleansing regularly.
  • Detox your home from synthetic (toxic) products that can be replaced with more natural cleaners, detergents, scents and products.




The ways in which we feed our bodies is very integral in how we feel, in the levels of internal inflammation we have in our bodies, and in how our hormones respond and balance out (including estrogen)


There are three very important aspects to consider in your diet for breast cancer prevention:


1.  The quality of our food (whole, clean, natural, organic).

2.  The inflammatory characteristics of our food.

3.  The insulin response to our food.


Some dietary recommendations:

  • Eat a diet based on whole natural ingredients. Eat organic whenever possible.  
  • Add lots of leafy green vegetables, especially of the broccoli family.  *A study in JAMA (Journal of American Medicine) showed that eating 5 servings of the broccoli family (cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli, radish, cauliflower etc) decreases breast cancer by 50%.
  • Avoid inflammatory foods such as gluten, sugar, refined carbohydrates and artificial ingredients.  
  • Be careful with soy.  Over 95% of our american soy is GMO so if you are going to eat it (in small amounts) be sure it is organic.  *A recent study from JAMA (Journal of American Medicine) states that small amounts of soy actually decrease the recurrence of breast cancer.
  • Eat low glycemic food. Keep your blood sugar stable.  High levels of insulin cause both inflammation and an imbalance in hormones, including estrogen. A high glycemic diet increases  chances of breast cancer by 44%.
  • Eat healthy natural fats found in nature.  (No need to eat low fat, just good fat.)





It is important to remember that dietary supplements are not meant to substitute for medications and treatments involved with breast cancer, but they can give you a better chance at staying healthier longer. 


Supplements, if used correctly, boost our energy, send high powered antioxidants through our bodies, and provide the balanced nutrition and high powered super fuel we can almost always use to improve our health, either preventatively or to treat our common health issues.


The fast pace and high intensity of our modern lifestyles, increased stress levels at home and work compared to times past, and the incredible amount of toxic burden in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat all dramatically increase the body's requirements for nutrients -- not calories, but nutrients, the biochemical constituents we need to adapt to and compensate for the challenges of modern life.


Buy fewer supplements and buy the high quality, natural, pure and professional grade supplements so that you get the most value and you see the results you want.


Supplements to consider:

  • A high potency multivitamin: A well rounded dose of all the essential vitamins and minerals will ensure the best cellular, metabolic, and detoxification mechanisms in the body.
  • Omega 3: Omega 3's are some of the most potent and anti-inflammatory oils you can add into your supplement protocol.  *Studies show that when a women has adequate levels of omega 3's she decreases her chance of breast cancer by 32%.
  • Probiotic: I am sure you have heard about the second brain, or the micro biome?  Daily doses of a well rounded LIVE probiotic will ensure your digestive flora are in good standing supporting you in the optimal absorption of all the other nutrients you need to feel your best. 
  • Iodine (with Selenium): Iodine deficiency is very common (more often noted for the thyroid). Supplementing with iodine has been shown to help the normal structure of the breast tissue.  Adequate iodine literally turns off the production of estradiol.
  • DIM: Diindolmethane is the phytochemical produced in the digestion of the brassica family (broccoli) is integral in the metabolizing of estrogen through the liver.  DIM literally balances hormones from PMS to menopausal symptoms to decreasing risk of breast cancer.
  • Vitamin D3:  Vitamin D deficiency is extremely high (even in sunny areas). Vitamin D3 Inhibits growth of breast cancer cells. Ensure that your levels are where they need to be, if not add regular dose of vitamin D.
  • Whey protein:  Whey protein boosts glutathiones levels in the liver, and aids the body in the detoxification process. Whey is also known to chelate to heavy metals (such as mercury) and aid in the elimination through stage II detoxification.
  • CoQ10:  If you are deficient in CoQ10 (usually from being on a statin drug) you increase your risk of breast cancer by 800%. If you are taking a statin drug, please take a regular daily dose of a highly concentrated CoQ10.


I know this is a lot to keep track of, so I created a little check list for you to download:




I know many of you have been through incredible journeys of your own, and found oodles of information, resources, support and hope.  Please comment below with any tips, websites, books, or pieces of information you think we should know about.  Your knowledge is so valuable.

If you have questions, stories, confusion or anything at all that you would like to share, please join our conversation in the comments below.


With All  Love,














There are many aspects of our health that take a lot of love and patience,

.... learning how to cook a healthy meal for ourselves

.... learning how to listen to what our bodies need

.... and learning how to create a healing (and even enchanting) relationship with our money.

Our health simmers together, the many ingredients and aspects of our divinely complex beings. What we eat, how we eat, the amount of deep sleep we get, the quality of our thoughts and our relationships, our daily rhythms and rituals, as well as our relationship to money.

So when I crossed paths (literally) with my friend Bari Tessler on our favorite trail in the Boulder foothills (you can find either of us there almost daily), I was delighted at the idea and opportunity to collaborate with her on an inspiring health and wealth conversation.

Bari Tessler is author of The Art of Money: A Life Changing Guide to Financial Happiness, financial therapist, mamapreneur, and founder of The Art of Money: A Global Yearlong Money School. She genuinely supports her students in both the practical tools and systems to sort out their money, along with her very personal and body-centered transformative touch (including a lot of chocolate – we have this in common) to help us transform our relationship with money – I joined the very first year.

Bari's methodology is like no other I have ever experienced. Her program supported me to make many, many financial breakthroughs, including kindling a love affair with my finances. She teaches about earning, saving, spending, and investing. But not in the way you’d expect... Because (as Bari says) money isn’t just about dollars and cents.

{It's more about money healing, money practices, money maps, and a few chocolatey money mochas – listen below to learn more}

In this week's episode of SATIATE: MONEY, MOCHAS, AND MASTERING YOUR MOJO, you will:


  • Get a sneak peek into the unique methodology of the Art of Money.


  • Learn Bari's favorite money tool {hint: it's not what you think}


  • Explore your “money shame” with simple (yet profound) mindfulness practices


  • Use ritual (with maybe a little chocolate), forgiveness, and contemplation to cultivate a sense of wholeness and peace with your finances.








The trees on my neighborhood street are utterly glowing with the reds and oranges of fall. I often find myself staring out the window or walking through the neighborhood, watching the leaves fall one by one.  


Nature's glow is similar to the inner glow that I feel at this time of year. The warming colors of orange, gold and crimson feel somewhat therapeutic.


For me, it's the little moments of presence and gratitude that makes the season of Fall so majestic. 

So today, in the spirit of the changing seasons and the majesty of watching nature let go, I thought we could take a little stroll together through the fall leaves, looking at some of the important qualities of the changing season that can lend themselves to our strength, vitality and nourishment.  

In this week's episode of SATIATE {my new podcast}, you will find some supportive and inspiring tips to bring with you as you stroll through the fall leaves towards your health and happiness:

  • Learn the energetic qualities of Fall


  • Listen to some recommendations around how to best nourish yourself at this time of year.


  • Deepen you understanding of Fall's complimentary organ: how to take the best care for immunity, strength and optimal health.


  • Check out some of my favorite self-care and nourishment practices for this season.





Interested in more?  Our upcoming retreat, EAT. BREATHE. NOURISH. in Nosara, Costa Rica (November 8-15th) is a deep dive into the wisdom of our bodies, our authentic relationships to food, health, happiness, and how to fine-tune this relationship with baby steps, practice, gentleness and growth. We have a few spots left.  View all the details HERE.

I hope these reflections help you on your quest, and if you have any comments, thoughts, questions, or anything to add, feel free to reply.  I love hearing from you. 








For me, fall is a beckoning to nourish, tend to myself, turn inward, and let go. Following the currents of nature in all her forms has always been one of my most supportive guidance systems.

The seasons and cyclical rhythms of nature help me in governing how I move through my life, my eating, and my daily practice. Nothing feels more wise, whole and informative to me.  

Shifting our relationship to food and our bodies is a windy road, one where we can find ourselves lost, with no cell phone reception.

There were many times in my life when I was very confused about my eating.

One that stands out was circa 2001. Ironically, I was immersed in my masters program, studying nutrition – a typical time to get confused. The majority of my studies took place during what I referred to as my nap time empire, back in the day when naps still existed in my house.

I remember a very specific moment while sitting at my desk, Ari tucked away for a nap and Elijah down the street at pre-school: As I eagerly leafed through yet another nutrition book on my required reading list, I noticed that this very book contradicted the previous one.  

After sitting in this new confusion for a while, thinking to myself: "Which one am I going to pick? What will I suggest to my soon to be clients? How do I stand by one way, when there are so many?"

Weeks passed while I was stuck on this crux and it meant everything to me. Eventually, a truth struck me in one grand AHA moment:  "I don't have to choose.  Everyone has their own needs, wants and desires. There is no one way. My job is to support folks to find their way."

I know it may sound overly simplified now and I will admit those were some very sleep deprived days for me, but today I continually see this epidemic happening all around me.  

I sit in my office day after day with folks who are utterly confused. Many are choosing an eating style based on what their spouse, best friend, favorite magazine or yoga teacher is talking about. 


Yes, sometimes it works... but sometimes it really doesn't.  

Eating and nourishing ourselves has become one of the most complicated and confusing things we do in today's world – especially when we add in our busy, fast-paced lifestyles and the one way is the way approach that so much of the modern media is implying. 

Often we are left with guilt or hunger or exhaustion or just plain hopelessness.

I am sure, if you are like most of us, you have tried a few different things in your foodie life, as have I.  

So today, I thought we could shed some light on things that I find to be helpful in this conversation.

Here is a glance at some of the realizations I have had along the way, through my own insight, but also through observing hundreds of eaters with every kind of history under the sun, in my private practice, Boulder Nutrition.


These touchstones are reminders here because they are setting the table for our personal artistry of living (and eating) a soulful and pleasurable life, with our authenticity forging a new path.



Implementing authentic eating as practice is a healing tool for our health, our body image and our pleasure possibilities.


Living this way may look very different for each of us, as we are each totally unique and individuated in our expression of authenticity in our lives and in our eating. There is no exact formula for this genuine expression, but rather a gentle honoring in how it manifests and is embodied in each of us.  We may have to clear some cultural and social beliefs about how we think we should be, to then make space for how we truly arewith our authenticity and primal wisdom leading the way.


Soulful Superfood #1:

The Why's

When we flow with our natural rhythm, we create personal freedom.


The more we feel into the elemental cycles around us, present for all life forms on the planet, the more we can ride the waves and rhythms in ourselves. This knowing is embedded in our true nature, our cellular DNA and our innate animal wisdom.


Our authentic rhythms are like a current of knowledge that is already within us. We can tap in at any time.  When we allow ourselves to flow with our natural currents, we begin to see our rhythms as a gift, as spiritual freedom and as our truest nature.


For example, as women, our female cycles are our road map to our own empowerment and to the sacred feminine. Each of the four seasons is reflected in the bodily cycles (moon cycle) we experience each month. By tuning into our cycles of body and earth, we are able to watch the shape shifting of our energy, our sensuality, our cravings, and our pleasures and tend to them with care and devotion.


Within our primal and animal feminine intelligence, when we return with reverence to the natural cycles of body and earth as our primary guidance system, over time we can soothe and remedy our lives – including our moon cycle and our monthly hormonal balance our eating, and our personal care.


We don't have to pick one eating style or commit to one way. We can flow, groove and evolve our eating to match the other aspects of our lives.  Our eating can become fluid, freeing, and attuned with our bodies, minds and souls.


As we become more balanced and authentic in our eating, our renewed relationship to food and our bodies will cultivate a higher inner awareness.  We will begin to trust our (wise) cravings and make choices that are strengthening, comforting and health promoting.



Soulful Superfood #2:

The How's

I know this approach works for me personally because it feels like a great big exhale in my body.


As I mentioned, we all have to find our way.  I can only truly speak from my own personal experience on this one, even though I have heard many many testimonials from my clients and my online community.  


So when we talk about how this has worked for me, it feels like it is not even a choice at this point. My emotions surely play a big role in my appetite, my blood sugar screams loudly when not attended to, my hormones have some pretty specific requests and my creativity and inspiration in creating food, eating food, sharing food, and teaching about food are being downloaded on a daily basis.  


So, when I sit and breakdown how to practice authentic eating step by step, here is what comes:


Find a method that supports your mind-body connection

One of the most valuable tools we can hone as an eater is our mind-body connection. Building this connection is a healing tool for both our body confidence and our creating interoceptive awareness.  Our mind-body connection increases both our sensitivity to sensorial experiences in the body as well as the perception of these signals.  

There are many ways to fine-tune our mind-body connections.  Here are a few of my favorite:

  • Incorporate downtime for reflection and rest (electronic free) each day.
  • Spend some time in nature each week.
  • Practice an awareness art such as yoga, meditation, reflective journalling, tai chi, or forest bathing,
  • Create a consistent morning ritual, intention practice or gratitude practice. (even if you only have 5 min)



There is a big difference between our physical hunger and our emotional hunger.  Our emotions don't have a stomach, so they can never be truly hungry or truly be satiated.  When we take a moment to check in with our body's physical hunger cues we often get a more authentic answer.  This takes a little practice.  

Stop.  Pause. Take a deep breath.  Place your hand on your stomach.  

Ask the question:  "What are you hungry for?"

If the answer has nothing to do with food (i.e.  you need a hug, a good cry, or a nap) give yourself permission to listen.



Feeling full vs feeling satiated are two very different things.  In fact, the most common reason for overeating is due to not being satiated.  When were are eating out of balance for our unique bodies and our unique metabolisms, it is very hard to feel satiated.  

Satiation occurs when we are meeting our physical needs for protein, fat, and carbs, as well as taking the time and space to eat slowly and mindfully.  

{A recent study showed when eating in front of the TV, humans are known to eat up to 50% more food per meal. }

We can't navigate our hunger and satiation cues when we are distracted, checked out, or rushed.

Satiation can also mean personal fulfillment.  When we are more satiated in our daily lives, our relationships, our jobs, and our free time, we will find a more easeful relationship with our eating.


learn your Metabolic Type

How you feel after a cup of really strong coffee, or a sugary treat may be very different than me. How you feel after a grass fed piece of steak or a yummy bowl of vegan lentil soup might be very different than your sister.

We all have such unique body chemistries, sensitivities, likes or dislikes, histories, hormonal balances/imbalances and metabolisms that with any investigation it would only make sense that food will react in our bodies in different ways.

We can fine-tune our diets to match our unique bodies, our goals for our health, and how we want to optimize our personal metabolism and energy. 

Metabolic typing is the very complete and science based system that I use to learn how to customize nutritional needs for the individual.  This information gives us a "recipe" for how to fuel our unique body chemistries – to feel more satiated, energized, and nourished.



Food is often used as a way to punish or reward ourselves (or both).  We tell ourselves we "deserve" it, when in reality the act of binging on potato chips leaves us feeling worse than when we started.  We find ourselves eating our emotions, stuffing our feelings with food, or numbing ourselves and our suffering with sugar.  

Respecting out bodies with our eating involves feeding ourselves in a way that leaves us energized, uplifted, inspired, satiated, and loved.  



The cycles of nature act as a wonderful backdrop for eating.  Each season is fresh with it's customized goodies, it's flavors, and it's energetics.  Within the seasons, nature goes through everything on the spectrum – from full bloom to death and decay. These are the pulsations of life.

According to Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, each season comes with a unique energetic quality, nourishment, complimentary organ, emotion and action. Synchronizing with each season’s expression is like medicine for the body, mind and soul.  

Your authenticity lies in your primal animal being which is and always has been nature.  


practice: The way out is always in

Take inventory and care of your inner landscape. Rather than avoiding a situation, a feeling, or a truth (which often turns into acting out in our eating) allow the space, time, and reality of the situation to move through you completely. The uncomfortable feelings will pass. Strong feelings are intimidating and even scary at times, but they also have a habit of sticking around until we face them.

We are a culture that often looks outside of ourselves for the answers. While I am a firm believer in getting the support I need, I have also found that even asking two different friends, therapists, or sisters for the same advice can lead with two very different suggestions (even opposites). Include asking yourself for advice. You know the answers. Only you know what is best for you and what aligns with you.



Soulful Superfood #3:

Reflections from the Yoga of Eating Retreat


Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 3.25.29 PM.png



Here is a beautiful interpretation of how our authentic eating and living can really impact our health and overall life experience through the eyes of one of our Yoga of Eating retreaters. This (spontaneous) share is so beautiful and appreciated.

"On our retreat, women come from all over the country, varying in age by about 40 years. Everyone had unique reasons for coming, but despite all our different backgrounds and current life affairs, we all had some a similar goal. We all wanted to find a way to relax and find balance in our relationship with food and our bodies, by allowing ourselves this time away from everything else.
It’s sad to recognize that most of us feel pretty inadequate much of the time. There are so many demands that just pile up and up and up….it’s quite easy to feel overwhelmed and a bit lost. The thing that really hit me during our talks was that we are all dealing with this same, deep burden in different ways. For some of us it’s eating disorders, for others, it’s over-working to the point of depression and exhaustion. Some of us might be able to function in the day-to-day just fine, but there is a lingering feeling that something is missing.
Taking a deeper look at our authentic feelings and how they relate to our eating patterns is totally eye-opening. We might choose to stuff ourselves with food due to a struggle with communication, by using our mouths to push everything down, instead of getting feelings out. We may use food as a shield, to hide from the world under extra weight. We may crave certain types of foods for comfort or as a distraction because we don’t know how to sit with an uncomfortable emotion.
The great news is that acknowledging these unhealthy habits is the first step towards turning them around. Being in a group of women sharing their hearts like this really makes you realize you’re not alone – we all have our shit. We all have issues. It’s how you decide to handle them that matters and nothing is set in stone.
At one point during the weekend Sue brought up the idea of flavors and how they relate to feelings or emotions. For example, spicy foods can evoke warmth and passion, and we often turn to sweet foods for comfort and love. This hit me like a lightning bolt. I realized that some days I feel like I’m giving the world 110%, I’m trying my very best to be loving and kind, but I don’t feel like the world is giving that back to me. Days like this really stress me out and get me down, and I find myself looking for comfort in sweets.
Don’t get me wrong, I have a sweet tooth in general and I don’t need to feel a bit blue to get a hankering. But, after really thinking about this concept for a while it makes sense that those cravings become much stronger on the days I’m in need of a little extra comfort.
Ailsa Cowell
Food to Feel Good



Join us for our next immersion illuminating the self-care, yogic, and food-centric aspects of the feminine














“Spice your food with love,
and it pleases every palate”


“In my family, we always say ‘the spicier the better.’ That’s why we included two of our favorite ingredients in today’s green smoothie. While by now you know we are chocolate lovers, and that there are many medicinal and pleasure based qualities to chocolate, try kicking it up with yet another superfood – cayenne pepper.


Mexican Chocolate .jpg


My son Elijah used to work for an organic farm where every fall they would harvest their cayenne peppers. One of Elijah’s jobs was to grind the dried peppers down to make them into the spice many of us know and love.  


Elijah would come home after long days at the farm working in greenhouse, grinding cayenne pepper, feeling better than ever. He would tell me his sinuses never felt clearer, and he thought of this process as a cleanse for his whole body and mind.  


We still have his homegrown cayenne pepper in our spice cupboard, and every time I use it I think of how elevated he felt as he ground it up for our cooking.”        


Health Fact: Cayenne pepper has many many health benefits, along with making a lot of foods taste yummy.


One of our favorites is how cayenne pepper (capsicum) boosts our metabolism and invigorates our energy. Cayenne pepper also boosts immunity, especially in the lungs and sinuses, making it a great remedy for the common colds and flus.


Cayenne is wonderfully detoxifying, good for circulation, and as my dear dad says: “cleans the blood.” Cayenne pepper can be used as a digestive support, including alleviating gas, bloating, and indigestion.







with Creamy Avocado Lime Dressing





This beautiful dish is a sneak peek into some of the nourishing meals we'll be serving at The Yoga of Eating Retreat this weekend!  It's a fresh, crunchy combination of romaine lettuce, yellow peppers, jicama, and radishes, topped with toasted chipotle pepitas, cilantro, scallions and a creamy avocado dressing.  So good - and so good for you. 



Fall is upon us! And with it comes amazing seasonal produce, like peppers, radishes, and tomatoes.  



Peppers are a colorful way to spice up any dish. This recipe uses yellow bell peppers for a pop of color and sweetness.  They're also a great source of Vitamin C and beta-carotene, to support your immune system going into the colder weather.



Radishes add a different kind of kick, with a refreshing and crisp spiciness to them.  They're full of antioxidants called anthocyanins, which have been found to specifically support the cardiovascular system and reduce inflammation.  Radishes are also a great detox food, as they help purify the blood and eliminate toxins. 






We can't forget about the tomatoes this time of year.  These bright orange cherry tomatoes are the perfect sweet addition to this recipe.  Lycopene is a special antioxidant in tomatoes that benefits the eyes and heart while reducing the risk of cancer and orange tomatoes may actually contain more of this nutrient than red ones.



The Yoga of Eating Retreat is about connecting the gap between your food, mind, body, and spirit.  Meals like this Chopped Fiesta Salad help us do just that.  Get the recipe below and enjoy the rise of fall!



Recipe and Photos from Ailsa Cowell at Food to Feel Good





Homemade Coconut (soaked) Granola


Homemade Coconut (soaked) Granola



With the first signs of fall, I am immediately drawn into my kitchen.  Roasting is one of the cooking styles I often associate with the weather changing and first signs of autumn.  




This particular recipe is just delicious with late summer peaches and strawberries on top, or even the early signs of apple season.


Why soaked?  When we soak our grains and nuts, it breaks down the enzyme inhibitors that tend to make digestion a bit more work on the body (great if you are healing your digestion) and in this particular recipe, the oats are soaked in a mix of yogurt and coconut oil which also begins the fermentation of the grain, adding in the potent probiotics that aid in digestion, boost the nutrient density of our food and build immunity for the coming season change.


The nuts in this particular recipe are also soaked and roasted (play with which nuts you want to include), which is optional but well worth the effort.  You can find out how to soak and roast your nuts HERE.


The extra little bit of sea salt mixed with the sweet flavors of raw honey and cinnamon are such a favorite combination of mine. I hope you enjoy this yummy recipe as much as I do.  


granola jar.jpg


Try it with any variety of milk, or yogurt, or just as an on the go snack.




The Reality of Imperfection


The Reality of Imperfection



I rolled out my purple manduka yoga mat last Friday morning.

The lights were nice and dim in the yoga room as the other students entered to get settled. After a long and full week, I knew I needed to get on my mat and unwind.  

I gazed down towards my hot pink toenails as we took our first forward bend and I let out a big exhale.  "I am so glad I am here" I thought to myself. "I really need this time for myself today".


As we began our yoga practice, my dear friend and teacher read a quote to the class.  It was just perfect for me on this particular day– almost as if it was written just for me.  

I want to share it with you today:





The truth is *|FNAME|*, we are all human.  We all ride the waves of life as best we can.  


Most of us strive for health.  Most of us strive for peace.  Most of us strive for success, financial freedom, love, support, and purpose.  

Sometimes, things go our way and we feel on point, satisfied, and fulfilled. Other times, things fall apart. Life gives us challenges (some big, some small). In response, we don't sleep as well. We get tired. We get stressed out. We worry. We stew. We judge ourselves for not being perfect, and our lives for not looking perfect. 

Like most of you, I can pinpoint many of the big and small moments of challenge that have come my way. Life is an ever changing dynamic array of ups and downs: From flat tires to hospital visits and from disappointment to financial distress.

When things fall apart, we often find ourselves stuck in coping skills and old habits that don't do us any good...


  • Being our own worst critic and berating ourselves for 'messing up'.
  • Numbing ourselves through alcohol, sugar, TV, sex or emotional eating.
  • Self medicating our exhaustion with caffeine and stimulants.
  • Over spending, over eating, over indulging, over exercising, over sleeping.
  • Throwing our self-care out the window because we are too overwhelmed.

... and then whole cycle starts over.

Perfection is our (collective) problem.  We want the perfect life, the perfect body, the perfect job, the perfect kids, the perfect bank account, the perfect house, the perfect partner, or the perfect ___________. This is our humanness, a consciousness that we all share.

And when we don't get it (none of us ever really do), the endless chase leaves us exhausted and empty.

The anecdote to our addiction to perfection is progress.

Progress is looking back and seeing where we have come from, and the baby steps we have made towards our own definition of personal success. As well, the milestones we have crossed, the hard life lessons we have learned (those one that surely have made us stronger) and the new positive habits we have formed with an eagle eye view on how we are creating an imperfect life we love.  

Take a big step back.  


Look at the big picture.  

Take care of your important self.  

See the good.  

Lean into your support.

Nourish yourself well with food, rest, exercise and self-care.

Take a break. 

Talk yourself through it
(just as you would your own best friend, sister, or child).

Stop comparing yourself and your life to those around you. (never a good idea)

Surrender to the process, and mark your progress.

Most of all, let go of perfection.

If you are needing a moment, a pause, a break, some support, some perspective, and some time to deeply nourish yourself, I am personally inviting you to join me on retreat this fall. We have some amazing opportunities for you to come home to yourself HERE (locally and internationally).  

These retreats support you in strengthening your relationship to yourself, the daily practices that help you along the way, and the customized ways in which you can surf the waves of  your life with just a little bit more ease.











This salad is such a colorful, nourishing dish - filled with purple and green cabbage, red leaf lettuce, carrots, blueberries, and pepitas.  It's topped with a super simple red wine vinaigrette so you can easily whip up this healthy meal when you're short on time!




Cabbage is a really filling and crunchy way to get some high quality produce variation in your diet.  It's packed with fiber, Vitamin C, and compounds that support your body's cancer-fighting abilities and natural detoxification processes.



Some other benefits of cabbage are its price; even organic cabbage is very affordable plus it holds up really well in the fridge- so you can create one big bowl of this salad to snack off of all week long.



Blueberries are an ultimate superfood.  They are overflowing with antioxidants, helping to reduce the effects of toxins and inflammation on your body, while also providing a mild sweetness without any negative effects on your blood sugar.  I love the bright blue color they add to this dish. 



Eat the rainbow and make this beautiful salad tonight, get the recipe by hitting the button below!




Recipe and photo credit: Ailsa Cowell at Food to Feel Good.








I grew up road tripping in a Country Squire Ford Station Wagon.

My father, still king of the road at almost 80 years old, loved going on family adventures on the open Canandian roads.  My parents would put down the back seats, fill the 'very back' of the wagon with pillows and blankets and off we would drive, with Willie Nelson playing on the 8-track. (I know, I just dated myself)

I used to love my turn in the front seat, with the best view of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the freedom and adventure I felt as I stared (for hours) at the open road ahead.

When I look back now, especially at photos like the one I shared above (obviously I am the one on the left), I see where I still carry this early part of childhood in my DNA.  

Travelling, adventuring, and exploring many parts of the world (not limited to road trips) is still a big part of my life and my passion.  

So when the inspiration came to take Boulder Nutrition on the road, it felt like a resounding YES and perfect timing!!!  

A lot of things have changed in my life over the past few years:

  • Elijah, my older son moved out on his own.
  • My business has become almost 50% online and still growing.
  • I have begun leading retreats SOLO most of the time, which was a new and scary endeavor.
  • I have been able to, and loved to travel both with my amazing partner and often times, all of our kids.
  • My Boulder Nutrition Retreat schedule is full of exciting upcoming trips to beautiful places.
  • I feel ready and thrilled to spread Boulder Nutrition love to a further reach.

My life is always my teacher and the biggest inspiration for my writing and my work. 

Traveling and teaching on a larger scale has been a big dream of mine for many years.  So, I have been planning some travel and adventure while I share my work around the country (and world) and I am thrilled that Ari (my son) will be joining me most of the time. While I couldn't be more excited about the 'open road', I am also intent on savoring these last couple of years with him still at home–my high schooler who loves to road trip with me.

Soooooo, I wanted to let you know we will be heading out on the road (or occasionally by plane) to share my work and my message with as many folks as I can and to share some great adventures together. I will still be working in my beloved North Boulder office most weeks, but fitting in our travel schedule on weekends with the occasional longer stints.

Will I see you?  

Check out locations and dates below and let's talk about meeting up.  If your home town is not on the list, feel free to join me on one of the amazing Boulder Nutrition Retreats coming up – I would love to hang with you!!

Want to see what we are up to?  You can check us out on instagram for daily stories and updates (along with lots of free resources and recipes):



Click the icon below to follow our road trip on Instagram here:

Be sure to peruse all the details for this fall's exciting Boulder Nutrition Road Trip and Retreat schedule (local and international options available).  

PS. If you want to host me in your town, let me know!!



Take a well deserved break, share in the sisterhood, thrive through the practices of yoga, meditation, inspired living, experiential cooking, personal transformation, healing foods and self-care.

**Limited space in each workshop and retreat. Be sure to message me if you are interested. Spaces sold on a first come first serve basis.


" When going away is the first step towards coming home..."











There are many ways to nourish ourselves, 

While most of the time I talk about nourishment through our healthy and healing diets and our relationship to our eating and our bodies, today, I want to share with you a different spin on self nourishment.

I just returned from a long weekend, retreating in my favorite part of Colorado, Steamboat Springs.  For the first time in quite a while, Jason and I were on a solo adventure. With three kids (+ one adult kid) between the two of us, our solo time has been sparse over the past many, many months.

Being single parents requires us to constantly be available to our kids, which is something we both cherish and prioritize. We own our own businesses, and taking time away to unplug has just been tough to pull off lately.  In fact, to be totally honest, being out of range for long periods of time often gives me a little anxiety. 


While my heart and soul wants nothing more than the quietude of nature to sink into, restore, and savor...timing is everything.


This past weekend, the timing was just perfect.  We spent our days in the vast Colorado wilderness where we saw just a few other folks (mostly badass solo women on horseback), gorgeous wild life, beautiful mountain peaks, and we had the colorful blooming alpine meadows of flowers all to ourselves. We ate delicious food, slept, read books, and everything about it was just what I needed.

At times, life's busyness can swallow us up. Getting away can almost feel like too much to plan amidst it all. Just like eating a satisfying meal or getting a deep night's sleep, retreating can be one of the most nourishing gifts we can give to ourselves.

These sacred moments of solace are touchstones into the the ways I live and teach. Even if they are short and sweet – like enjoying a day at home resting on the weekend, taking a long hike in the foothills of Boulder, or savoring a luscious bath each night before I get into bed – they are the very back bone of my health and happiness.

This week I am going to share with you some very specific health benefits that happen when we give ourselves a break. They are important to know about, part of an important conversation for women, and something most of us could work on, as we are often the last ones on our own priority list.  (insert sad face)

I wrote most this article a few years ago after my family had been through an incredibly traumatic and challenging year. Today, after re-reading it, and adding more of the full story, I was brought to tears in remembering just how tough it was, and how emotionally exhausted I was. I sit with a full heart as I share it with you today...



To stay strong, nourished, resourced and bring our most brilliant and best selves to the table, we must remember to slow down, restore, reflect, and prioritize our self-care.  

Be sure to scroll down and peruse all the details for this fall's enticing Boulder Nutrition Retreats (local and international options available).  These retreats are designed to be highly customized experiences where nourishment and restoration happens for your body, mind and soul.  

Healing Foods...
Women's Yoga...

From my heart to yours...because YOU deserve this.








These delicious bites of sweet potato, sunflower seed butter, cacao nibs, and shredded coconut make a perfect breakfast or snack, plus they're super kid friendly!




Sweet potatoes are bursting with antioxidants and contain a good amount of fiber, supporting whole-body health in numerous ways.  Then, there's the sunflower seed butter, which provides some protein and healthy fats, helping to balance your blood sugar and absorb the Vitamin A precursors that the sweet potatoes contain.



Cacao might be a new ingredient to you. This is the raw form of chocolate, and these little nibs provide that rich, bitter flavor of dark chocolate without the added sugar.  They are also a great source of antioxidants with a really satisfying crunch!



You can find sunflower seed butter at Whole Foods and Sprouts Market, but you could easily use almond butter on these sweet potato rounds for an equally delicious treat.













Boulder Flashback ?

OMG!  When I first moved to Boulder in 1995 (Goss Street to be exact) the fat free movement was in full tilt.  While I was already a foodie at heart, my cash flow was a little sparse.  

Multiple times per week, I would slip on my very worn out Birkenstocks and saunter a few blocks over to the formerly known Crystal Market on East Pearl St. to fill up my trusty back pack (yup, no car) with all of the least expensive vegetarian eats I could get my hands on.  

At that time, there was a pretty big global notion that fat made you fat(ALL kinds of fat that is– including nuts, avocado, egg yolks and coconut oil) along with a whole array of other terrible health problems. So, some of my favorite "healthy" go-to's were canned fat free lentil soup (organic of course), Annie's fat free mac and cheese (definelty NO butter), canned Bearitos fat free black beans (for dank burritos), and a host of fresh veggies which I would mix in for extra veggie love.  

Time passed, Jerry Garcia died (just months after I arrived), my only form of transportation (my bike) was stolen off my porch, and I fell in love with Boulder.  

While my love affair with Boulder grew (into what I would eventually call home), I grew more and more tired, depleted, weak and HANGRY. My ability to handle my life diminished. Eventually, a new friend I had made told me about the Naturopathic doctor she was working for and made me an appointment.

Everything changed...

After one look at me, a few tests, and what I consider to be a very important turning point in my health, my career and my life, I was prescribed a high fat (and protein) diet.  Not only a little, but an RX of high amounts at every single meal.  I was so desperate. I was so drained. I would have done almost anything to feel like myself again.

It worked.  It honestly it seemed like I "found myself".

{... Some of us go to India, and me – the Naturopath}


The only way I had been able to sustain this fat free vegetarian lifestyle was through sheer will power and restriction.

Once I began to listen to my body, my intuition and my true cravings, I had no choice but to surrender the fat free movement forever.  

Reflecting on this journey fired me up about sharing what I now know and teach about food, fat, and some other things...





We will debunk some common health myths, reframe our health and healing and find our way back home to ourselves. TRUTH TALKS are little nuggets of  truth for you to chew on. Together, we will take a deeper look at some of our personal beliefs and some automatic ways we tend to orient around our health.   For the next few weeks,  join me in a little immersion into some of the ways we can reframe our health and reclaim our power.

(and your suggestions and requests are welcome)

I have a few more truths (science based) for you to nosh on today...

{If you missed the previous TRUTH TALKS feel free to catch up anytime HERE...}





1. DOES FAT MAKE ME FAT?  If there is one thing I could change in the nutrition world it is that the food group "fat" and the body weight "fat" share the same word.  It is confusing.  Of course, we would naturally conclude that one is directly related to the other. Every day in my office I find myself debunking the myth of "fat makes us fat".  Yes, there are good fats and bad fats (see below) but in the category of good healthy natural fats, there is no correlation with body weight (or other health issues).  

P.S. If you like to geek out with science like me, check this out: Since the 1980's when the fat free movement was at it's highest, there have been many, many studies proving that not only is this notion not true, the data was falsified, and supported by some pretty suspicious participants. The Journal of the American Medical Association printed a comment about the new recommendations:  “tacitly acknowledging the lack of convincing evidence to recommend low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets for the general public in the prevention or treatment of any major health outcome, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, or obesity.”  Read the full New York Times Article Here.
TRUTH:  You can befriend fat. Not only is fat an essential nutrient for hundreds of biochemical processes in the human body, but is also a critical food group to stabilize our blood sugar and keep us in the targeted "fat burning zone".  To put it simply, fat is essential to burn body fat.



2.  GOOD FAT, BAD FAT?  Yes, there are both.  I know this may seem obvious, but there still seems to lie some confusion for many of us.  Here is how I define it:  Natural fat (i.e. fat found in nature) is good.  Processed fat (hydrogentated oils), GMO oils, trans-fats, and any other man made or altered fats we should avoid. Our bodies simply do not have the correct biochemistry to break them down.  On the other hand, fats found in nature, including pure saturated fats (organic meat, coconut oil, chocolate, butter), poly-unsaturated (omega-3 and omega-6), mono-unsaturated fats (avocado, olive oil, and most nuts) are wonderful to eat an array of to feed various systems in our bodies including our hormones, our brain chemistry, our skin health, and our heart health. 

TRUTH:  Eat natural fats.  Don't be shy about it. You will be more satiated throughout the day and your blood sugar will thank you. Listen to your body.  When we eat good fat, our body tells us when we have had enough (not quite the same with french fries).  With each of our unique metabolisms, activity level and biochemistry, listening to our satiation cues is the best option for eating good fat. If you are craving it, you most likely need it.



3. HELP, MY CHOLESTEROL!  If you are like most folks I know, I am sure you have thought about this. "What about my cholesterol?"  You may come from a family history of high cholesterol, you may just be weary of all the things that could go wrong down the road and want to be smart.  Either way, I think you will find these (science based) facts enlightening.  There are many kinds of cholesterol.  Good and bad.  When we get it checked, we want higher HDL and lower LDL.  

Here are the goods: The main culprit of high cholesterol comes from excess sugar and refined fats (gasp!).  When we have an excess of sugar in our blood, a lot of it is stored in the liver where our own bodies convert it into bad cholesterol.  Why?  Well, we are not designed to eat that much refined sugar or high glycemic sugars (mainly from processed foods).  We have adapted a response to deal with and store this excess sugar which leads to high cholesterol, plaque in our arteries, triple by-passes etc.  

TRUTH:  In actuality, we need dietary fat (including saturated fat) to break down bad cholesterol.  Your heart will be fine.  Your cholesterol will likely go down.  Focus on avoiding the sugar instead of the natural fats.  According to Dr. Diana Schwartzbein, M.D. (one of my primary teachers) eating (natural) fat and cholesterol prevents heart attacks by lowering insulin levels and switching off the internal production of cholesterol.


When you eat better you feel better.  "HANGRY" is a choice you don't have to make.







These Paleo Peach Pancakes are the perfect way to wake up and enjoy a weekend morning!  They're grain-free, super easy to whip up, and they embrace the juicy, delicious peaches this season has to offer.




For these pancakes I used the Birch Bender Paleo Pancakes mix, and it could not be simpler!  You just add water, mix them up, and cook them in a dollop of coconut oil until nice and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.  They are really tasty, have a nice amount of protein, and are much healthier than many of the other mixes out there. (you know how I get about balancing blood sugar)



Coconut flour is an amazing grain-free ingredient to create healthy, low-carb baked goods.  It's full of healthy fats, called medium chain trigylcerides, that your body can quickly and easily use for energy production.



It's also rich in fiber to support your digestive system, which helps to balance the sugar from the maple syrup in this recipe.



Peaches are an excellent source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, plus they have a low-glycemic index. 



These pair perfectly with some raw chopped pecans and a warm cup of morning tea or coffee- enjoy!